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  1. Most likely fake. Otherwise it would be all over the internets. It is strange that it has not been removed yet though.
  2. You arn't seeing the whole picture at Treyarch's website. The guy is holding a pistol in each hand. See picture here: Good thought though.
  3. I hope there is a beta for all three systems, but the way Microsoft is throwing thier cash out, it's hard to know for sure.
  4. That happens to me too sometimes. Just refresh the page. It works for me.
  5. 1146340 OP: I think you're just far behind.
  6. It's the first transmission and the same length. I checked. So many numbers and letters.
  7. Maybe the Baseball related images are to show how much Uranium (mixed with something else?) can be used to cause a massive explosion. After the explosion it zooms up to a baseball. So I guess it's pretty much saying "Something this small (baseball) can blow up something this big (baseball stadium) with this amount of Uranium." Black Ops wise, I do not know what it is trying to tell us. Maybe there will be some sort of nuclear device used?
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