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    ok ill try my best (there may be a few mistakes.) there was this guy, "benthrenn" or something, that posted saying he was going to put up a video transmission. anyways for ahwile some of the community didnt believe him and then he began to not trust us kinda thing. but he posted the video now the community is trying to decipher all of these clues and codes. his "name" is henry langham but for some reason he posted under the name i stated above. so now where we at is trying to figure out what the "transmissions" he has been posting on youtube mean. ( so he posted one video called der wihemt or something. then tansmissions 17-14 and a video called 0)
  2. (trying not to sound ignorant) but what did Carbon do to get the attention of Treyarch?
  3. i was just wondering, with all of this gknova stuff going on, has anyone tweeted josh olin to see what he has to say about it?
  4. same!! i more excited for the zombie mode then anything.
  5. i dunno, i think treyarch knows what they are doing, there keeping us interested in black ops in innovative ways.
  6. even if it wasnt a joke, how far have we made it? i dont get it lol.
  7. he joined yesterday.... or today? yesterday.
  8. sorry if this has been posted already, I looked and didn't find anything on it. anyways, if you look to the left of the main screen on the website (after you enter the code) there is something with six numbers on it. i forget what the numbers are, has anyone else noticed this?
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