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  1. This might sound really stupid i know but in five, the massive chalk board on the scaffolding ( second level) it has a table of pilots and stuff and on one of them it says wreckage recovered, i think this is the wreckage from NDU, multiple planes maybe were sent to capture technology and 115 after they found out there was an outbreak in der reise then on the way back maybe the 115 reacted with the plane and crashed it, imo that also explains how it would be the second outbreak since i;m pretty sure treyarch confirmed it was.
  2. could be unrelated but the ndu comic has the numbers teleporter like in five and the assension one appears to have normal teleporters so my theory is is that the five teleporter is maybe an updated version. What do you think about bodies infront of the teleporters? personally i think the assension comic looks like a zombie coming out of the teleporter ( maybe the der reise malfunction teleported all of the zombies at der reise to numerous teleporters in time and space. Also i can't tell weather the person in the NDU comic is coming out of or going in the teleporter
  3. ive heard a lot of people talk about how they scoped in on his dog dags and it said "Peter", in my opinion the ipod version is from when they were backtracing through time, i think peter's in a grave cus tank buried him the first time you're at SNN cus he was a fellow marine maybe? :P
  4. haha yeah it looks like there will be a lot of different strategies since theres so many places to be, did you happen to see the russian dolls that looked like the characters? because thier is one who sounds french and says to dempsey "you ugly american" he has a fench looking moustache also, cant wait for easter eggs lol
  5. I think this is how i reply? sorry i just signed up recently , yeah what you say is true XD my bad i just get excited when i see this stuff , did you watch the mahalo vids per chance?
  6. well i just watched a video not sure if i can link it here for copyright reasons and stuff, if someone can confirm or deny that i will post the link up but it seems as though the pap is behind the rocket at the bottom and it is innitially blocking your path, but by launching it you can get behind it
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