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  1. I tried 33 kills but i didnt get the sound and i was disappointed but i went back to GG and only used the T hawk ONLY on the bridge for a whole round. didnt shoot once and wen i killed the last zombie on round 13 i was on it gave me that weird screech sound and i could get the reedemer.
  2. So me and my friends were doing the easter egg together and we got to the part where we activate the horns and we did that so the green light would go to the light house and it did but when we went into the light house to use the vr-11 on a zombie to make him human to go up the green light there was no green light shining down the middle of the lighthouse. Btw we tried it at least 3 or 4 different times and it hasnt shined down the middle. :(
  3. I can hear it its very faint though when he runs past it you have to have the volume up high though
  4. I was wondering if anyone has tried getting dm's on monkey round. And don't flame it was just an idea
  5. Well I have a idea about this but idk if it'll work way happens if u use the landerz to spell yuri u know from first radio
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