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  1. Good question, im gonna work on Dead Ops tomorrow, i tried killing it but im guessing the red circles that keep spawning like sonar around it is indeed a force field or a shield something like that.
  2. I would have to agree with this, when they say "The Pentagon has been breached" i doubt the President would be there while the Army tried to defend the Pentagon.
  3. Legion


    like marching Yeah the ones who march they are on Der Riese.
  4. Legion


    That is possible as in Nazi Zombies some of the zombies still march presenting that they still have some of there human characteristics. Or what they were last doing.
  5. session in progress Yeah i just saw that never join a session in progress if you don't know who the player is. This happens sometimes but nothing can be done now that is has happened.
  6. When they let me..? According to their webside, its absoloutly forbidden to make photos. But who cares? When im back ill tell u all what i have seen! Here is the webside (in english) for those of you who want to learn more about the Wewelsburg! http://www.wewelsburg.de/en/index.php Wait a minute oh i have seen this place before not actually but pictures and footage. Oh well have a good time.
  7. My primary class consists of the M16A4 with FMJ and Red Dot the Stinger now for perks (obviously) Bling Pro Stopping Power Pro and Ninja Pro this allows me to sit back and take things out from far away Then for Mid Range i use the Scar-H with FMJ the M1014 Sleight of Hand Pro Cold-Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro this allows me to successfully engage in Close Quarters Combat. For my Force Recon Class yes i liked the name, i use the M4A1 with Grenade Launcher(To take out unreachable foe's) The USP.45 Extended Mags Scavenger Pro Cold-Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro This class is just my mix of stuff to use when im bored. Thats all im gonna put for this as my other two are basically the same as my M16 and Scar class.
  8. I have heard this happen in public matches on both the Xbox Forums and the IW forums themselves. What they say to do is to click the guide button then go to the main menu and restart the game. But then again that might not work
  9. 8 if the game doesn't go my way or i get a death streak i freak out and yell like a psycho.
  10. Take pictures mate. So we can also investigate besides i like pictures. If you could of course. But have fun.
  11. I will play the campaign first Call of Duty has always had an awesome campaign.
  12. Yeah that was a let down they didn't want the little kiddies to be offended.
  13. Hymm Reznov one of my favorite guys from WaW. Well then this just confirms Black Ops will be epic in every way. Now Edward then that would probably mean a Zombie storyline. Because Reznov would have to be in the main storyline and Edward would have to be in the Zombie storyline. Or very well it could be another Edward if it just said Edward is alive there's no way to prove it's ours. Or if it said Richtofen is alive then that narrows it down. Unless he had a child. But then again if it said Edward Richtofen then this would confirm the existence of Zombies in Black Ops.
  14. No because they are on my friends list and knew i was joking around. Im talking about when a stranger plays then i play seriously. For the most part.
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