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  1. It is thought a rock of 115 hit the planes wing as the Marines fled and caused them to go down. If you look at the plane in BO NDU their seems to be 115. That would also explain the zombies.
  2. And if you shock yourself your fine! :D
  3. Also I did it with both PaPd and non ive also shot while teleporting and done it wall dg weapons ive tried it every thing I could think of
  4. I have tried multiple times in the BO classic maps with many different variations and things get weird first for some reason their a ton more dogs more come the more you do it second sam never gives you gifts and seems pretty pist third the game glitches it was round 33 and the zombie vanished and the sounds made it seem like he was right on my ass but he was not. I would like to do it with someone else. Any offers?
  5. Earlier I was playing shi no numa in [email protected] and I bought quick revive but before the points were taken I bought the box and had negative points,just a weird little thing has this happened to me has this happened to anybody else?
  6. If this theory is correct then Verruckt woud be before Der Riese, but how did sam get to Der Riese from verruckt if maxis didnt want her there. Edit- sorry justt read the experiment part but sam seems normal in the Der Riese radios before shs dead and their is nothing pointing to her being experimented on
  7. What time would it be released in central? :?:
  8. I was thinking this could be the new way to get to the PaP machine that would explain how you can PaP your gun before round eight if your lucky with the box :!:
  9. If clarke were the proffesor that could help shed some light on why th thunder gun was in his weapon stash and who made the thunder gun :idea:
  10. This is for any new easter eggs you find in the remade hardened/prestige maps. I am yet to notice any new easter eggs like radio or things of that sort but there has to be.
  11. Why not screw xbox over like they screwed you over with their cheap heat sinks. My warranty died ages ago so if i got rrod im screwed so i routinely clean my xboxs innerds so why not fix the heat sinks for around 30$? it doesnt take long its better then xbox support :evil:
  12. This is awesome. Reminds me of those cheap 90's video games commercials like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7hw_Yhjlpk [brains]
  13. I think at 29 on the bottom second to farthest left monitor you see dempsey. From the looks of it hes bald
  14. To me the crawler looks like a test subject with surgical gauze on his face. Maybe zombies werent the onyl thing being tested maybe only der riese was testing grounds for zombies and other places were made for other tests.
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