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  1. I believe they already said that their will be at least 1 new SP mission.
  2. I got the game today and i can confirm that none of that is a problem, they patch the cp glitch, BO is hack free, and not to sure on the audio one but it seems fine to me. Trust me, you wony regret buying his dude!
  3. *DOOF* OUCH!!!!!! Sorry, I just walked into a wall of text... Also, I think there is a section for story and imagenary crap like this.
  4. With the doors, you maybe able to seal of a cetain route and people with camp around the control panel if you ask me. But, imagine getting a quad with the flame from a massive lauching rocket???
  5. i was also just about to post this! DAMN IT! looks awesome though, cannot wait
  6. lol...man...this...is...hard!...i.....see....wat..u...r...going....through...=(
  7. THANKS SO MUCH LEMON!!! awesome find man, really good job!!
  8. TO ALL THE PEOPLE WORRIED ABOUT THE GORE!!! READ!!! Treyarch removed it from the trailer, or selected an option in the menu to remove gore and offensive language (like WaW) so the video did not get flagged on youtube. Otherwise you would have to over 18 to watch it and that cuts the number of viewers.
  9. i remember seeing at the point where the guy useing the balistic knife, an "artilery" like logo on the mini map. Maybe someone can that that?
  10. Good post, all the weapons like EXACTLY what they look like in the game.
  11. Yeah, i back out of a lobby if salvage comes up...
  12. 8......HUNDRED! if i get commando lunged across a room, sometimes i'll track the person down and...... well, you can fill in the rest.
  13. ....I'm almost 100% sure that I said anywhere between 15-30.
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