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  1. Hello I came up with something after watching the ending. I miss the old 3arc, straight from Nacht 3arc Experiment on spleens 3arc, set on the fun 3arc I hate the new 3arc, the bad cutscenes 3arc The always serious 3arc, glitch the game 3arc I miss the funny 3arc, the wodkaklauenden 3arc I gotta say at that time I'd like to work at 3arc See, we influenced 3arc, it wasn't any 3arc And now I look and look around and there are so many 3arcs I used to love 3arc, I used to lovev 3arc I even have the fridge from 3arc, I thought I am 3arc What if 3arc made a game about 3arc Called "Call of 3arc", man that would be so 3arc That's all it was 3arc, we still love 3arc And I love you like Activi$ion loves money
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