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  1. if you listen to the first half of the song you can hear samantha singing behind elena in her demon voice and yeah i kinda like how the analasys of the lyrics look right now, riddles upon riddles for our favorite game mode
  2. okay so yeah. recently i had started thinking about the kind of zombies we haze and just a few days ago i had thought of something...what if Beware of the 6 means "Beware of the 6 types of zombies"? yes yes i know we only have 3 right now....but if you rewind to the beginning of nazi zombies we only had ONE type of zombie so it could be very plausible that treyarch might be adding a new type of zombie in with each new DLC zombie map. however this is just a theory going off the fact that we had generally evolved from nazi/asian zombies to Hell Hounds and now Nova 6 Crawlers. also i would love to here you're guy's opinions and if you want post your idea for new zombie types (This idea was also based off the fact treyarch said things about tactical and tank zombies) ((Also has anyone checked GKNOVA6.com recently? after the countdown you see a vertruvian man for a few seconds, anyone know what that means?))
  3. i can only immagine the challenge for hacker pro, probably something like 75 claymores/C4's destoryed 20 bombs planted and 50 killstreaks destoryed. @[email protected]
  4. i kinda knew GKNOVA6 was related to black ops becuase when i tryed to get to the website at school it would say Websence blocks this page becuase it was related to "Games" which gave it away right there but now that its officially zombies....there are no words to express these emotions [brains]
  5. Both are very Sped ways to die
  6. pretty sure its been confirmed no riot sheild in black ops
  7. ricochet generally means bounce off yes...but never once have i seen the bullets ricochet off the sheild and back at them, infact...its more likly that the bullets pretty much just get lost In the sheild i am pretty much just saying it would be nice to have the sheild do more then bash and blast
  8. Okay, i am makeing this topic becuase this has bugged me for a VERY long time...in one of the messages before actual ingame play, it says you can point the riot sheild at your enemy exactly....and the bullets are supposed to go back to them, after plenty of experience with the riot sheild i have never ONCE had this happen... "plazma12 -insert bullet reflection icon here- -insert name of person killed-" dont get me wrong C4 with Riot sheild is fine but... aint the point of the Riot sheild to be a full juggernuat and intimidate your opponent? Never once have i seen someone hessitate to shoot my sheild and then knife me after throwing a flashbang. this Might just be IWs way to try and "Balance" Invulnerability with whatever else they where thinking about at the time. but yeah anyone else been thinking bout this?
  9. my weapons of choice would have to be the AK-47 (Simply becuase of the lack of recoil and a very well balanced weapon all in all, and dont forget the missing challenge, AK-47 Veteran IV which unlocks the sexiest emblem in the game) for SMG's i use the UMP45 silenced, or the vector/Mini-Uzi Rapid Fire (CQB'd) for LMG's i would have to say RPD, AUG HBAR, and MG4. my current classes consist of Anti-Air : Fal/Stinger, frags, stuns, Scavenger Pro, Danger Close Pro, Sitrep Pro Heavy Rush: AUG HBAR Foregrip/Model 1887 Akimbo, C4, Stuns, Marathon pro, lightweight pro, sitrep pro Clickers: Barret 50. Cal Bling(FMJ Thermal)/AA-12 Bling(Foregrip FMJ), T.I., Stuns, Bling Pro, Stopping Power Pro, Steady Aim Pro. Random Class: Intervention/Deagle Akimbo, throwing knife, flash's, Marathon Pro, Lightweight Pro, Commando Pro. Sheilder: Riot Sheild/Model 1887 Akimbo, C4, Flash's, Scavenger pro, Danger Close Pro, Sitrep pro. BOOSTER JUSTICE: Vector Rapid Fire/RPG-7 x2, Frag, stuns, Marathon pro, coldblooded, Sitrep pro. Extended mags: Any Weapons without extended mags, frag, flash's, Bling Pro, Danger Close Pro, Sitrep Pro. yes i actually name my classes...-cough-
  10. my PSN is Plazma12 im up for anything in MW2 and Black Ops when released (I would say [email protected] as well but i dun have it Lol) i would put my XBL but im never on it and if i ever am i dont have live right now becuase i dont feel like paying for it and xbox doesent have anything that interests me right now so yeah if anyone wants go ahead add me, my main weapons are Light and Sub Machine guns so if you ever need someone specialized in them 2 seem me or my friends
  11. Ok so yeah, i made this account today, been looking at this forum for a while and the whole GKNOVA6 thing has been eating away at me for quite a while and i just thought of something, i agree with the people who say you should tear out the fabric of the suitcase, that is necessary, it is YOUR suitcase now after all, and treyarch probably wanted you to, also, if you havent already, try reading that CIA book see if theres anything there, also is there anything weird about the picture that the 2 circles on the dollar make when taped where they were? also, maybe, try putting everything together from even the past transmissions, and see if theres a clue to this mystery, never put it past a clever game company to try and trick you with secret information is past articles. other then that hope this helps and yeah try and solve the mystery of that case soon
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