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  1. Hang on. If these videos are to be believed then that means... Carbon almost knew the truth about Langham from the beginning!
  2. I have answered this a few times but I'll say it again for your convenience. The AUG shown there is on The Nintendo Wii version of Kino. The reason it's not on our versions is because of two things. Zombies can understandably be more difficult on the Wii, and also the Wii players ONLY get Kino Der Toten.
  3. From the moment I heard that recording I thought it was Richtofen teleporting Fluffy, Sam, and Dr. Maxis to somewhere away from him. Why did people think differently?
  4. 1. The Berlin wall outside of Kino was built in 1961-62. 2. There is a poster for the film 'The Bismarck' which wasn't made til 1960. 3. The is a VW Van outside all 'hippied' up. 4. The Fernsehturm tower wasn't finished til 1969. Kino must be set in 1965-1969 because the Fernsehturm tower looks to be in mid contruction. Thanks for reading. ~Eco.
  5. I was looking at someone's thread about the bloody mannequin when I noticed something weird on the pictures. In the top left you can see a poster for the film 'The Bismarck'. The are too things wrong with this. If the theatre is showing 'The Bismarck' then it wasn't in the 50's. The film wasn't made til 1960. Also, the spelling of Bismarck is wrong on the poster. It is missing a 'c'. I want to know if the other posters also have spelling mistakes to see if they spell anything. Thanks. ~Eco
  6. I feel that this could do with reviving.
  7. Cool. Glad I found it out. [brains] for you.
  8. Guess I should of used the searchbar.
  9. I didn't think I came across something THIS big.
  10. Eco_Maiden

    The GK Nova

    This is a quote I got form the encyclopedia britannica online a few minutes ago when I googled "GK Nova project". It might be nothing. It just seems like too much of a coincidence to me.
  11. I haven't worked the 3 part out yet. That's what I need you guys for.
  12. Ed, good to see the Doctor back but you really need to check your OWN threads more often.
  13. Eco_Maiden

    Alien Mode?

    A more proven theory about the base ball is red mercury, check lower down on the gknova6 forum and you will find it. I have recently posted my own theory of a link between the red mercury and ebola theories.
  14. I think I have found something with 47093. On the 7th of April 1909, Explorer Robert Peary's sledge party at the North Pole happened. This might not mean anything. I have also found a link between the ebola virus theory and the red mercury theory. I have posted a topic on this in the gknova6 forum. Hope this could have been helpful.
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