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  1. UO was the best and probably still is my favorite cod, even though i haven't played it in years. Base Assault was one of the most fun gametypes I have ever played in any fps game. I can hardly remember any map names but I do recall Foy as it was one of my favorites. The original Cod and UO were so great in that they were exclusively for pc. The pc community wanted huge maps with 30+ people in them and the developers delivered it. When cod2 came out as a multi-console game and Activision saw the sales of the console version in comparison to the pc version they quickly became more dedicated to the console version. The majority of console players wanted much smaller maps, due to the very small player limit created by the limited connection capabilities on the consoles. This is why there are no big maps anymore
  2. [quote name=""]i have figured out that the number might actually me 47993. I Googled 47993 Vietnam and it was a zip code for Williamsport, Indiana. It said something about death toles in Vietnam by floods there. Im not for sure yet if this has anything to do with it but i hope it helped. and has anyone noticed the number at the top of GKNOVA6 that is blurred. Can anyone make sense of that? Its 100% confirmed 47093, just leave the title screen chair and look right at the numbers.
  3. Activision would have to be completely stupid to not release the 4 maps separately post launch. I wouldn't worry to much about it.
  4. The writings didn't change the video camera is more zoomed in the second picture and the first picture the person's head is covering the text seen in the second picture.
  5. Carbons post is merely speculation and I dont know where you got immature profanity you should check who your replying to first next time.
  6. treyarch is infinitly smarter then you. and so r most other ppl for that matter. u dont think trey can hide things w/o making it obvouse in the scripts? thry can. DER RIESE is my example, and watch you language, serously And my last statement is exactly the same, if treyarchs "infinitly smarter" why would they bother with making hidden easter eggs if nobodys discovered it well past the games prime? Also you have no evidence Der Reise has any more stuff. Come back with evidence please. Also peters grave is in the iphone version and it shows that Treyarch is continuing the story and adding more content, however the console version (which the guy said he heard bells or w/e) has nothing new in it.
  7. There has been thousands of shi no numa games why hasnt this been discovered before? Why would treyarch bother creating content that only 1 person out of thousands would have discovered more then year after it came out? Fake.
  8. As seen on IplayCOD - Welt-eis-Lehre or World Ice Theory made in 1913 by Hanns Hoerbiger and promoted by Reich SS leader Himmler (who is mentioned several times in documents) World-Ice-Theory - here is translated link to article
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