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    A Zombie Trilogy v.III Explaining the Entire Call of Duty Zombies Storyline 12-Part Series After many years of hard work with so many of you on this site, I've finally completed the video series based on the storyline of Treyarch's Zombies. The links to the videos are below, but feel free to leave comments or discussions here. I hope you guys enjoy, and thank you so much. Part 1: The Beginning The First One creates the 63 Universes and life. The Great War is fought between the Keepers and Apothicons. Mankind begins to inhabit the majority of the Earth. Group 935 forms prior to World War II. Maxis and Richtofen fracture Group 935 into factions. Part 2: Cold War Era Samantha rises to power and wipes out Group 935. Zombies unleash shortly after World War II. CIA and DOD experiments with Group 935 technology. Ascension Group has Casimir accident. The Test Subjects travel into the future. Part 3: World's End Actors star in the movie, Call of the Dead. Famous explorers rediscover Shangri-La and die. Richtofen rises to power in Samantha's place. Maxis rises to oppose Richtofen's schemes. Griffin Station blows up the Earth. Part 4: Post-Apocalypse The Survivors fight in a post-apocalyptic world. Broken Arrow incriminates itself. Richtofen and Maxis vie for control. Three global polarization devices are sought out. Maxis fractures the 63rd Universe. Part 5: World War I Group 935 forms early prior to World War I. Maxis befriends Richtofen as a father figure. Samantha reaches through to this world. The Heroes meet upon the dig site. The Heroes destabilize the millions of alternate realms. Part 6: Campaigns Group 935 fails, but the Kronorium is found. USA and USSR victorious in World War II. Mason brainwashed by Dragovich in the Cold War. Cordis Die uprising leads to drone attacks. DNI technology leads to AI during the Second Cold War. Part 7: Other Worlds Part 8: Ancient Evil Part 9: A New World Part 10: World War III Part 11: Worlds' Ends Part 12: Finale Credits The End? ~~~~~~~~~~ Credits: Forum Support: www.callofdutyzombies.com Video Support: MrDalekJD Dedicated Contributors: BlindBusDrivr Caddyman Delta Ehjookayted FatedTitan GRILL InfestLithium Lenne Matuzz MegaAfroMan Monopoly Mac MrEvakin1 nayrcraig Rhyujin of Fire Rissole Shooter Tac Whiskey Zelkova ZombieOfTheDead Contributors: Adopter of Knowledge aegisknight AlphaMarkII AlphaSnake anonymous BasketballHawk BlackOpsTiger BoomByeYeah Cameron Hay Colin Reinhart Darkesttimes DeathBringerZen Dylan Ames Electric Jesus EpicMonkeySlayer Flammenwerfer Funkwalrus IVyroniQ Jack Tanner Jew Feeds jopopo K1lsteelr Kira Marshiku Louis Stevenson MexicanIlluminati Miss Tacobag MixMasterNut MLG Bonny Mr. Jay MrFrenzyBox MyLittleH*llhound Naitrax Nightmare Poindexter oM Blitz PANDAmoneum316 PINNAZ Robert szyszko Schrödinger Scoldon SeaboundSlayer Sebastian M. Siemen Bos Stop Mocking Me0 Tanner Phillips T-Doug TakedownCHAMP97 TehGoombaStomper The Meh TheBSZombie TheNathanNS TheRealMistyBriarton trevbo Troy Beaudoin Undead undeadarcademachine WarMachineSMK Wizardmanguy xXExpertCoahXx XxJasonLivesxX גולן ברלין Codebreakers: /r/translator /u/darkmegahot Berries BinSys certainpersonio DCRevolutionGaming Doppelgänger DragonGJY I4mThoR Kalinine Lizizadolphin MrChillax6 MrJoseTrocious MrRoflWaffles Nieno69 oxin8 WaterKH Audio Sources: cjdog23 Jr. Rizzo NoahJ456 PINNAZ Resortified Tasha WeezyIsTactiic Youtube Community: Call of Duty Call of Duty Zombies Library Gamer's Little Playground Magixcal MrDalekJD MrRoflWaffles NGTZombies RADAUSTIN27 Rissole Talam Treyarch Yoteslaya

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