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  1. Well the second option was avaliable in Mw2 and not that many people used it, a lot of people subbed Lw for SP, but with the obvious exception of SP I can see this becoming a much more viable option.
  2. More like they are too lazy to change it. Reminiscent of Mw2
  3. I think that the addition of tactical insertions was a massive mistake, I really hope that Treyarch find a way to prevent boostin
  4. I'll get it because as much as I hated MW2, it gave me hours of endless fun...
  5. Oh well, since you tried it and every single variant of it, then you should be able to tell everybody what the last Easter Egg is...
  6. This is what I think. Seeming that Carbon is hinting that we need 4 people to be playin and activate everything at a certain level, well on one of the blackboards it says "Round 5~8 must survive". I think that you have to get to round nine, then activate power and all teleporters, then proceed to do the flytrap.
  7. A lot of people think "Return through aether" has some relevance, you know what returns through the sky? The Teddy from the mystery box. So do the things from the Flytrap...
  8. Why would there be a large church bell? You realize that die glocke (English translation: The bell.) is called that because of it's shape and nothing else?
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