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  1. Well, forget about anyone looking through the ISO and DLC files, the mods on the website took down my thread.
  2. Alright, some points that could prove and disprove this. (and to clear anything up, yes, Download history would allow you to download the hardened DLC again) Facts that could prove this: 1: Games sometimes hold Beta maps. Ascension COULD have been the map they were going have instead of Kino, but scrapped it and left it in the ISO. (You might call BS on this, but most games are 5-6 GB with the last 1-2 GB on the disk full of filler and beta stuff) 2: About the 2 others "experiencing" the same glitch, They're almost definitely trolls. If you've ever heard of the Jadusable Haunted cartridge stories, what people did then mirrors what this might be. People saw how many views Jad got from posting these videos, they posted their own, fake versions of it expecting to get the same amount of views. These 2 other then D-Block could just be looking for attention. 3: If this happened to me, I wouldn't be taking pictures either. Why? Because I don't have a camera or a phone. Not everybody has these. Don't say, "lolz, he be a troll, and i say its fake becuz he ddnt take picz." Pictures don't always prove things. Disproving facts: 1: It being a Beta Map is very unlikely. I doubt they would make a map, then scrap it for another one so far into development as D-block says it is. That's really the only major point that could disprove this really.
  3. Alright guys, seeing as how no one seems to know if this is real or not, Im going to have some aquaintances of mine look through the game ISO and the Hardened DLC to see if there are any files pertaining to ascension. I'll make a new thread if anything comes up.
  4. There's no way of really telling. I Stopped playing [email protected] when BO came out. Just checked and no update, but they dont really need one these days.
  5. To be honest, if we want it fixed, we need to tell Treyarch how it works. You can't fix what you don't understand. All they have to do to fix it is to put a barrier around the Boards so you cannot jump on top of them. They did it with the 1st floor but they failed to fix it with the 3rd floor.
  6. JD could be Jose Delgado Maybe JDelgado? According to the dreamland theory guy, he was a transmission and brainwave guy. And for Giggles, why not try JOlin? They encrypted the word Treyarch in zombie code on the map, why not have Josh Olin in on the fun?
  7. For those who care, 72 is the round limit :P
  8. Ok, so how does this story go? My interpretation: In Der Riese, Richtofen "kills?" Sam and Maxis. Heads to Verruckt where Dempsey and Russian Guy (keep forgetting his name) are found and given something that shows different reactions then normal and make them lose their memories. Head to SNN where Takeo is found. Not much I know that backs this up, just making the assumption because Takeo is Japanese and SNN is in Japan. They head back to Der Riese where they use the teleporter to travel through time to various locations including SNN, verruckt, NDU, and KDT. That's what I believed happened and how this little entourage started.
  9. It translates to sincerely and then someones name but i cant remember the name From Some website i found after searching the Encoded message: We fear that CWZGUTCT (PETER) identity has been compromised. Sending in a Marine Recon unit to extract CWZGUTCT (PETER) from the asylum before it is too late. Operation leader will be one HVZJZGUZGTTYKPJERTTQTX. DECODED (TANK DEMPSEY)
  10. Has anyone taken the time to decode HVZJZGUZGTTYKPJERTTQTX yet? Ill try later, but seriously, someone should try it.
  11. He was sent as an operative to SNN (I think SNN or Verruckt. Maybe Der riese? Can't quite remember) to find out what happened.
  12. Just checked WaW SNN and I can confirm it's there. Sent Telixion a message telling him it's not Black ops Exclusive.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gky6yqE6N9Q There are 3 radios hidden across the map that when activated create static like the 3 radios in the spawn room. There's 1 in the comm room in the easter egg room to the right of the phone past the door on the shelf. Another one in the storage room to the right of when you walk in and its on a box. The last one im pretty sure is in the FIshing hut right before you walk in, on a cart is a machine thing, and under it are 2 radios, hold X on both just in case. You wont hear it start up, but it does. It plays in the main house in the spawn room.
  14. For the people who actually care, a hint to something big is this: In Sam's not so F'ed up room when you teleport, if you look at the floor next to the table, there's action figures of all 4 characters in a castle like toy setting with a Teddy bear (4-5 times bigger than action figures) propped up against a wall. Pic when possible. Edit:
  15. Ok, so I've looked through both sides points on this matter, and both sides are right. Yes there is definitely something big up there and it's not the crawlers, but it's not the Silverback. For anyone who cares, the silverback was never mentioned to be the one up there by the OP. For all I know, it could be Godzilla, A giant Sam Possessed Teddy bear, or a huge Tank-like zombie. You shouldn't be arguing over whether or not there's something there, but IF there is, what is it? My view on it- The crawlers, as stated before, don't Roar so that rules them out. There's something up there, and although we can't see it, the next map pack could hold the answer.
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