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  1. while back at page 1 someone said edward was maxis assistant i wanted to set them stait. i also wanted you to know i was agreeing with you about the power boxes.
  2. guys, this game isnt tottaly, you know realistic. the little girl sam controles the zombies in general. treyarch could have done a number of wierd things. im not sure if its correct but it seems possible. also did you say people didnt think edward was richtofen, thats dum! edward is his first name!
  3. ive read through all of this, to start richtofens first name is edward. the power boxes are obviously nothing, everyone seculates over nothing, the beware of 6 is probably refering to gknova6 gas. the walls break do to crawllers, you can see them come through the holes made. and of course, agenta is a liar and the dinning and main room is fake. the cosmic silverback probably wont make an apperance do to the originality of zombies and improbability of treyarch seriously creating a main boss. hope i helped. :)
  4. dude....... awesome, just awesome. you did great. thanks for keeping us in the loop of the never ending zombie easter eggs! also those planks you found with areas written on them were found in der riese near each teleporter. i believe they were from where each of the main charecters were from. hope i helped! :D
  5. lol sounds funny, bet you couldnt see a thing! [brains]
  6. yeah, i was just about to post this but when researching i found this. the exact same thing happend to me at the same time. i also play religiosly. oh and no offence, but why does everyone say the dogs come on round 6, it happens to me ether 5, 6, or 7?

    Clue on Five

    what if they represent future maps, or the times are somehow connected with an area.
  8. he probably knew he couldnt reach step 8, freedom. mason is on the turret, he could jump. although it is possible for reznov to jump, only without the spetsnaz following. that is reznovs problem.
  9. how? watch the escape, they are right behind him, even if he did have a back up plan he would never make it.
  10. ok but how would he survive, they wouldnt just let him leave.
  11. to start, wasnt he in world war 2, doesnt that make him 80? yet he can take an ak and kick some ass, that doesnt make sence. lastly when you escape reznov is being chased. even if he did have a back up plan the russians would never let him escape.
  12. Z-HUNTER


    cool, hope you like the site.
  13. Z-HUNTER


    dang, sorry i suck at finding things first.
  14. Z-HUNTER


    while in multiplayer search, i found that when defusing the bomb, he repeatedly presses 115. sorry if allready posted.
  15. yeah i think it is the winters howl.
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