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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj1z7Jpl3CY i think i kill the whole team on that video or maybe just 5 of them not sure
  2. Did his account also got banned or something its says been removed by Activison and i also watch his video
  3. Wow! ur an ASS really... and btw i dont use a fucken M60... I was just wondering if this was some kind of mistake in the game or an update for some reason i seem to feel my character heavier with any weapon i use.
  4. I was playing BO yesterday and u know i was playing normally as usually but when i got on today for some reason my charachet in multiplayer he kinda feels a bit heavier even if i use lightweight its like if u cant even run fast anymore. I looked around and everyone seem to be running kind of slower also. Is this some kind of new updated to BO or something or a mistake or is it just me i just dont feel right playing BO anymore with the slow ass running. (it's also on zombies btw)
  5. its mainly the game we are supposed to get 2-3 updates to fix all the Host Migrations, Connection Interruption and all dat stuff we get in almost every game.. dats one of them major things i hate about black ops
  6. ALIENS!!!! hopefully... i want to play another game like the first Area-51 game for the ps2 and xbox.
  7. Yea same to me alot and wat i hate the most is Connection Interrupted its like in every single game u almost join and to many host migrations
  8. SHadow12lord

    the table glitch

    I know hoe u feel.. whats the point of playing zombies if ur not havin no fun at all? so u can get to a higher round by cheating and be on top scores.
  9. There we go i got it =). Well this is my Emblem hope yall like it.
  10. Well this is my album idk if it would show tough it dint show on the preview.. i put up on photobucket.
  11. How to i post my Emblem i have it saved in my computers picture but because i need a URL it wont let me post it.
  12. 27 solo 33 4 people 21 2 people and 19 with 3 people i dont know why! i just cant get higher with 3 people >=(
  13. Essentially, this. And the fact that I haven't seen anything along those lines. I really don't think it's necessary to report them though. I Totally Agree with you.
  14. But if your family is there watching, or even playing (because of amazing split-screenness ) then it's inappropriate. Uhh not really, im 16 years old and im actually quite old enough to know all this type of things... or rather my family woulnt really care its just a game they would problably just laugh or like say "eeww"(mainly my girl cousins). Other than all that people just do it cuz its funny and it actually is(somtimes) dont deny it. I kno its inappropriate and all that but still its just a game might as well do something a bit stupid in it its not like its going to affect your life, unless u become a childmalester,rapest, or a big perv! =P which i doubt anyone in here is, if so YOU MUST HAVE A PROBLEM. BTW the game is Rated M.
  15. i have no problem with it at all honestly... i could really care less because dats wat makes making your own playercard fun idk why some people dont see that
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