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  1. Sounds like a struggle for an explanation to me.
  2. AK74u, SPAS, Spectre, to name a few.
  3. How do you account for the weapons that didn't exist until the 70s or 80s?
  4. Can a mod move this to the general black ops zombies forum? The links now relate to all weapons.
  5. theater_fly_me_to_the_moon_init() { funny_trigger = GetEnt( "trigger_jump", "targetname" ); to_the_moon_alice_trigger = GetEnt( "trigger_fly_me_to_the_moon", "targetname" ); funny_trigger thread theater_player_jumps(); to_the_moon_alice_trigger thread theater_fly_me_to_the_moon(); } theater_player_jumps() { while( IsDefined( self ) ) { self waittill( "trigger", who ); if( !IsDefined( who._moon_jumps ) ) { who._moon_jumps = 0; } self trigger_thread( who, ::theater_moon_jumps, ::theater_moon_jumps_clear ); } } theater_moon_jumps( guy, str_endon ) { self endon( str_endon ); while( true ) { if( guy JumpButtonPressed() ) { guy._moon_jumps = guy._moon_jumps + 1; wait( 0.9 ); } wait( 0.1 ); } } theater_moon_jumps_clear( guy ) { if( guy._moon_jumps { guy._moon_jumps = 0; } } theater_fly_me_to_the_moon() { self SetHintString( "" ); self SetCursorHint( "HINT_NOICON" ); while( IsDefined( self ) ) { self waittill( "trigger", who ); if( !IsDefined( who._moon_jumps ) || who._moon_jumps { wait( 0.1 ); continue; } if( IsDefined( who._moon_jumps ) && who._moon_jumps >= 5 ) { level theater_moon_jump_go(); who._moon_jumps = 0; } } } theater_moon_jump_go() { ship = GetEnt( "model_zombie_rocket", "targetname" ); blast_off_fx = level._effect["fx_mp_pipe_steam"]; ship_base_origin = ship.origin; ship.fx_spot = Spawn( "script_model", ship.origin + ( 0, 0, -19 ) ); ship.fx_spot SetModel( "tag_origin" ); ship.fx_spot.angles = ( 90, 0, 0 ); ship.fx_spot LinkTo( ship ); wait( 0.1 ); PlayFXOnTag( blast_off_fx, ship.fx_spot, "tag_origin" ); ship MoveZ( 120, 3.0, 0.7, 0 ); ship waittill( "movedone" ); // clean up ship.fx_spot Unlink(); ship.fx_spot Delete(); ship Hide(); ship MoveTo( ship_base_origin, 0.1 ); ship waittill( "movedone" ); ship Show(); } Looks like there's 5 triggers for this, which involve someone jumping. There's no way to tell exactly where you have to be from the code, but my guess is you have to jump in each teleporter room.
  6. Nope. On the bright side, the chances of getting powerups from the teleporter (Kino) never decrease, unlike Der Riese.. so you at least get a safe haven every 90 seconds or so, with the chance of getting ammo.
  7. All of the information comes directly from the game files. The zombie health/dog rounds for Kino der Toten should be pretty much the same as it was for Der Riese. I'll look into the other details later.
  8. Here is my first look at the weapons stats for Kino der Toten and "Five". Note: Many weapons stats listed on the COD wiki are incorrect. Damage for explosive weapons is listed higher than it should be, because whoever entered the data does not understand how the game reads it. From testing in World at War, explosive weapons do not do any special direct hit damage. http://www.eaglesorbit.com/zombie/weapons/kino_der_toten.php http://www.eaglesorbit.com/zombie/weapons/five.php Some of the details here are iffy, particularly for splash weapons since its unclear how the game handles them fully. For any bullet weapons though, the information should be pretty much spot on. Even though the damage info for the thundergun doesn't make sense in this context, I've left it in there for its other stats (reload time, etc). Also notice that the full names of the weapons aren't there yet, I'm working on that.. There's still a lot to be done here, and I probably won't be able to finish what I want to by myself. Update: I've added a page for "Five", although the weapons are exactly the same, "Five" loses the MP40 and Thundergun and gets Winter's Howl aka the freeze gun. Next I'm going to start a major overhaul of these tables. My goal is making an "advanced" mode to allow you to pick and choose what weapons and stats to compare, along with some presets. (Like upgrades only, non-upgrades only, box only, wall only, etc.) Something interesting that I've noticed is that there are several weapon files in the game that have gone unused. I put them here for fun: http://www.eaglesorbit.com/zombie/weapons/missing.php I'm guessing some of them were used as cheats for development, and others were just cut out to reduce the total number of weapons. Update 11/29/10: Added rate of fire, did some cosmetic work to make things more readable.
  9. The logic of forumers here is amazingly bad. You're making the assumption that he's actually read that gknova crap. There's a big difference between finding something and being able to decipher text. Those are two completely different categories. I'm going to go out on a limb, and make the assumption that Dan wasn't looking at gknova at all, because he said in another post that he plays zombies 40 hours a week. That being said, it probably is fake. But you say it is for all the wrong reasons.
  10. You're seeing things. Also, those are not scissors next to the finger. They're calipers.
  11. I didn't say there wasn't a back story. I'm saying that not every minute detail is part of it, and the truth about why many things are there is most likely because someone liked the way they looked there. This isn't a murder scene or large conspiracy to investigate, it's just a game. I could just as easily say that someone from the art department at Treyarch was told to make the loading image look pretty and zombie related, so they did just that, and still didn't even get the details of the map correct. It lacks consistency in this way. You make an unsolvable puzzle to put together.
  12. That's very presumptuous to put "SOLVED" in the title of this thread when you haven't proved anything. It should be a crime for how much the word "theory" is thrown around, when all that's really being done is speculation. If you want to use a fancy word to describe your ideas, try "conjecture" before providing real evidence. The idea that Richtofen is a spy sounds ridiculous to me. Who did he torture? Well, he was a nazi, so really you can take your pick. Jews? Prisoners of war? Political prisoners? A nazi infiltrating another nazi base is pointless isn't it? Same side. The only other possibility (for being a spy) would be that he was working for the allies or a rebel group. That wouldn't make sense at all, considering the guy tortured people. He was just a lackey of Dr. Maxis. Have you ever stopped to think why you have an American, Russian, German, and Japanese guy all working together in both Europe and Japan? Particularly when none of them really got along. The Americans and Russians may have been allies, but they didn't trust each other. They certainly wouldn't want to work with a German or Japanese either. And why do they all speak english? Sometimes, you just need to accept the fact that there is no explanation for things because it's a game.
  13. Nothing you haven't already seen.
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