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  1. I would like if there were more than just 9 players on each side, expand the amount a bit. When i say amount, i mean make it like 18 guys on each side, larger equals funner. I think it would be cool, if on the larger maps, there were strikers or APC's that you could carry some team mates around in, one being driver, one being gunner, others being passengers. It would be like a very mobile and deadly strike team. Here is how i would have it: 1 driver, 1 gunner, and 3-4 passengers. The gunner and passengers can opt for a route the driver to take, like a voting system. maybe have a system were while in the vehicle, ping the mini-map or something. The gunner would count as two votes though, because he has to be vulnerable and keeping cover for the vehicle, so he wants a safer path to the designated area. This would be awesome for objective type gameplay, and add a whole new depth to the game. Jeep's would work too, just not nearly as much fun or cool. I think it would be different from the tanks stuff they always do.
  2. No, i was pointing how you don't really seem to know anything about how real warfare, because you don't come across as such. I come from a family from war, i think i know a little more than the average person, let a lone a person who plays a game mimicking it. hell, my last name means war-ready in German, which is were the name comes from. and my dad too. If i didn't know what was involved, and yes i realize the risks of my life, people i love, and the such, i wouldn't be thinking about it. Also, i didn't say i knew everything. HERE IS MY ATTEMPT TO GET ON TOPIC I hate riot shields, and how someone can be 15+ feet away and get a knife kill on you by all of a sudden accelerating a million miles per hour lol. That just bugs me.
  3. I bet your not a camper. . . Last I checked, hiding in/around a corner with a noob-tube is not defending anything, and I highly doubt thats what grenade launchers were invented for. . . I find it absolutely hilarious that your talking about "Real Warfare". In fact, here's a military field manual on the m203. I bet they don't train the soldiers to use it the way you do. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ ... p1.htm#1-1 Is that real enough? Sure there are campers in everygame, but just admit that there have never been so many as there are in modern warfare 2. Oh wow you found a article. nice google skills. HEY! how about next time, don't be so confrontational about stuff and people wouldn't have to resort to this! First off, im willing to bet more than 3/4 know NOTHING about how real warfare is fought. The only reason i know is I am thinking about joining the military (only 15 as of now, but i am doing everything that i can to prepare myself mentally, which excludes this game.) and because my family comes from a long history of war, and let me tell you something, its not what you think it is, or you are told. No, ever since world at war and modern warfare, everything the call of duty games put into the minds of gamers is 90% wrong and could never happen. For instance, the people talking about the f'n barett above. ITS AN ANTI-ARMOR/TANK/PERSONAL VEHICLE, THE ONLY TIME YOU WOULD EVER USE SUCH EXPENSIVE AMMUNITION ON A HUMAN TARGET IS IF YOU WERE A MILE OR MORE AWAY!! at which point it would be most ineffective anyways. Do you know what happens to a person when hit with a 50 caliber from a barret? Lets say there isnt a corpse. or body parts laying around either. Predator missile: you think they spend so much money to kill 4,5, even 10 guys? HAHAHAHAHA NO!! Its vehicles, and buildings. Any vehicle or building hit by something like that would be a pile of rubble, not perfectly in shape like in MW2. Lastly, i said its a video game, they can do whatever because its for fun, but they should probably still have at least a little bit of realism into it. I'd like to see one of you pick up a LMG and go full auto. That's not what there meant for. small bursts, just like every automatic ever invented. call of duty-----------------------real life
  4. Well, it would be nice if we could get good quality close ups of the documents before blacked out, but i cant figure out how to work this damn quicktime player into just going frame by frame. Its confusing the f*** out of me. Can someone please take the time and try to get them?
  5. Ok seriously, "camping" Its defending a fortified position, its really how ALL REAL WARFARE goes, stop complaining you complainers. "Noob-Tubes"? Those were invented for a reason, and its the reason that you getting killed by them. Stop Complaining. complainers.
  6. were the hell is the download option for the video? EDIT> Ha, i thought i saw a sniper rifle get covered up by blackness. There is probably a loooot more. Looks like they are connecting the theory that Harvey Oswald was a Russian agent, not just a presidential Killer. That explains why your the SOG. And that "main guy" everyone is talking about it not the character you play as, its probably the leading figure of the group of 4. A hero type.
  7. Yeah, only in much better quality. Notice how blacked out parts of the document fade to black. Im going to go frame by frame with quickplayer and see if i cant see what they say before the black fades in.
  8. Keep on pausing really fast before that, right in the begging of the flashing documents, and you see what look to be the moon with "the space race" written to the bottom left of it. I can't get a screen shot, it was kinda a one in a million pause. I got it in perfect quality.
  9. Rangers would because there real. 141 is stupid and couldn't get anymore anti realistic. If they existed, they wouldn't last long against anything. I hope you all realize Russia couldn't get far in America IF such an attack could happen. Most people have weapons, and would fight back. After that, its cleanin up stragglers and the few vehicles they send.
  10. Look, stop it. Thats just blatant, And at least im trying to stay on topic here, while proving im not just another idiot. I wan't to help, but you gotta stop acting like a douchbag. In other words, can someone give me a link to a website with ways to decode both the ceaser and cipher please? I wan't to fool around and see if i can't find anything interesting.
  11. I'm saying that it probably wasn't effective in real life, in the video game of course it will, its a video game. And i don't care for the "zomg area 51" thing, im not five. I realize whats going on and what isn't going on. Anyways, back on topic Anyone notice that when you *tab* through www.gknova6.com that the yellow boxes look the same as the nat. Geo logo from the video? Its probably not at all related, im just curious about weather they were meant to be there, or rather they are just selection boxes :/
  12. CIA mind control brainwahing? Not only was this video created in modern times because its on youtube, but that also a far-fetched idea. I don't think that video and process is relevant in the least.
  13. I T C M I N M E R C H A N D I S E ITCM In Merchandise? Possible anagrams for ITCM http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/ITCM ITCM Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Madero (Mexican technical college) iTCM Internet Traffic and Content Management ITCM IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager ITCM Individual Travel Cost Method ITCM Initial Technical Coordination Meeting ITCM Internet Telephony Cable Modem ITCM International Trade and Corruption Monitor ITCM Innovative Technology for Custom Machinery It doesn't look like it would be any of these however. Maybe something from an earlier time, anything that had to do with those letters? If you look at it in this perspective, something is "in merchandise", or like mentioned earlier by several others, stolen goods and the like in Russia(?) EDIT> Second from bottom, "International Trade and Corruption Monitor" International Trade and Corruption Monitor in merchandise..... Hmmmm...
  14. Well, i seem to have found it, and i guess judging from the reading that its already been discused. I will repost here just incase. Well, this is my first post. As a avid and excited watcher of this game, i have been looking around. In the third channel on gknova6, "kenneth, what's the frequency?" has been making me ponder what that is and means, exactly. So, i simply google'd it, and found several things that might relate to the phrase. First, my sources: http://ask.yahoo.com/20010619.html Other source=google phrase, look for song by REM "-One night in October 1986, Rather was walking down a Manhattan street when he was punched from behind and thrown to the ground. His assailant kicked and beat him while repeating, "Kenneth, what is the frequency?"-" That was talking about Dan Rather's, a CBS News Anchor. "-In 1997, based on a tip from a psychiatrist, Rather's attacker was identified as William Tager. According to the psychiatrist, Tager, who was currently serving time for killing an NBC stagehand, blamed news media for beaming signals into his head, and thought if he could just find out the correct frequency, he could block those signals that were constantly assailing him. Hence the enigmatic inquiry.-" The reason the song is important, is because it was made after the event happened, it was basically a back-story FOR the event. Im not sure if this has anything to do with anything, just thought I could put forth some probable evidence to some master minds of the internet. Also, I didn't see a thread for the 3rd channel on GK, so if anyone could provide a link, ill gladly post it there as well, to whatever avail it shall serve for you. ~Qwerl EDIT1> I meant to mention, in my second quotation, it says he blamed them for beaming signals into his head. If he could find the correct frequency, it would stop. Maybe that has to do with the television signals in the first place. Maybe the person watching is having signals beamed into his head or something? I'm not too entirely sure. What methods would the guy have for putting a frequency in or out of his head anyways lol?
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