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  1. yeah me to i guess i still have to wait an extra day then *sight* :cry:
  2. its your choise if you think its fake but i know by myself it isn't.
  3. yess i know. but as i already said earlier. when i go in the body the game will not always stop. and this topic is about an Audio bell when you go in to the hanging man you might hear is sometimes only worked once for me. very weird please guys read a bit better, i need to say the things over and over again since i already posted it. ty edit: Also i want a big investigation of this becouse i rlly want to make u guys belive me that it is real ty ty
  4. 1st of all IT happened only 1 time learn to read. and i couldt make it work again. 2nd Learn to read i didnt even say i saw the hanging body in the script 3th i rlly want to upload it if i could't make it work again. . and i would never be so serious about this post if this was BS. and 4th thats why i post this topic to report this. that i might be the 1st one that found the audio. and i've also discovered it a long time ago. learn to read before you say anything BS like this and please note that this is the same guy that might be blind/ mongol or crazy.
  5. LoL this are only the radio scripts. and besides that there is an hanging body. seriously wtf dude saying that there even isn't an hanging body in shi no numa. wtf i think ur just a blind sh|t or something.
  6. thanks for the download link. unfortunatly the sound wasn't in the files. also some file's wont play, and note that there are not so much soundfiles. only like: walking trough water 1-2-3-4 heyena 1-2-3-4.
  7. ok nice to hear that some 1 maybe got the same experience as me. but what i heard was a loud bell/church bell sound. i could hear it very well when it is paying. but it was not that the hanging man did flip up n down. also downstars there's a note with: Die Glocke on it.
  8. thanks, great post from the old forum + added more pictures to it GJ. also the last picture contains very handy info. it was like *he* was writing things on the wall and then the bear/samantha wrote back to him. and it get crazier and crazier telling the bear/samantha to go away. go away go away go away. eim not talking to you . etc edit: and also a hanging man at the left side of the pic. it looks like 2 ppl but it is just a circle trough iot to make it confusing
  9. thanks yeah it looks like it says energy momentum. could't this still mean the 115/wundewaffe ?
  10. A post that ive copied to this topic from Nayt_FIW. read the black ops part of it. Well there isn't a moon on der reise if your playing splitscreen, just saying so it can't be all too important, BUT in a way there is some sort of sygnificamce to the moon in Nazi Zombies. Now maybe this is me taking things too far but the guy with the tatoos in blacks ops has a tattoo with a werewolf thing surronded by a full moon and the numbers 115 above it, but i'm not sure what it means yet.
  11. On his drink holders there is writen down 115 and if you look carefully u see an reflection of an zombie head. Right in the MIDDLE of his body. you can see 2 eyes. it is very hard to see. also you see an flying bee, that might have something to do with the story(not much ppl knows of the bee's)
  12. Ok, i have marked a few thing on the board that might be very usefull. RED: ok you will see level 5-8 Must survive and then u see 9 stripes(lvl 9). also you see Energy ... i can't see it very good. we will come up later on this GREEN: I have marked a picture/drawing that looks like a flytrap or teleporter. we will come up later on this PURPLE: OK i have marked Schwarze sonne and a little picture of a sun. Swhwarze sonne means Black sun and there is a picture of a sun. if you look clearly the sun will transform into a black sun (on the drawings): PLEASE STAY ATTEND my thoughts of this will come after we did the colors YELLOW: a horn? hmm what couldt this be ? BLUE: A poop. Huh What??? Are you serious? yess its a poop. MY thoughts about all this. ok so at the first place we see survive lvl 5-8 and then we see 9 stripes(lvl 9). this means that we might need to do something when lvl 9 starts. then we se the schwarze sonne. YEP, when the hell hounds spawn the moon will turn black. the sun and the moon are the same thing the only difference is that we call it sun when it is day and moon when it is night. then we got the green marked picture that looks like the flytrap or maybe teleporter. also there is something writed with energy:..... now i will tell you guys what i think about this: What i think is that we need to go to lvl 9 and hope the hell hounds will spawn then the moon turns black. at this point we need a wunderwaffe becouse it contains energy aka 115. then walk to the trap and activate it with your wunderwaffe. AND WHEN WE DONE THIS maybe we have discovered something new.. THIS is a picture that someone found in the Der riese documents here is the link: http://codzombies.forum0.net/dr-picture ... -t1394.htm please watch this becouse it contains very very nice pictures that are in the der Riese files It would also be nice if some1 can decode the symbols/writings Edit: And btw: please try this out becouse ive lend my CoD:[email protected] to someone if you found this interesting please comment, rate and uuhm subscribe :roll:
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