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    Hey, guys. Meh here. It's been a while. I've been out for a couple of weeks or months now, and... I felt I should explain that a bit, really. To make one story short: For those that are newer to the site, I've been around since maybe 2014 on CoDz, and I've been in the CoD community in general for as long as I can remember. Ironically speaking, I've seen PTG rise and fall somewhere inbetween that, but... let's not talk about that. Most of what I do around the site has been a bit of a balancing act between playing and criticizing the Zombies mode, and actually creatively writing maps based on that mode itself. As much as I'd love to toot my own horn... again, not the place for it. If you want to read that stuff, check out Zombie Labs, I suppose. Recently, I've gained the role of Dweller, and I do want to try to upkeep that role as best I can while I still have the chance. A bit unfortunate in regards, though, was the release of Black Ops 4, and... yeah, it was a bit chaotic - the past few months hearing about this game have been as well. My PC ended up not performing all too well, and I've been out of the loop here due to that. I'm only just now coming back after dealing with that. I... know that this all sounds a bit like I'm shrugging a lot of it off, but if I'm being honest, nothing big or significant really happened since I was out... other than Black Ops 4. Most of the reason I was out was due to my ineptitude to keep my PC up to a decent speed and in working fashion. But, hey, I'm back now. I'm glad to be. So... yeah. I've written too many of these introductions, I'm very aware of that. This is as awkward for me as it is for you. In any case, though... per aspera ad astra. -The Meh
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    I totally see what you mean here, and dont get me wrong, but I just realized we already are. In another way than you might think. Isn't it beautiful how this relatively simple software called a "forum", among with our shared love of online undead annihilation has let us all met each other. Us, people from all over the world, living in cities, villages or remote houses, who would never have met each other if it weren't for this forum. Me, someone part time living in a 2th floor student apartment, part time living in a house in a quite remote Dutch countryside, meeting and befriending you, Meh, living in a house on a village near the great American lakes? Look what we are now, a community, a tribe or club or whatever. But most important: friends. We are not merely a forum. We are friendship. And while we should always let CoD Zombies lead our threads, I personally love (new) discussions/topics about each other personal lifes, thoughs and opinions, outsider of CoD and gaming. This place is getting like a soccerteam which later turned into your friendgroup, if you get what I mean (never been in a soccerteam, though :p).
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    I know this is a months-old post, and... believe me, I'm sorry for reviving it out of the blue, but I've been trying to formulate a good response to this reply for some time now (and my laptop nearly breaking apart by the seams doesn't quite help that). So... yeah. I'm just kind of going to say what I will here, I suppose. Sorry that this took so long. I've probably met some of the best people I know here. Voyager, chiefly, but... a lot of you guys as well. @Lenne, @InfestLithium , @anonymous and @RequixEclipse are four I can think of in particular that I think have helped me along my path both outside this site and inside it. The wisdom I've gained being a part of this community is surprising and I'm just glad I could have it. (In regards to actually meeting people and all, I'd love to do the same... although I suppose being at a good place in my life would definitely help that.) Seeing this community change, or... rather, seeing this forum change for it, is a logical step forward, and I completely agree with doing that. Personally, all I want of it is to see this community become more involved, interwoven and the like. I want to know I can log on and start a dialogue I know will grow past me. If that means we need to change the current formula to adapt to such a sight, I'd like that. If it keeps the heart and philosophy of CoDz in mind, I'd like that even more. I guess part of my statement here is me saying that... well, maybe we need more than a forum to support all this. (That's a grandiose thing to say, but... still.) Like, supplemental materials. A working YT channel with deep-dive weapon guides and story theories, be it through one game's story or the main Zombies story. A much more elaborate and sorted Zombies Library and Wiki, perhaps (although, for the sake of it, I do believe the Zombies Library is very well put together the way it is too)? Podcast der Toten, migrated to Twitch with a slightly updated crew to run it (and guests every now and again)? Charity streams and/or tournaments every now and again? I'm just spewing the ideas here, but... you get the idea. Moreover... yeah, a lot of us should take on those mantles and help that. If I'm being honest, I've seen you do tons of work for this forum, Hells, and it's a humbling thing to know how well it's been managed all this time. So... I'm sure it would be good if others took it on in stead as well. That's just my thoughts, though. I hope some of this made good sense. ...also, if this is me just sort of spouting off the same stuff I've done before, I'm sorry for that too. Could be me getting one-track minded on all this.
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    Welcome back, Meh. Missed ya a whole lot on le Forums.

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