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  1. Tac

    Intro cutscene: McCain!

    Right, and I'm saying that is incorrect. There's no ZNS mention in this, only Shi No Numa, so I am confused at what you mean.
  2. Tac

    Intro cutscene: McCain!

    I'm confused. What are you comparing this to ZNS for? The sky is much closer to Origins than Zetsubou. Also, what do you mean Peter was meant to be on Shi No Numa way before the 2.0 crew? The 2.0s never went there.
  3. What's so exciting about the comic book is that he explicitly said it was created because there's just too much story to push through the game. For us story guys, this is beautiful news. Boy will I be shelling out some cash for this haha.
  4. Tac


    I think calling McCain dead is a bit of a stretch. There's no reason for him to be, you're just assuming.
  5. Tac

    GOROD KROVI / Nikolai

    I'd like to point out that in Shadows of Evil, Dr. Maxis seems to use the terms pretty interchangeably:
  6. Tac

    Achievement list!

    Gotta love the Viktorious achievement/Reznov reference! Keep your eyes peeled!
  7. Tac

    Intro cutscene: McCain!

    It's certainly Peter, not someone else using his uniform or anything like that. Like I suppose it's possible, but I don't think so. Here's the cipher @InfestLithium was referencing: MISSION LOG ENTRY FORTY FIVE I AM OVER THE SITE LOOKING DOWN THROUGH THE OPEN DOOR I CAN SEE WEIRD DISTORTION BELOW ME LIKE A LOCALIZED AURORA BOREALIS I WOULD NORMALLY CANCEL THE OPERATION BUT WE DON'T HAVE TIME LUCKILY I HAVE TAKEN EXPERIMENTAL WEAPONRY VERSION THREE THAT NO ONE HAS SEEN BEFORE FROM MY PREVIOUS MISSION NEVER SAY NEVER PETER Here's another, with the last three sentences relating to the previous cipher: I shut down the power for the night. we must conserve the gasoline, so I am told, because the Emperor is in doubt of the usefulness of our research here at the Rising Sun Facility, and that resupplying the facility will now occur every other month rather than our usually scheduled weekly drops. Hopefully, the new meteor site produces higher grade samples, ones we can actually use. Wait is that a plane I hear. The resupply is not scheduled for another week. I see a bright light in the sky... So we've got Peter flying over Shi No Numa and when he jumps out, he goes through a portal and out in Stalingrad. Who knows why the other four are with him, that's still to be determined. Cornelius Pernell's location is unknown, but I'd bet we see something from him.
  8. Gorod Krovi intro: *bright flash of light in the air that turns to a portal, with Tank, Takeo, Nikolai, Edward, and Peter all falling out (Peter being seemingly unconscious)* *small dingy, lifesaver, and half of a palm tree fall with them* Takeo Masaki: “This was part of your plan, Richtofen?” Dr. Edward Richtofen: “Not exactly!” *blood vials on all characters are shown* Tank Dempsey: “There he is, he’s got a parachute!” *Tank, Takeo, Nikolai, and Edward each grab a limb of Peter’s* Nikolai Belinski: “Pull the reserve!” *Peter’s parachute gets pulled, but through the clouds comes a dragon* *Dragon flies back down to Stalingrad city, where Nikolai 1.0 is drinking vodka in a mech suit and shooting the dragon and zombies* *Nikolai 1.0 takes a drink of vodka and during that, Tank, Takeo, Nikolai, and Edward land near him* *Nikolai 1.0 begins shooting at them (Peter nowhere to be seen) until the dragon picks him up and slams him through a wall* *The four get off the ground and run*
  9. While the scope of this image is a bit larger, I figured it would be worth mentioning. I believe this made an appearance at DICE last year, but don't quote me.
  10. Tac

    Jason Blundell answers our questions [kinda]

    The only thing is that I believe all the questions were verified ahead of time, so Blundell knew every question going into the interview. Anything he answered yes or no on can likely be taken as him knowing what he's saying.
  11. Tac

    Chalk Board Device?

    I saw that too, but again I disagree with him. They resemble each other, but from the views we currently have, there are differences.
  12. Tac

    Samantha's Drawings

    More than likely just three different girls, or that's the theory right now. Must have had a scientists-bring-your-daughter-to-work day haha. Or if you're like Maxis, you just take yours everywhere.
  13. Looks like this is happening with the Contracts, and 2XP offerings. They're trying to open up parts of the game to people who never play it, like getting Shotgun kills of 2XP for that Flags and Bombs playlist they had. You're a man ahead of your time DG ;)
  14. Tac

    Chalk Board Device?

    This sure looks close, but I think the diagram makes the object thinner in the middle than the device we see on the left. Good catch though. I'm with OP in thinking it's another version of a flying Vril machine.
  15. Tac

    Is FIVE and Ascension simutaneous?

    Yes, they are simultaneous. This is answered, in my opinion, by the red phones that ring and can be picked up in which you hear characters from the other map. But to the question that is much more intriguing, WHEN are they simultaneous? You bring up valid and canon things, and I don't think we should ignore them. I've been on Reddit and YouTube trying to explain this but everyone seems comfortable saying "it's an error we can ignore," which I personally don't believe in. The way I see it, we have FIVE before the end of 1963, simultaneous with Ascension, and the journey to Kino was further into the future than we thought, followed by a back in time transportation to Ascension. Not sure how to work out all the details, but without saying "that part of the map is not canon," I see no way around it.
  16. Tac

    Why do people seem to forget the Ancient Evil?

    Which ethereal beings are you referring to? The Vril-ya/Keepers don't worship this Ancient Evil, I suspect, but are working on opposite sides of each other. Could you be a little more specific?
  17. Tac

    Der Eisendrache: Zombies Library

    I personally would disagree with that, I think the thing in the middle left looks remarkably like the Big Guy, perhaps mourning the death of the King. I don't think the horse or position of the King's head is related, but that's what I see in the painting.
  18. I was just clarifying that that's exactly how the first Weapon is determined; the kill that sends you over the threshold (not that it likely wasn't obvious, but to be on the safe side). Yup, both the first Ability you receive and any one you gamble to are random (according to their blog post). I hope the "Specialist deck" is just a fancy name for what you're talking about haha.
  19. Tac

    MAXIS is a liar

    I'm saying that him saying "four characters" is likely referencing the four associates, and that yes this sounds like a confirmation that they're in the Summoning Key. I admit that I too was a little curious what could and couldn't be taken as an affirmation, but it all indicates (to me) that Blundell confirmed the associates are in the Key.
  20. Damn, you beat me to it! I was about to publish it haha :p Should be noted that all contract expiration times are 10am PST, and Weekly run Monday-to-Monday. The Specialist you kill as your power meter goes from not-full to full is the Weapon/Ability you receive. For Gambler, the available Abilities you can re-roll to are determined by what Abilities are in your "Specialist deck," whatever that means.
  21. Tac

    MAXIS is a liar

    It appears that a good portion of the community didn't hear the full interview hahah. I just went through and scripted the relevant section: They very clearly identified that this is the case. [@NaBrZHunter #getinhere]
  22. Tac


    Not positive where it is, but it's a large newspaper on the ground I believe. EDIT: Yup, Berlin Wall. In the top left image, it's women leaving their homes during the Siege of Leningrad. The one underneath it, to the right, is Nazi book burning.
  23. Tac

    Debunked: Souls As a Source of Power

    I'll start by saying great job on the thread. Glad you finally got it out! I think it is rather presumptuous to say this. I don't think anything about those quote quickly debunk anything. You say that there's no science behind souls being energy, but there's simply no evidence for that. This quote seems to very clearly show that souls actually are energy, as "residual" means "remaining after the greater part or quantity is gone." By that, we can see that whatever energy going into these eggs and boxes are actually from the soul, not from something else.
  24. This morning, Activision announced that the Call of Duty Experience (CoD XP) has returned for 2016! In 2011, Infinity Ward showcased their then-upcoming Modern Warfare 3, and they appear to be doing the same this year for Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare: Remastered. “Set to be the biggest gathering of the global Call of Duty community,” Call of Duty XP 2016 will take place at the Los Angeles Forum in California from September 2-4. Just like in 2011, there will be a slew of fun activities to participate in, from Nuketown paintball to Zombie laser tag, as well as an exclusive Virtual Reality experience from PlayStation! But wait, there’s more! It wouldn’t really be a game reveal without letting those who traveled play it, so attendees will be able to get early access to Infinite Warfare (both Multiplayer and Zombies), Modern Warfare: Remastered Multiplayer, and even Black Ops 3’s final DLC! It’s unclear if the final zombies installment will be included, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed! Other playing opportunities come via competitive 6v6 matches, which can be accessed through the 500+ gaming stations. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Call of Duty World League Championships will take place while you’re there! Set to give out more than $2 million, the top 32 teams will compete for the title of Champions! There are three ticket packages available: Enlisted - $49; access to hands-on gameplay and activities, the World League Championships, and digital content for both Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare Veteran - $129; Enlisted + Care Package, Studio Q&A, and the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition Prestige - $199; Veteran + Premium Championship seating and Meet and Greet, both VIP and Scheduled hands-on gameplay and activities, Reserved Parking Pass, VIP lounge access, and Infinite Warfare Digital Deluxe Edition (will replace Legacy Edition from Veteran Package) Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 11, at 10PM PST, at callofduty.com/xp. I know I’ll be doing everything in my power to go, will I see any of you there? Source: Activision Blog, Call of Duty View full news
  25. Tac

    New Administrators

    Nice guys! Well done!

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