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    The last unsolved cipher in Classified was recently solved, and I saw no post on it, so I thought I might as well start the discussion. It was solved by Reddit users /u/Richkiller and /u/coldstone_the_gamer. It reads: Now, this has some major implications as the only M besides Maxis we've known has most definitely been Monty. M has appeared in a Shadows of Evil cipher, and a cipher in Revelations which is 100% from Monty's perspective after the events of the map. I am fine with Monty being retroactively responsible for things like Perks and power-ups as those were unexplained phenomena. But this... is kind of infuriating. I mean, we don't fully know Monty's motivations yet, but why the Hell would he set Maxis on a journey to create the MTD, the device that has caused ALL of the inter-dimensional hullabaloo he complains over and over about?! Why, if Maxis was told to create Group 935 and teleporters by Monty, did Maxis abandon the MTD for years only to return to it in 1945 before his demise? Why would Monty want Richtofen to have it? We know he can retroactively change events of the past in slight ways, hence his creation of Perk-a-Colas and Powerups, and he "set Maxis on a journey". So why not go back on that since it has created such a mess for him? I don't know, it just seems pointless. Maxis being a man of science is enough motivation to want to create the MTD and 935. We didn't need Monty to be behind that too. I'm curious on what everyone else thinks, though. I'd love to hear another perspective.

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