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  1. Actually Ben registered Playthegame under his name with his email and phone number (07843680026, he also used this on gknova0 and a few people called, the videos are on youtube). He only changed it when me and a few others started posting this info. He changed it to a person named "Raine Larson" who apparently lives in California with their billing address as a Target parking lot, and has a very long phone number. Raine is also a very common name on their forum, which makes it a dead give away that they made up the name. Two Down is behind Henry Langham.
  2. Slipping the guy a twenty would probably have a higher success rate. Or telling him you're the police. I know, get a trench coat and a fake beard and a friend.
  3. I'm glad Bruce Willis is in the game, but they really got his voice wrong.
  4. I said the same thing when I first saw the screenshots. The game looks pretty good
  5. Isn't NOVA gas in multiplayer? I don't think it makes zombies in that mode. Why wouldn't they just change the name for multiplayer if it did make zombies?
  6. So he was asleep/blacked out/hypnotized and the whole game is just like a jumbled flashback? Could be cool.
  7. Well, I don't think anyone would buy a car just because it's a collectable item for a game... or probably not a lot of people. Just some product placement from the game.
  8. I think it's just killing him. No zombies in SP I believe.
  9. I wouldn't have minded them being in multiplayer. I'm resilient like that.
  10. Wait do you mean my comment? I am just saying that GKNOVA0 is saying it in a ironic way Oh nonononononononono, sorry dude. I was talking about the video. What you said is just fine.
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