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  1. Hey I was wondering if anyone has tried to take the cosmonaut to no mans land I have been searching YouTube but nothing. If so is there anything interesting. If anyone knows of a video or has done it themselves, what happens? Thanks
  2. My theory and maybe another hint. 3arc usually use mp maps from the previous map pack for the next zombie. That being said there is a map that takes place in Nevada. In the map I have found radios I hope they do it I've been waiting.
  3. Thanks, sorry I was in a hurry will use in the future
  4. me and select yeti are playing right now waiting for two people if interested inbox me xxn9nexdeucexx or just friend request me saying something about codz. decent players please
  5. Also I've noticed killing humans after using the vr11 gives you power ups
  6. In the promo for gttv about the new escalation pack they call it a content pack, not a map pack. i wonder if that means that there will be other things added to the game. hopefully. I still think that they should do a dlc in the same way red dead redemption did it and make woods the main cerachter in a zombie campaign. Dreams... :lol:
  7. I made a post about maybe doing something along the linse of red dead redemption and just make a zombie campagin dlc. they could keep the original call of duty feel and have four main carachters and tell the before story of our four zombie slayers. And tell the between sotries of each map i can only hope
  8. cwb317

    What If

    well they could just do what rdr did and make a zombie campaign to tell us the story maybe/hopefully. They could do it exactly the way they do the regular call of duty with four different main carachters tell the stories of rictofan tank takeo and nikolia. Like each others stories adding up to zombies and then story lines about each map. That would be ausome carbon you should tell jd lol
  9. I was thinking of a new strategy. I havent tried it but i have a reason why it might work. I have got to level 23 on kino. I cant get past 19 with any more. I run the whole time but with four people cant get everyone to follow me. I think that maybe everyone should hold down their own room and run when needed like maynbe one in the mp40 room one in the the starting room, one in the theatre and one in the alley/upstairs room leading to theatre. I think this would work because if you had to run you could get help and everyone could start running it would be less zombies at a time and everyone would have to agree and use mics( very hard to find) Me and my older brother are pretty good if two others could maybe trry we are on xbox send me a friend request and message telling me that ist for zombies. Gt=Xxn9nexdeucexX Edit* Sorry if hard to understand. i was thinking really quick and trying to get it out of my head lol. Just ask questions or add ideas im on everyday so i will keep up the topic
  10. cwb317

    What If

    What if treyarch desides to go the direction rockstar went with gta 4 and red dead redemption. Maybe they will give us a whole new campaign in dlc. maybe with zombies tied in and more info. I think this because i feel there were way to many loose ends and stuff i wish had more info hopefully this happens what do you think about this.
  11. This just proves kino was going to be the fifth map. I am glad they waited and we got the black ops version updated and way better more than likely
  12. xbox360= XxN9nexDeucexX need to find someone to play zombies who wont quit to lol so if interested msg me on xbox wenever
  13. I tried posting somthing in a nother thread about this. On the Tfa the far right look for an eye and then find the rest of the face that is a zombie face im telling you the lips are curled in. idk but its trippin me out lol :shock: yeah i saw that.. looks like an ape or something, i hate illusions [brains] yea i knew it lol i wonder why that is there. It looks like a zombie crossed with planet of the apes. I wonder what it could mean i know it is there
  14. I tried posting somthing in a nother thread about this. On the Tfa the far right look for an eye and then find the rest of the face that is a zombie face im telling you the lips are curled in. idk but its trippin me out lol :shock:
  15. I would do that for sure. I always try to but some little kid kills my crawler and i cant. I have a mic and i have been following for a long time thanks GT+=XxN9neXDeucexX, send me a request and tell me what its for and ill play wenever i am on
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