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    My friend and I played ZC Kino last night and although it looked great it was a little disappointing from a gameplay perspective. Zombies seemed slower, slower spawns, less zombies, and less zombie health than BO1 kino. We VERY easily got to wave 28 then had to go to bed. With the man-o-war and raygun II I never once ran out of ammo. Neither of us got downed on accident. We had just come off of a 3 player game on Shi Sho Numa and that was fantastic! we died on 24 and it was perfectly difficult. Is it the difference between 2 and 3 players or the map?
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    Hey all, pretty simple, straight forward topic. Basically list any and all bugs you have found in any of the new zombies Chronicles remade Maps. To keep things easy to find, list your console, then map name, then the bug. I have only found one, and it doesn't always happen but I've got it to work 3 times now. Ps4 Origins Using the "Undead man walking" gobblegum on origins will freeze the Templar zombies on top of their spawn points, they even stand like their basic model (feet together, arms at 5 and 7o clock) which makes it easier to charge those generators. I'd like to note I have only done this on generator 1 and 2 ,but will test the others out. I'm sure it's going to be the same result though. So there's mine, it's small but in the rare case, this bug is actually helpful (sorta) so let's see what everyone else has discovered. Edit: it seems to not he related to Undead man walking gum but just a random occurance.

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