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  1. The Iron Cross is actually a sign of Germany's military. My theory is that Der Reise and the rest was an idea conceived before the Nazis took power, and it was run by the military. When the Nazi took power, they took control of the project (Who wouldn't want an army of undead to take over the world?!). Well obvously Group 935 has at least SOMETHNG to do with the German government - "Sopha, Drect ths message mmedatley to the Rechstag Hgh Command" the Rechstag Hgh command was defntely a huge part of Germany's government system. (The Rechstag s the captol of Germany for those of you that ddn't know... So Treyarch probably dd t on purpose n order to hnt at the actvty between Group 935 and the German Government LOL the i's have it. no i's i see ii captain kk bye
  2. to leadert83 he misspelled "EVERYTHNG", he was missing the "i". teddy is missing an eye. thats wtf i mean?
  3. yeah like there are 3 lights on in beginning courtyard and "1 night light". than 1 of 2 bulbs are on that are on the switch, 1 is missing. than theres the lab where it has the 1 that barely is on. i was recently very interested in the lights that are on.
  4. looks like a question mark. how bout them lights before the switch is flipped. 3 are already on before we leave courtyard not including the night light.
  5. because if they made the iron cross crooked it would look like an X.
  6. it sounds like they are singing backwards. like so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKk5O0DfedU
  7. trinity light power im working with these three words. got super idea and plan. will execute an experiment and hopefully we can contain der reise.
  8. I didnt play zombies lastnight but I did have a dream about the jugg area. I had the last zombie running after me than I broke the bridge because I didnt want to flip the switch. With the bridge in a ramp fashion I jumped and climbed my way to the other side knowing I was safe from the runner(last zombie) so knowing this I wanted to see how the area would look without anyone opening the " :?: :arrow: " staircase and without the bridge being lowered, curious to know if it was any different. After I saw it for what it was I saw that the runner can climb as well so I took the princess to the jugg so the zombie wouldnt attack her. As soon as the zombie got to the electric arrowed stairs he stood up started reaching in his pocket and put change in the machine, his chaaaanngeeee opened a very small opening to the bottom left of the machine and out came some sort of tank with a pressure gage that looks like the ray gun. The zombie snapped out of his chaaaanggeee splurgin hypnosis state and went for me, I grabbed his hands and danced him away from the princess while I asked her to turn the nozzle and after she did that all these colorful Xmas looking lights went from the broken wall to the jugg machine and the zombie disappeared. I wanted to climb thru the window but got stuck(lol). She managed to get thru the window w/a boost and started to throw all these books at me than it looked like the garage shutters in the yard was trying to open and after it opened there were another set of windows that were being tore down by fake looking zombies, bad makeup form conventions status. Than for some reason i think it wa a gamestop employee or someone from a contest walked around the electric arrow stairs and wanted to see what all the hub bub was all about becuase it looked like I cheated by blowing up the bridge but I said hey the zombie put his chaaange in and isnt that what its all about? Speaking of change and perk machines, why is it that the first perk machine you go prone into will give you 30 points but the second perk machine you go prone inti only gives 20 points but if every player goes prone into an individual perk machine the 2nd machine wont give the 2nd player 20 points but the full 30? Yes I heard the children playing and it sounds like a nursery rhyme. And yes I also heard the crying but only by double tap and furnace and next to filing cabinets in bright room above furnace and next to speed cola by the bigg pipes.
  9. Samantha laughs at us when we activate flytrap and asks if we want to play a game.... because we are not using the flytrap correctly.
  10. That wasnt a speech nor was it hitler in the lab. I translated it one night when I had a friend listen through my headset and now I forgot what he was alarming us about.
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