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  1. Yea that rocket launched already haha. How can they get to the moon if their ride ditched them?
  2. Before you do THAT you gotta download the map pack
  3. That's probably why 3arc wanted the PC players to get it after the 360 players so the 360 players could actually "work" on the easter eggs instead of instantly figuring them out through no clipping.... sigh.... F you Treyarch :/
  4. Hey man, I'm sorry about that. I was in a bad mood earlier today and I shouldn't have done that or facepalm you :/ my bad dude. I'm totally cool now and I hope you can forgive me bro
  5. I say we stop getting impatient. Ascension hasn't even come out and people are wondering what map pack 6 will be and what Call of Duty 13 is gonna be. Just calm down, wait one more day, spend some time looking for eggs, and then worry about map pack 2 when it's announced.
  6. ok cool haha. I don't have a tv in my dorm room so yah
  7. how are you guys watching this?? I can only access the sneak peek?
  8. You can play zombies with multiple players Just kidding around man. Ya never know :)
  9. do you people just go to the forum and not look at the front page? Jeez we all know about this
  10. If you look at what would be the right shoulder on the zombie to the right, you can see that it has the same little patch/emblem/insignia/whatever on the right shoulder as the zombie on the left. If it was a 2-headed zombie then they would be wearing one suit which would mean it wouldn't have more than two insignias for the shoulders. I just don't think the logic adds up... A 2-headed freakbag means that before is was zombified the human would have to have 2 heads.. Hmmm But then again.. We'll have to wait and see. EDIT* When I say insignia I'm talking about the black and grey thing that kinda looks like a walkie talkie not the red thing with the ace of spades lookin thing.
  11. so they are going to air it toNIGHT at 1?
  12. I don't know if it's on tv or not but i'm constantly checking the web page. I don't have a tv in my dorm so I'm not worried about that. It just seems that if they say, "Hey watch our show at 1 a.m. on Thursday!" that it would mean watch it actually ON the 27th not the 28th.
  13. ^ Yea theres gonna be First Strike stuff. Don't know about Zombies but it says they're gonna have actual gameplay of the maps
  14. They say the new episode is coming on Thursday at 1 or 1:10 in the AM and what do I do? I wait til 1:30.........2:00........2:45 and nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm beginning to think that they will put it up Thursday NIGHT at 1 am which technically be Friday morning at 1 am. That is so fu&%ing stupid.
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