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  1. I have to agree 100 percent. When I first actually had started out here on the forums, I was welcomed by the community. It made me feel happy that this isn't a site where it's like argument after argument, that this is the real deal. Then, after I had helped Carbon with Transmission 6 in GKNova section, I felt accomplished and very amazing, knowing that I had helped the community of CoDz. This truly is an amazing site. Anyone who dare disagree, why even bother being on the site? Just leave. Carbonfibah, you truly are a genius, and hopefully more people will join the site, thinking the same thing. -Leon3311 Noobish Zombie Slayer. :D
  2. Forgot, perks like commando, and boosters I hate them with a passion
  3. To make MW2 more challenging, to me, I play some Search and Destroy and try to get awesome killcams by either 360-ing, no scoping, etc. and i also try for prestige challenges. :D
  4. Already discovered, and it's not a zombie if you look close to it. It's a mannequin. In chinese armor
  5. Yesterday, David Vondehaar posted something on Twitter. Here's what it said: "MP footage will be revealed when we have confirmation of your code transmission. Stand by." Anyone know what he's talking about? Thanks for reading this :D
  6. I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking about PC at all when I made this.
  7. I think and hope the beta will be on both Xbox 360 and PS3. A beta has not been confirmed yet, but what do you guys think if there is going to be one? I want your guys' opinion :D
  8. I wanna be a CoDz writer. Can I submit the draft that I wrote for Transmission 6?
  9. I like how you said that the best guns should be unlocked at the end, I also like the customization of the character. I don't like the LEGEND perks that you have to unlock at the last level of the prestige. I say unlock the perks in the early prestige, like until level 35. That'll be easier. I would keep pro perks, as well, just not commando. I also would take off heartbeat sensors. Those are just for noobs. Besides that, I really like this thread.
  10. Leon3311

    Dead Body.

    Could it be the guy in the audio that got shot? Hmmm?
  11. 10th level 70. LEGIT. Just kidding :D
  12. Well, after a while, I just went to the IP address that was given on the poster, and then when I went to it, it said 'Call of Duty : Black Ops' (on the blue bar at the very top for Internet Explorer. For Google Chrome, the tab) So I now know that this will be the main page for Black Ops. It's still under construction, but in the near future it will be finished. Just thought I would share this. I'm new to this site, soo yeah :D
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