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  1. Well, forget about anyone looking through the ISO and DLC files, the mods on the website took down my thread.
  2. Alright guys, seeing as how no one seems to know if this is real or not, Im going to have some aquaintances of mine look through the game ISO and the Hardened DLC to see if there are any files pertaining to ascension. I'll make a new thread if anything comes up.
  3. JD could be Jose Delgado Maybe JDelgado? According to the dreamland theory guy, he was a transmission and brainwave guy. And for Giggles, why not try JOlin? They encrypted the word Treyarch in zombie code on the map, why not have Josh Olin in on the fun?
  4. For the people who actually care, a hint to something big is this: In Sam's not so F'ed up room when you teleport, if you look at the floor next to the table, there's action figures of all 4 characters in a castle like toy setting with a Teddy bear (4-5 times bigger than action figures) propped up against a wall. Pic when possible. Edit:
  5. Ok, so I've looked through both sides points on this matter, and both sides are right. Yes there is definitely something big up there and it's not the crawlers, but it's not the Silverback. For anyone who cares, the silverback was never mentioned to be the one up there by the OP. For all I know, it could be Godzilla, A giant Sam Possessed Teddy bear, or a huge Tank-like zombie. You shouldn't be arguing over whether or not there's something there, but IF there is, what is it? My view on it- The crawlers, as stated before, don't Roar so that rules them out. There's something up there, and although we can't see it, the next map pack could hold the answer.

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