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    I was around 12 when I properly got into Zombies and at that point the mode was already a couple years old. I have to say a big part of the fun for me was watching YouTube storyline videos (which looking back were nearly all incorrect), and discovering the events for myself and drawing my own interpretation. Chaos on the other hand is obviously taking a more straight forward approach to storytelling. Which is fine, and is definitely more palatable for most people, but I do have problems with it. I think it was a big mistake to make DLC 1 a prequel to Voyage. It ruined the momentum of having two maps with these new characters, and then dialling it back a bit to have these other characters instead, who were just killed off anyway. Regardless, I agree in that a new storyline is needed and it’ll be good to see Aether get a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion. I just hope with that out of the way they’ll be able to make a new memorable story and cast of characters out of Chaos.
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    Nope, CoD3 which was Treyarch's first main CoD game didn't get any praise from the community most of it just stayed in CoD2. Furthermore CoD4 pretty much outlasted WaW as well, cause now let's be honest WAW was mechanically a reskin of CoD4 and the gaming industry just got a taste of a new era in the shooter genre and didn't want to go back to WW2 so soon. Only with Black Ops people did tend to stick with Treyarch. Also nope, Sledgehammer joined the CoD team back in 2011 with MW3. Joining forces with IW. (Edit: They joined before that of course, but MW3 was their first adventure in this show of shit. ^^) The black ops games up until now also got a good amount of love, but there were also a good chunk of folks who hated those games. Just look at our friend, @83457. Gotta keep in mind that the CoD community is huge and not every fan is an 11 year old sheep. They are just the loudest.
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    Remember Forever (Samantha's Lullaby) My friends I want to make and update to this beautiful song. When it was released we had to guess the lyrics. Treyarch released an amazing trailer. You may remember that I provided the images of all the subliminal pictures. This was not the full song. The full song has an intro 2 verses and 3 chorus parts. Treyarch has released the official lyrics to this song. [Intro] A light through the window streams in and Breaks onto your brow (Breaks on through to you) And she floats on by [Verse 1] Beautiful, sad, lost child Cruelty reconciled I stand with you, forever Can you feel me here? [Chorus 1] Remember (Her love will find you, her love will reach you) (Held in her arms, remember) Forever (Her love will find you, her love will heal you) (Shield you from harm, forever) [Verse 2] Shipwrecked childhood dreams Smashed to smithereens I left you here playing games Standing in the flames [Chorus 2] Forever (Her love will find you, her love will reach you) I see you (Held in her arms, remember) reference to the Teddy Bear Sam holds Remember (Her love will find you, her love will heal you) I'm here for you (Shield you from harm, forever) Forever (Her love will find you) I'll shield you Remember, heal you forever [Chorus 3] Forever (Her love will find you, her love will reach you) I'll reach you (Held in her arms, remember) Remember (Her love will find you, her love will heal you) I'll hold you (Shield you from harm, forever) Forever (Her love will find you, her love will reach you) I'll heal you darling (Held in her arms, remember) Remember (Her love will find you, her love will heal you) Find you forever (Shield you from harm, forever)

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