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  1. or every 100 kills and its just uav, dogs, and sentre gun, and you choose which one, but you dont get it right away, it would be on a certain spot on the map. UAV- communications room where you call it in and would be a uav drone for a team member to control until it runs out of gas. Dogs- a little pen with hellhounds who will fight at your side for a short time then leave. Sentry- a manufacturer factory with conveniently placed sentrys you can take and plant for a short time. IMO it could work. Well, when you put it that way, maybe. But they cant put in in kill streaks, they would have to make them powerups that would spawn randomly. As for which ones, these would work: -30 Chopper Gunner/Attack Chopper. Can't remember which one you pilot, but you wouldn't have that one. I mean, then you could just fly out. -RCXD. Pretty much usless in a close range, high paced map, but it would work. -Random care package. -Valkrie Rockets. Again, same problem. Would work, but would take increadible accuracy. What wouldn't work is: -Dogs. There are already dogs in zombies, and they're trying to klll us. Just more of them would weither be confusing, or look weird. -Sentry Gun. We have a death machine, and turrets, so what's the point? None, exactly. -Carpet Bomb. It's called a Nuke... -Napalm. Same reason. You guys are all forgetting one thing. In things like RCDX's and Valkrie's, you have to go into a position where you can be killed, because you are a sitting duck. either you have increadibly good teammakes, or you start the RCXD, then are driving along when suddenly BOOM!! The whole thing blows up suddenly, and you realize that you're in Last Stand. I am telling you, get excited, but it will never work. Treyarch has realized it, but you guys haven't.
  2. I agree with the monkey bomb returning, and it being PaP'd, but the grenade idea wouldn't work. Plus, think about this. If it is this amazing, awesome grenade, it takes time to set up (Think Gresch). By this time, you have been overrun, you lose your grenade, and it wont matter. It just wouldn't work because you wouldn't have time to use it unless youu were doing it to piss people off. Also, it would make the game soooooo laggy because the game would have to remember every second that you played.
  3. I'm sorry, but killstreaks in zombies would be stupid. You would get them within seconds, or they would have to make it like, 1000 kills wihout being downed to make it realistic. It just wouldn't work
  4. Dont worry about the review, it doesnt matter. All of the people at these sites like IGN, Gameloft, Game Ratings, ect., they don't just look at the gameplay, they look at EVERYHING! If you look at game ratings, or book ratings, or movie ratings, all the official sites give the games/books/movies 7-8, maybe a 8.9-9 if they're lucky, but the actual gamers give them 9-10s. So dont feel to bad, when I look at a review, I always take the score, and add at least 1. That's ususally the real score. I mean, Brotherhood only got 8.6, and have you seen the gameplay?!! I mean, first, it's like looking at a Blu-ray movie. Second, online is sooo coool. And finally, the maps graphics were the best Ive ever seen on a TPS
  5. Your both right. If you look at the story line and do your research, it specifically shows how the experiment was to try and combine a monkey and element 115 hybrid. When the experiments kept failing, they decided to try humans. (This is where research ends and theory begins.) From what I gathered from the videos of GKNOVA, it looks like the crawlers originated from an infect Nova6 monkey biting a human, causing him to go on all fours and crawl like a monkey, and growing a grotesque cercopithecoid mouth, while retaining a homo sapien form. What do you think?
  6. so, i have had it on my jailbroken itouch, anyone wanna play? PM me, email at [email protected], or just go online during the weekends. Name is Zombiizlayer
  7. I agree, i think that there should be a list of n00bs, and if you see them, put them down.
  8. Wow, thats really cool. The werewolf thing is true, and probably has something to do with the fact that in single player of Nacht, Verruck, and Der Riese their is a full moon. (Verruckt is hard to see due to smoke) The reason that there is no moon in Shi no numa is because it is in Japan, which is in a different time zone, affecting moon appearence. Just a thought, don't quote me on it.
  9. Highest is round 113 on solo on the itouch version (which isn't as bad as everyone says), but after you get the Wunderwaffe, the Ray Gun, and all the perks, it seems kind of stupid, because you become invincible
  10. Sounds epic! id buy. Also, heres another idea. I know the whole thing that makes CoD Zombies what it is is the NAZI Zombies, no other kinds (cept imperial) but, zombies is a huge thing nowadays, so why not make a modern game, in modern warfare times, and make them Modern zombies. And, if it were modern, heres a great map level: THE UNITED NATIONS BUILDING! Think, bout 30 rooms, all going up, and every level would have 1-2 weapons, and a mystery box location on every level. There would be new weapons, and hellhound (of course.) The zombies would spawn on the lower levels from closets, and on the ground floor. But, the best part is at the Top floor. The top floor isn't the room, but a giant conference room, with weapons scattered on the long table. BEST PART! At the very back, there would be 1-4 large country flags. (depending on how many people were playing) Once you reached the flags, you would have to pay 10000 point (I know, eh?), and then after all players had paid up, a door would open. Inside, their would be 1-4 (again, depending on the player count) of these weapons: -Some kind of bazooka -Ray gun -flame thrower -Wunderwaffe But, at the back, there is also a glass case with a large weapon outline in it. The weapon wuld be called the PeacMaker, and heres how it works: It is totally unrealistic, but this thing would have a chaingun shape, with the usual long multiple barrels, and a huge body. But, instead of running on a chain of bullets, this thing would run on AIR. It would work by you: -Buy it. -Turn on the air compresser -let it charge up -pull the trigger, and let it rip! -let it cool down occasionally. There are also teleporters, and a Pack-a-Punch machine on the level.
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