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  1. JD posted few days ago about the NYC Black Ops Media Tour does anyone know when that will take place?
  2. what is the point of gknova and all these documents it seems like a load of crap to me?
  3. Call of duty 3 for sure no perks no leveling up to unlock guns the way all cod games should be.
  4. there needs to be a beta
  5. everyone should no there will be zombies but a lot better there would be no reason not to have it in, we need more new MP news.
  6. alright but i also added MLG to so i guess we can discuss that.
  7. that thread doesn't pertain to this one.
  8. Good point id like to see someone from Treyarch reply here to see if that's the case or why they wouldn't put it in.
  9. Is bungie the only one that can use theater mode (sounds dumb) but its a real good idea and don't see why Treyarch wouldn't put it in unless Bungie is only one that can do it.
  10. Hey what is everyones opinion about a theater mode like halo 3 in Black Ops and possibly MLG?
  11. cabronfibah absolutely nothing from mw2 game is god awful in every way no death streaks but can you answer this what about the cod3 way with no perks cause perks are kind of gay but if you add perks nothing like mw2 perks then i guess that is fine but no commando, sleight of hand, bling, nothing stupid especially last stand.
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