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  1. That is highly unlikely. Hackers tear apart code for the challenge of doing it. They don't care about k/d or prestige, those are just by products. M$ and Treyarch have put the hurt on JTaggerz, but infinite care package glitches are already being reported... its just a matter of time before the code is bent to their will. Hacking isn't going away.
  2. I nominate Strwrsbob for multiple reasons. He's the reason I finally stumbled over to Carbon's site. Although it was for something NAUGHTY that he did. He admitted his mistake, apologized, and corrected himself. Not many people, especially on the anonymous internetz, will stand up and be a man like Strwrsbob has. So I nominate him for being a Man. WORD. He's good people.
  3. It's really not that much of a challenge....
  4. Met who, Carbon? Yes, I have met Carbon. I have sat near him in a chair on a slightly chilly LA morning at the standard. It was just as COSMIC WOW as you think it might have been. LOL Thanks for the avatar compliments! It's Old School from Gears 1 days, when the Southpark character generator first came out. I consider that game to be my reintroduction to the chainsaw. the love I had lost from DOOM. How I missed her...
  5. OMG, I wish I could rep every single post! (DAMN REP LIMIT!) I am laughing so hard I'm crying right now.
  6. Research away! Ping me on here or Twitter if you want assistance with anything. I am thinking we need to have a solid plan in place by next week. They'll be in Vegas for the launch party, then probably on vacation for a week or two right after the game drops.... Wonder if we could get a solid idea of their post launch agenda? Anyways... we wouldn't need to hurry to get this out if most of them will be out of the office for a few weeks. Gives us time to do it right! Quality counts!
  7. Welcome to the forums? Did you bring antiZombie Spray?
  8. Welcome to the forums! Now present your brains for consumption.. nAO....lol [brains]
  9. My clan has done grab bags (or boxes) for devs before. Everyone sends something to one person, who makes a sort of care package to send over. We did custom home brewed beer, we also did dog tags, keychains. If you're going to do this... do it big.. make it quality. That way you will stand a chance of being remembered.
  10. As you advance you unlock items TO BUY. So XP first, then CP. You are given the choice to buy them. Personally I love this idea. That way I can buy what I want, and for most players that is a pretty limited set. You get to like one or two guns and you roll with it. It used to bug the crap outta me to level up and be presented with yet another shotgun or sniper I would never touch.
  11. I record/upload, and live stream with my phone. If you have a smart phone Justin.tv has a GREAT app for it. You can check my stream at www.justin.tv/jeepchick Quality is a bit shit.. cuz you are seeing the TV, not the feed, but it works.
  12. I'm pretty sure JD confirmed on his Twitter during one of those #askJD sessions that the killstreak went to 11 and that was it. Which I am super happy with.... fewer lobbies with Campy McCampers going for that big 25 killstreak while we lose the objective.
  13. It's all good now. Believe me.... I've been on XBL long enough.. I know how to handle the Timmy's :D
  14. Wait Carbon is famous? But he seemed so normal when I met him! Thanks Nik - It's all good. I just woke up to over 60 messages in the inbox of a silver tag, then the next day there was 100 more, then peeps got freaking WHACK (see, I'm sliding into their gangstyle vernacular) and started threatening me! LOL All for something that didn't truly exist.... sigh. But Gallbladder is out now, pain meds rock - and I #FF'd you for being such an upstanding dude! :D
  15. I don't want to be apart of any group that disrespects the developers. Carbon is standing up and saying no leaked info and I fully support him. If you want leaks, go to some trash site, there are plenty of them. Aside from the fact that leaked info is shady, I love that Christmas glee feeling when I throw in a new game, and am SURPRISED. I don't want to know everything. I like to be teased, it heightens the experience.
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