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  1. Shadows of Evil introduced us to a new story element that may or may not be implemented into future maps. This element is the Use of Lovecraftian Lore in the form of the Apothicans. Strange Pods growing from the ground and unspeakable blasphemies invading morg city. However is this really the first time we have seen a reference to Lovecraft before? Let us take a look back in Black Ops 2 and World at War as well as take an example from H.P lovecrafts short story. The Colour out of Space. In this short story a meteor falls from the sky and lands in a small town near a farm. Scientists come to experiment on it and discover that the Meteor never cools down and when it does it usually takes a long time. Water around it produces steam and as time goes by it shrinks in size. When the meteor is broken it reveals that the inside resembles Glass and has the distinct characteristic of Colour. Eventually the meteorite vanishes and the people are left to their own devices. However the tale does not end there, hunters notice that the wildlife is changing in the area, they find a rabbit that is deformed and horrendous. Eventually the Crops grow in huge abundance but their taste is bitter and disgusting. Time goes by and animals whither and die. The people begin to go insane until they start to deteriorate and die off in gruesome ways. Eventually whatever was in the meteor begins to rise from the contaminated well and blasts off into space in an array of colors. However one Small piece falls back into the Well. The range of this infection seems to spread an Inch a year. I tell you this story because it has parallels to our own storyline. Shi No Numa takes place in Japan after a meteorite is discovered in the swamps. Of course, this meteorite causes the dead to reanimate but something new was just implemented a few years ago during Origins. In the Cutscene the Meteorite is shown to have landed prior to 1917. Now, this could just be the same event in another dimension but as seen in The Giant we know that Multiple Universes have very similar events occurring at the same exact time. So if we are to assume that the Meteor in Shi No Numa is the same meteor we see in origins then we can safely assume that 30 years later the meteor has still not cooled down. We can also see that the Origins meteor fits the description of the meteor from H.P Lovecraft’s story. When the surface is cracked the inside is like glass displaying Colour. 115 which is found in the Meteor has the same effect as the story. The people begin to whither away and die and animals suffer grim mutations. Zombies and Hellhounds. Hellhounds are shown to have been a product of the Der Riese incident however their first appearance was in Shi No Numa.. So what does this mean in our storyline? Did I just state something that has already mostly been said for years already? Well, here is where it gets interesting. There are some possible Origins for the meteorite in H.P Lovecrafts story. it could have been crafted by beings from another dimension and deliberately sent to earth. Evidence in the story comes from the fact that the radiation spreads one inch a year and how given enough time the entire planet would eventually be engulfed in a Plague which destroys the earth completely. The same can be said for the Zombies meteorite. It was because of this One event that eventually led to the Rift being broken during the events of Moon. It is possible that the Meteor was sent to earth during a critical time in history where it’s scientific properties would be used to create weapons and devices. It was World War II when the meteor landed in Origins timeline, however in the First timeline it could have landed during WWII. What do these 2 events have in common? They both landed during a time of great conflict, when scientists were racing to create a weapon to win the war. It is possible that these meteorites were sent to Multiple realities in hopes that one of these dimensions would eventually and foolishly break the Rift. Without 115 the Teleporters would not have been perfected. The moon pyramid would not have been discovered. Griffon Station would not have been built and the Missiles would have never been sent to earth. There is also something else that casts a shadow on the future. The meteorite surges with electricity. Objects that are teleported often surge with electricity shortly after being teleported. Hellhounds do this, The mainframes do this, and apparently do does our meteor…
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