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  1. 1st map: MG42 and raygun, if bullets run out i take thompson and start running around the random box room. 2nd map: Havent played so much, but usually shotgun, but if i get raygun it goes over shotgun and for second gun thompson (I run around the map) 3rd map: PTRS if i get and wunderwaffle : D or something light (Shotgun) 4th map: I would say the same as 3rd, but maybe MG42 for the starting rounds(1-15) to get points better. PTRS is really good gun when upgraded, goes to lvl 25 with one shot many kills in the chest/ass area, after 25 u should need to aim for pretty much neck/head area to kill many zombies at one shot.
  2. Verruckt for the reason theres almost no place to camp, i think the best tactic is just run around the building, some reason i dont have almost no points even i kill the most...
  3. Ive got alone to around 15 just the sake of i dont wanna do the comm room thing, feels boring, but with 4 ppl i got to 27, because i had to start running around comm room with browining and PTRS, got bit slow, after all i got bored and ran in the building using traps but then i died... : D
  4. 19 alone, only one zombie left and he got behind me and slapped me to death. With 2 ppl 24 (Split screen).
  5. Im on 5th or 6th prestige, lvl 60, was planning to go 9th just for the logo, but now i wont touch the game.
  6. Well it aint. If it get fixed i may try couple of round, but otherwise it doesnt matter.
  7. Well, today was my last time im gonna play this game. First thing off, i died 3 times on one guy, and got twice in 1 killcam. In other round, there was glitchers in Fuel, another FFA i spawned just infront of the guy (Scrap yard) in the L shape plane place. Then i got bored of FFA, i went in SnD, there was first off strike wich went somehow good and bad, but some bullshit happened, somehow my bullets didnt kill riotshield guy from behind, shotty range suddenly dropped and couldnt kill a guy trhought a window hole close to B (downstairs area). Then afterall the game lagged just when i was going good for last 2 rounds. I went a new one, immediatly "Client command overflow". I went again new SnD round and it was Fuel. Round was almost over and it was second round on our defense, started late. There was 2 guys left and what did they do, glitched in the rock, with OMA, danger close and ninja, u know what i mean. Then suddenly my internet just wants to fuck around and goes offline... So no more MW2.
  8. Carnival = Pretty campy map, atleast the "haunted" house, kind of all around is camping spots, i found in 20secs a perfect nuke boosting spot, even i dont nuke boost. Playable, but still aint so good. Strike = Lovely map i say, pretty balanced. Good map. Vacant = Good map, nothing else to say. Fuel = Glitch spots at the rocks far away from the map (corner), but evenly made the middle area, u can fight with a sniper rifle and MP5. Playable map, if u stay prefebly at middle area. Trailer park = Kind of good map, camping spots there is, but they are easy to get ppl out of there, like chuck a frag inside of there and all good, flank etc. Kind of good map, spawing isnt still the greatest.
  9. Ive had one idea, witch could make commando even. Make the knifing almost impossible as CoD 4 and when u have commando perk u can knife further, but still not MW2 distance, maybe about without commando.
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