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  1. yeah i was wondering when it came out so i looked on their website and it says in 8 hours and im on easter time so is it midnight our time??? cause ive herd people say its 3 a.m. eastern
  2. Oh Nevermind it's there at 1 a.m. Eastern time.are they really going to air it that late?
  3. When is it I looked at spike and there is manswers at 11 and I thought I might be in a different time zone but even if so it's still not there. Are u sure it's on tv?
  4. Well I check here a lot and see it often. It's old to me but my bad didn't realize it was only about a week old.
  5. I personally think that that's a bad idea because it basically makes CODZ useless. After the map comes out what's going to be talked about? speculation of what's on the map that's already out? I do agree on the Sub form though. But xbox people should still be allowed to use the form. I do have a solution for your problem though. Get an xbox.
  6. What kind of a map name is cubetown
  7. I would really like to believe this guy. The quotes sound pretty ligit and so does the map layout and if it's a lie it was very well thought out
  8. The aug is on the wall underneath the podium with the turret in the theater room on kino, but it is only on the wii version which sucks cause that's my assault rifle.
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