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  1. As we know, the new zombies map will be called Ascension. I was in bio class, and we started talking about Charles Darwin, and I discovered that he had visited an island called Ascension. This got me thinking that maybe this is the island that the next zombies map will be on. Here is an excerpt from his journal: Ascension, 8 degrees South, 14 degrees West. July 19, 1839. On the 19th of July, we reached Ascension. Those who have beheld a volcanic island, situated under an arid climate, will once be able to picture to themselves the appearance of Ascension. THey will imagine smooth conical hills of a bright red colour, with their summits generally truncated, rising separately out of a level surface of black rugged lava. A principle mound in the centere of the island, seems the father of the lesser cones. It is called Green Hill: its name being taken from the faintest tinge of that colour, which at this time of year was barely perceptible from the anchorage. To complete the desolate scene, the black rocks on the coast are lashed by a wild and turbulent sea. In my opinion, wouldn't that last sentence describe a perfect place to put a light house? Also, Charles Darwin was a scientist who studied evolution, and if you ask me, the zombie seem to be evolving, eg. crawlers; but i think that has little to do with this. So yeah, i think the new map might be on this island, and post your thoughts below.
  2. LIKE: Zombies, MP HATE: The game is dominated by AR's and SMG's. They also gimped snipers WAAAAAAY too much.
  3. umm, im looking at my cod4 RIGHT now, and teh modern warfare is WAY smaller than the Call of Duty. also, IW is not making the next MW its gonna be a new studio called Sledgehammer.
  4. haha i noticed that too while searching youtube on google.
  5. it will run it on teh highest setting, but probably with only 2xAA
  6. ok im sorry. i deserve my minus points. would you like 100 microsoft points?
  7. imm sooooo in GT: TrimPage TZ: +8:00 Pacific send me a FR
  8. i did 2: penis vs nipples: nipples xbox vs ps3: xbox barely won
  9. yes ive seen these its pretty funny but guess what? You're a loser.
  10. ive been watching this series of youtube shows for a while now, i doesnt have anythign to really do with black ops, it just supposed to be funny VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED:
  11. my opinion: that was a pointless and retarded. no offense carbon.
  12. i wannna mod. but it really doesnt matter to me. id give it to a veteran who deserves it more.
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