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    Yes, I'm sure we'll probably end up hearing a lot more about the organization, as they've probably meddled in these affairs more deeply than they can comprehend... not unlike Group 935. That being said, I find the idea with Barbarossa more interesting, simply because of the mythos and legend that follows closely behind. I mean, it's not the only legend like this, and it has its own archetypal name for itself ("King in the mountain"), and isn't limited to Germany (or Frederick I, but I understand less how important Frederick II is to the legend [EDIT: Reading into it, it seems the legend originally was applied to Frederick II, yet it transferred over time to Frederick I. For whatever reason. Time will tell which emperor they portray.]). Kind of warrants research of its own for me, and I may well post something regarding it. Of course, not on the caliber you guys have with Barbarossa already... that's something I didn't even think of and I'd rather leave the research there as is. It's more of the backing of it I'd want to do, the legends behind it and the whole backing allegorical meanings as a whole. So...
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    Loving these suggestions, friendos! It's never too early to begin looking at next year's Ancient Trials. I believe there IS still interest in competitive Zombies; however, I feel that it's much easier to register and never compete than to hold onto contestants. Several factors play a part here, but I too thought that mashing out a max 3 hour game in 2 weeks wouldn't be that insane...of course, it just shows that the challenges should be even more difficult yet easy to understand. The 1st year, we had a small Olympics team that consisted of myself and another CoDz member, then added on two others who volunteered. This year, I felt it was cool having a collaboration of @RequixEclipse and then you awesome slayers willing to take the mantle here and there to keep things streamlined. This next year, I want to open up the Ancient Trials Committee similarly and if a contestant happens to be helping out, they'll just have to postpone their Committee duty during one of their challenges to ensure there's no foul play. The foundation is virtually the same. WWII will 100% be in this coming tournament. Scheduling will also be posted the initial month in advance. Our idea will be to have a pattern (3ARC - IW - SH - 3ARC - IW - SH) where each month is using that dev's most co-current title. In this case, we will be seeing BO3/IW/WWII. By the time the next Treyarch title releases, not only with the AT 2018 be done but the 2018 Zombies Olympics as well. There is a minor glitch in that CoDz will be involved in the ZWC once more, but those details are yet to be finalized and my current concern is potential conflict with dates and engagements. As such, we'll probably delegate a non-staff member (or if one, that is the most active and not involved with ZWC) to lead the Committee.
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    Congrats on the +1 @NaBrZHunter my little monster is 4 and about to start preschool.. gosh I remember when she was born Die Rise just released and I spent the nights staying up attempting the EE while rocking here and feeding her. Lmao time flys when your running trains.

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