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    Awww dont own BO4 unfortunately. Including all games, my three favourite ones would be "Lullaby for a Dead Man", "Always Running" or "Avrecadavre" (espesially the more melodic part). In not a fan of death metal but those tracks are art
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    So, since I've changed the fifth book in the series to be part of the main story, I've restructured the side bar a bit, and have decided to have a non-canon section for all of my old writings that I hid away after they were deemed non-canon by the release of the timeline. You can find the entirety of the old version of book 1, the incomplete first sixteen chapters of old book 2, and all seven chapters of "Whispers of Morg City". I plan on revisiting a lot of the the same writing from this work in the future when I get to that point. The storybook has become a much more complex project than I ever anticipated when I started years ago, and I hate to see all this writing go to waste. Someday I hope to re-integrate all of these stories back into the official book, but for now, enjoy them in all their non-canon, incomplete goodness!
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    I got in touch initially during Black Ops’s DLC season around the time of Call of the Dead by watching a lot of video breakdowns on Youtube from guys at the time. Nowadays for quick new stuff I just check the Reddit everyday. I don’t watch the Youtubers as much as I used to, and I use this forum to discuss the new story content.

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