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  1. open zee door

    Can you pack-a-punch

    Before you do THAT you gotta download the map pack
  2. open zee door

    Is the DG-2 in there?

    That's probably why 3arc wanted the PC players to get it after the 360 players so the 360 players could actually "work" on the easter eggs instead of instantly figuring them out through no clipping.... sigh.... F you Treyarch :/
  3. open zee door


    ok cool haha. I don't have a tv in my dorm room so yah
  4. open zee door


    how are you guys watching this?? I can only access the sneak peek?
  5. open zee door

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    I, for one, knew that. I was just placing my thoughts on the flamethrower.
  6. open zee door

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    I'm thinking the upgraded AK-47 will have the flamethrower attachment. I have no info to back me up but I'm just guessing because it seems like a plausible gun for it to be on. But whatever gun it's on, I think they'll bring it back as an attachment instead of a single weapon.

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