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  1. It sounds like you can't handle the competition and wish that the developers would alter the game to benefit your playing style. The chance that Treyarch is going to remove the perk that allows players to play the game without being automatically located by spy planes and blackbirds is far less than locating the holy grail. You might as well sell your copy of the game, because Ghost is absolutely here to stay. The game has a variety of playing styles...just because you want to piss and moan about it doesn't mean you should make a thread about it. I use Ghost on every one of my classes, because why should the enemy just know my exact location at any given time? I maintain a combination of rushing and camping, but to no preference of either one. I change my playing style based on the enemy; so maybe you should too. Try looking all around you before you walk into a room and looking for campers when its an issue...instead of sprinting senselessly all over the map and getting mad about the quality of gameplay. I usually get campers to change classes because I adapt to their playing style. OG RJ
  2. In addition to all of the problems stated above...and yes, I search for certain gametypes and get placed in completely unrelated matches/gametypes. I search for TDM and have been placed in someone else's random parties, including theater mode, combat training, and wager matches. Additionally, the game is literally making my router overload on a daily basis. For whatever reason, my Linksys 610N, the best router that linksys offers (@ a whopping $200), is handling the game's connectivity very, very poorly. Over this last weekend, I had to reset my router more than ten times, because I would be the host of the match, everyone would get booted from the XBL party & match I was in, then disconnect me from XBL when I got to the menu...then I would either have to wait >30min or reset my router. :evil: I have Optimum Boost, yielding an average of 25mbps & the best router locally available to me...why am I having these ridiculous connection issues just because of XBL? Best, OG RJ
  3. Really? Thats the first time I have seen fully zombiefied scientist and zombies eating sombody. I thought the same thing, but when the 2nd update first came out. These two posts from the second update's analysis thread should clear things up: Both posts were on Thursday, October 21st. No update. OG RJ
  4. ^^>> I completely forgot about that particular UGKZ from the Der Riese teleporters, definitely supports the "Der Riese wasn't finished"-theory. It is becoming more and more clear that all of this has been planned WAY in advance and we really saw all of the clues, but with imaginations tangent to the real path that zombies is taking. Don't you guys see the varying monkey/human characteristics that these UGKZs have? This one almost doesn't have a face at all: This one actually has a human-like appendage (more than the others do): This one's face looks dominantly human (even looks like the way the animated 2007 Beowulf film depicted Grendel): This one has a dominant female pelvic anatomy: This one is more aggressive and has a hand position that reflects the Der Riese teleporter image: With all of this analysis, we must remember that humans and monkeys aren't so far apart in both anatomy, genetics or ancestry.They seem to be varying forms of these new UGKZs, supporting the laboratory theory over a hospital (they clearly appear to be doing testing here, with soldiers in gas masks, etc). They may or may not be the cosmic silverback, but we also don't know when we will see these UGKZs in the game--whether the old four zombie maps will have them or when they come on the map. It could just be a replacement for dogs, where at round 5-7, zombies and UGKZs come, and you get an achievement for beating a UGKZ round for the first time. Just my imagination running, but plausible... I can't wait for the GTTV 10/31 video, that'll clear all of this up. OG RJ
  5. Just felt like posting this image here since I made it for this purpose... In the words of carbon, those who still believe this are sucking the ebola dick. OG RJ
  6. Hi CODz, I had this all written at 6 this morning and was going to post but I was really running late for school, so here it is 12 hours later: I am going to propose a theory. Personally, I'd like to start off by saying that I feel the second GK teaser update was made in response to the leak featuring Kino Der Untoten, to suffice the public's craving for more information; and its questionable integration to what GKNOVA6.com has shown us thus far. More simple put, they released this extra teaser to show us that a zombie theater map is far from all that Treyarch has been working on. The video contained the theme of a hospital or laboratory in the heat of battle between man and the undead, with a very Russian-esque setting. The previous (initial) GKNOVA update video focused on a large explosion (possibly napalm) over zombies, this video features similar clips as well (first video clips on the top, new on the bottom): ^Various napalm explosions of high magnitude, maybe hinting at the details of the story? Then I started to notice that there are many clips that aren't in-game footage, that lead me to believe they must be either exclusively added to the video for the purpose of the teaser website...or they are cut-scenes and cinematics from the game (ie; evidence for a link between either the single player campaign and zombies or just campaign and GKNOVA). In the latest GTTV Chapter 2 video, they spoke of how you will constantly have flashbacks in the game as the main character [in a room similar to that of the GK site] relating to the story as the campaign progresses...and as we all know, the achievements reveal some sort of link with GKNOVA and campaign details (missions). Well, this draws a huge conclusion from little information, but bear with me; remember how you had to beat the campaign for zombie mode in World at War? What if the campaign progresses, you learn about what GKNOVA has done, and then you unlock zombie mode as the follow-up to the campaign's story. *{Just a theory.}* I also feel as though the appendages of these UGKZs (Unidentified GK Zombies) do not resemble that of humans, but more of monkeys. Even more so, I feel that they look like a wide variety of dominant human/monkey features/characteristics. Here you go: The following is either a different version of the UGKZs or possibly (as many have stated already) the cosmic silverback that we're all so curious to discover (which I only suggest because it looks larger and more agressive than the other UGKZs): I also noticed a zombie in full lab-gear. Which--correct me if I am wrong, but--was not featured in the previous GK video, but was rather just scientists. The most peculiar thing that I saw, was the guy standing in the monitor on the left, who appeared to be either on fire, glowing, or just very bright due to the lighting effects...but why would that particular character be so much bright than his comrade standing behind him? Maybe more cutscenes? And my final point of interest: Many clips show what appears to be an aerial view of some part of the map (or it could just be exclusive GK footage or a cutscene), showing helicopters flying over the burning battlefield below. The way the camera pans and the ground doesn't move also makes me feel as though Treyarch made the monitors small, blurry, and in pretty much red-scale colors so it doesn't show off to much. But, the aerial view appears to be from a helicopter, which makes me lean towards cutscene footage and not zombie killstreak rewards. Here's the last photo I want to share that shows some part of some map/cutscene that we haven't seen before: Up for discussion! OG RJ
  7. Seems like Demon is winning the popularity contest thus far. Age requirement doesn't change anything for my self-submission, I'll be 18 in May. I'm going to avoid being an introvert, since we're supposed to say why we'd make the ideal moderator, so here goes: I have the ideal moderating qualities because I have an enlightened sense of morality and comprehension of boundaries. I'm not the most active member on here with regard to posts, but having moderator status would indefinitely make me inclined to post more. That all said, I still easily see other members seizing the position before myself, considering their 1) Longer history here; 2) Greater familiarity with the forum. All the best. OG RJ
  8. I'd like to take the position, I've had a lot of forum experience and understand the value of a position of authority. Plus, I'm on my computer morning and night when I'm not at school, so I'd have plenty of time to peruse the forums. OG RJ
  9. Now I have something to look forward to...while I BS my way through this five page research paper from 12-1am. :lol:
  10. ...Uh...please be gentle with this newb question, but it will be playing tonight? As in, one hour after midnight, or 1AM on Saturday? I feel like its obvious but I just gave blood and my brain ain't pumpin' at full capacity right now. [brains] OG RJ
  11. It now appears that the Xbox 360 Hardened Edition is available on the website and the PS3 edition is sold out. http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?sku=200898 OG RJ
  12. The title is correct. After close analysis, it appears to be meerly a 9 at an angle. Like a ticker-based display with turning/folding numbers for either telling time or counting. Here's a few brightness/color/contrast adjustments to make it more obvious: 47993 it is! OG RJ
  13. I read it in one of the theory threads around here, about how aether is part of teleportation. Here's a few quick copy & pastes from a google search: Hope that helped. OG RJ
  14. I read here that you can download the video off of GKNOVA6.com, so I decided to go into full screen and click pause/play until I noticed something... Right before the end of the video (when the map image was found), there is a clip of a plane dropping a bomb [in front of what appears to be a mountain]. I thought it was insignificant, until I noticed the pattern of the flames. It really reminds me of the way dogs spawn and zombies burn. I didn't think it was anything but a bomb being dropped, until I noticed the faint outlines of people in one of the frames, followed by one man walking away from the explosion... Here are the images in order of appearance, with key details that I mentioned circled: Here is also a link to the full-size image without circles: http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l244/m_player/?action=view&current=c756cff0.jpg This really reminds me of the saying that's been right in our faces for a while..."return through aether". Could this be the origin of zombies? Or possibly an experiment of GK Nova's? Up for discussion. OG RJ
  15. I said two weeks because I remember seeing some time delay on the website (might have been two days/48 hours). I might just have to pick up the phone and call gamestop...are preorder downpayments non-refundable? The receipt only mentions returns. @ianoodin - It may not be their job to personally distribute the games, but they control virtually everything else. Glad to hear I'm not missing out on much. OG RJ
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