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  1. Same type of thing, on NDU split screen one screen can see a moon, the other cannot.
  2. Because people like to spray their ump or 360 *hit R1* and lie about getting a hitmarker. No time in the day for FAL!
  3. Hey! Would that be PS3 or Xbox you're on?
  4. I know im replying a bit late, but... How did Treyarch fix glitches? Name one glitch that they fixed (From cod4) Just because it has different maps doesn't mean its not a re-skin, if they took the same maps from cod & cod2 the multiplayer would be a whole new level of bogus. And im talking about multiplayer, not any of the other game modes, i love me some zombies. All im saying is that cod4's multiplayer is better, and [email protected] wouldn't have perks create-a-class, challenges and many more things without cod4. Because it's a franchise. Call of Duty is a franchise. Without 1 there would be no 2. So yes, World at War took to new ideas from CoD4 and then added their own features as well. Just like MW2 took some ideas from World at War and added other new features. That's why Black Ops has camos, some similar ideas for killstreaks, and callsigns. Just because it's a different company making it doesn't mean it all has to be different. Ya know? :)
  5. I think no killstreaks would be good, but also a bit boring as well. Can you imagine all the camping with no UAV? So yes there should be killstreaks, but make sure that you can't go from 11 kills to 25 kills in like 60 seconds. *cough* MW2 *cough*.
  6. I'm with bob, no harm in trying eh? You have me added on PSN but.. DeltaAlphaCharli
  7. Well, confused on what it's about. And embarrassed that I played with you yesterday and totally messed up. :oops:
  8. DeltaAlphaCharli, I'm down for multiplayer or zombies. Whatever everyone is in the mood for!
  9. I'd definately be using UAV Jammer and Dead Silence, hell naw those zombies aren't gonna find me! :twisted:
  10. They already have that, it's called a modded controller. :D
  11. I'm sorry but that really doesn't make much sense. $20 for 3 maps, or $30 for 12?
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