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    Can't believe it's been 7 years since I signed up for this site. Thanks for being there for me throughout the good and the shit times. ❤️
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    Hello again. I'm back with another text walkthrough, this time for Voyage of Despair for new players. (Last updated 2.08.2019). I'll cover basic map opening, getting Shield Parts and the Workbench, Perk Locations, the Sentinel Artifact, the 4 PaP locations, and the 2 Valves to drain water. Kraken build and upgrade added at end. ----------------- Quick reference: Shield Part through first lower door at start, Shield Part through first upper door at start, Shield Part under Poop Deck after Sentinel Artifact. Workbench on Poop Deck. PaP: 1. Below Forecastle, 2. at bottom of Grand Staircase, 3. top of Poop Deck, 4. below Poop Deck. Valves: Under Forecastle (submerged), under Poop Deck (submerged). -------------------- Follow along on a simple walkthrough with these Custom Mutations: Pick the VoD map. Select Custom Mutations, then select EDIT GAME RULES, then change these: ENEMIES, BASIC ZOMBIES, Max Speed = Walk. Then SPECIAL ZOMBIES, turn Heavy, Mini-boss, and Catalyst zombies to Off. Then PLAYER tab, POINTS, Starting Points; raise starting points to 50,000. Do not kill zombies if possible, just follow along and we'll find everything. The basic layout is 2 upper decks across the midship, a Grand Staircase (1/4 from front) that goes down several floors, a Cargo Hold under Forecastle (bow/front) and the Engine Room under Poop Deck (aft/rear). Much of the 2 sides of the ship mirror each other. There are Blue doors that open from points, and Red doors that open from getting the Sentinel Artifact. I will walk you along my basic path for opening, your eventual strategy of opening may vary from this. I choose this path for the training areas it leaves on the lower deck. We will basically stay along the right side (from start, facing rear of ship) of the ship to the Poop Deck. --------------------- Start the Custom Mutation game now. You can pause the game as needed. Start Room (Forecastle): You start at the front (bow) of the ship called Forecastle. You are up top. Across the open area, see the 2 upper and lower doors (blue symbol). both uppers open together, both lowers open together. (Danu Perk Machine 1) The first Perk Machine in this Start area. Danu. Walk down stairs to Danu Perk Machine, stand 4m in front of it, and note the red door behind you (it leads to PaP location after Sentinel Artifact is aquired). Face away from the red door. From Perk Machine, walk up steps on right, open blue door (750), go up top. $Shield Part 1a (Window part): At top of steps, stop and turn 180°. Looking over the steps, you will see a white border 'wall'. If the part is on that wall, you will see it clearly from here. If no part there, face (180° again) the burning lifeboat by the open door. $SP1b. Go in the doorway by the burning half-lifeboat, go through the next doorway immediately ahead. There is a dresser with a hammer, string, and a green tackle box on it to your left. SP1b may be on that dresser. If not... $SP1c. ...walk forward to hallway, make a right. Walk past first short connecting hallway on right (rk7 wallbuy here) to second short connecting hallway on right (very bright). SP1c will be on the bannister of that tiny connecting hallway. Walk past it to blue door (1000 points). (Backtracking for clarity after SP1 part is aquired: From Start, up right steps, into door by lifeboat, hard right, follow to 1000 point door. Upper corner says "bridge"). Open the 1000 point door (into Upper Grand Staircase). Immediately turn left, then right as you go down steps. You will see a ?box location, a map with your location, and a blue door (1250). (Note that a PaP location is at the bottom of the Grand Staircase, but it is currently locked behind a red barrier. We'll be back after the Sentinel Artifact is aquired). (Zeus Perk Machine 3). Open the 1250 door (to 1st Class Lounge). Stay left through 'window'. Walk past Bowie Knife, see Zeus Perk Machine, walk past Perk Machine on right side to blue door (1500). Open 1500 point door (still 1st Class Lounge), walk down short hallway to deck on right (Promenade Port Deck), stay right at edge of ship and walk up the path at the edge to the area with GK5 wallbuy, 1750 point blue door, and a red door. (Note that the side path lifeboat will drop after aquiring Sentinel Artifact, allowing access up on the way back). This is Aft Deck. Open the 1750 blue Aft Deck door by GK5. Walk down 'ramp' and the 2 stairs on right to lower area of Poop Deck. Immediately on your left is the Workbench to build the Shield. From Workbench, walk up the right steps, under the (glowing blue) Sentinel Artifact, to the steps behind it. Go up the steps and activate the Sentinel Artifact. This opens all red doors and allows the 4 PaP locations to be activated. (Note that the last PaP location activated will be the PaP machine. It will then move occasionally, so do not activate the last PaP location until ready to PaP. I suggest doing Poop Deck or Lower Grand Staircase last). (PaP location 1). Sentinel Artifact activated, drop down, note the KN57 wallbuy and PaP location 1; Poop Deck. Hold X/xb1 (interact button) to activate PaP (or save this one for last). $Shield Part 2: Now go down the steps to Workbench. From WB, look under the PaP location, the red doors there are now gone (open). Go in, down steps to Maddox gun wallbuy, turn right and follow hall to end (3rd Class Berths). At brown stairs, go down. SP2a is at the bottom of the stairs, on your left. It is a rectangle on the bannister of a white wall. It should be quite easy to see, but if not there... $SP2b. Head down next steps to Provisions, take the hardest left and walk straight to the burning doorway and boxes ahead. SP2b may be on the boxes, leaning against the white wall on your left. It is easy to see. If not here, then... $SP2c. ...turn right (lights through grates on floor), turn right again and walk that hallway. The lighting is orange-y and SP2c is on the boxes on the right mid-hallway. (If you turn right again, through carcass room, you are at the bottom of the steps where you first entered Provisions). (Odin Perk Machine 4. Valve. PaP 2). With the second Shield Part in hand, open the blue door down here in Provisions (2000). Now in the Engine Room, walk forward to 2 reddish lights, go slightly right, then left. Walk to Odin Perk Machine. Face out from Perk Machine in Engine Room. You are facing water. You can hold your breath Indefinitely, it seems. 1. Valve from Odin Perk Machine: jump into water, turn to the left 180° so you see the Koshka wallbuy. Swim to the right of the Koshka through the opening, to the spotlights shining to the right. Go into the alcove on the right and hit X/xb1 (interact button. There will be a text prompt on screen) to turn the Valve. Continue through this area by swimming counter clockwise to avoid the zombies, go back to the steps by the Perk machine. 2. PaP location from the Odin Perk Machine, walk or swim straight out from the Machine, past the mid-room obstacles, through an opening to the easily visible PaP location. Hit X/xb1 (Interact button. Prompt on screen). Make your way back up to the Poop Deck and Workbench. (Ra Perk Machine 3. PaP location 3). From the Workbench on Poop Deck, face towards the front/bow of the ship. The Sentinel Artifact location is behind you. Go up both stairs on the left side, go up the ramp to the gk5. Head left to the path at the edge of the ship, but stay left and walk the (now open) path back up to the top of the ship by a blue door (1500). Option 1. Open the (1500) door, go in and left/down, stay left, (in Galley) you will pass a Bowie Knife location, then enter the Dining Hall with the Ra Perk Machine. You may open the door (1250) to the Grand Staircase, or you can leave this closed for training on either side of these doors. If you open it, the PaP3 machine location is at the bottom of the Grand Staircase which I'll describe below again from another way. Option 2. From next to the unopened (1500) door, stay left along the Boat Deck until you reach the Upper Grand Staircase (the first inside area, it is brownish). Head down 2 full flights of stairs until you see the blue doors (1250) to the Dining Hall with Ra Perk Machine (from Option 1 above). This is called Lower Grand Staircase. You may open to ot or not, depending on your choice above. (PaP 3) At this point both options converge again. Head down the Lower Grand Staircase to the very bottom, activate the PaP3. Head back up to the top of the Grand Staircase, head through Bridge back to Forecastle/Start (the stairs can be tricky to see, near steering wheel). $Shield Part 3a: From Danu Perk Machine 1 at Forecastle, open the lower blue door on the right (750). Walk in past the first side hallway to the open door (bright light) on the left, stop and look in. SP3a may be in the bottom right alcove of the cubby holes directly across from the door that you are looking into. If not there... $Shield Part 3b. ...continue straight down this initial indoor hallway towards the (1000) shotgun wallbuy ahead, but turn (30° right) into the giant hole in the wall on your right and walk in. You should see a chair ahead of you that may hold SP3b. If not, turn left to (1000) shotgun wallbuy. $Shield Part 3c. Facing (1000) shotgun wallbuy in State Rooms, turn and walk left to corner, then turn left at corner, then take the first right which has one open door. Go in this room and SP3c may be on the chair immediately on your left. Head through the room, make a right back to Forecastle. (Be sure to build your Shield at the Workbench on the Poop Deck). (PaP4. Valve 2). From the Forecastle/Start area Danu Perk Machine, face the (now open) red doorway under your spawn area. Go in, turn right at the Vapr wallbuy, and get to the door (2000) at the bottom of the steps. Open that door. Go into the water and turn left and 180° just like we did under the Poop Deck. Very similarly again, stay along the right side and interact with the Valve, it has a light 1m above it and a bright spotlight shining towards it to help spot it. You will see the PaP4 location to your left, and a Titan wallbuy. Extra clarity: If you see the bright blue Titan wallbuy, PaP4 is on that same wall, left of the Titan by a few meters/yards. Looking at the Titan wallbuy, turn 180° and swim past the brown boxes on your left and the Valve will be on your left. #####End Walkthrough ######Kraken and Kraken Upgrade. The Wonder Weapon, the Kraken, can be constructed or can simply be aquired from the ?Box. It can be upgraded once in the PaP machine (5000 points), and can also be given an elemental upgrade (3000 or 6000 points). -------Kraken Build: The first step is to aquire the Stoker's Key from killing a Stoker. Usually this is the first or second Stoker of the game (about round 10), but I've had it not show up until the 10th Stoker in a rare happenstance. Pick this up from the location that he died. Presumably it times out after a while, so grab it shortly after killing him. Once the Stoker's Key is in hand, 3 times you must fill a treasure chest with (10?) zombie souls by killing them near it. You may locate the first chest location even before you get the Stoker's Key, if you desire to. Go up to the first chest and hit (interact button) to open it (with Stoker's key), and then fill it with souls. Once it is full, it will close and disappear, only to reappear in one of the 5 locations. Note that it may return to the exact same location it was just at. After 3 times of filling the chest with souls, you may aquire the Kraken from the Deck of the ship. Nitty gritty: After the 3rd chest is full, the chest will appear at one of the 5 locations again, only now it will show a small object inside. This object will match an object along the outer perimeter of the top deck of the ship, which will be on a medium size crate. You can view this item in the chest and then look for it. However, this step is unnecessary, after the 3rd chest is full, you can simply go around the ship deck until you find the Kraken on one of the boxes on the ship deck where it spawns. Some items: Globe, compass, calipers, opera glasses (small binoculars). -------Treasure Chest Locations: These appear as a large Treasure Chest if there, and as a couple of small boxes and items, if not there. (Remember to open the first Chest found, with the key, before killing zombies. After that, the Stoker Key is pointless). 1. Forecastle: From Perk machine, walk down steps to Vapr wallbuy, make right down next steps, Chest Location 1 is next to these steps at the bottom. 2. State Rooms to Millionaire Suites: Chest Location 2 is at the opposite end of the hall with the Portal to Provisions. In the white State Rooms area. Near shotgun wallbuy from 3rd Shield part above. 3. Galley: On the left side from Zeus Perk in Dining Hall, pass the SMG wallbuy, and stay left to rear of Galley. Small area, Chest Location 3 should be easy to spot. 4. Provisions: Chest location 4 is in the butcher room with the animal carcasses. 5. Turbine Room: From Provisions, go down into Engine Room to Turbine Room. Chest Location 5 is to the right of the Portal (to Grand Staircase?) in Turbine Room. -------Kraken Deck Boxes: After filling the 3 Chests, simply walk the perimeter of the top deck, front to rear (or rear to front) and back along the other side, near the outer rails. As you approach the correct grey/brown crate with the matching Chest item, a Kraken tentacle should rise up and deposit the Kraken wonder weapon on the crate. But note that on occasion, the Kraken graphic does not load, so get up close to each crate and look for "Hold (interact button) for Kraken", as it may be invisible. -------Kraken Upgrade: To upgrade it, you must aquire 4 parts. Gather the first 3 parts and build the Distiller Table. Then pick up an elemental part from a random killed Catalyst. You may change this last part and re-upgrade as desired. 1. 1st Class Lounge. 2 spots, on tables. If you stand by the Bowie Knife wallbuy, face 180°, walk forward 2m, first location is a white table on your right. If not there, walk a couple meters further, look right, and it will be on another small white table by the entrance (entrance is a small window with ramps). Copper pot/kettle part. 2. Galley. 2 spots. This is behind the Zeus Perk machine. Find this Bowie Knife wallbuy. While facing BK wallbuy, one part location will be on the farthest right wall, in a cubby hole of a large brown cupboard, between 2 zombie entry points, on top of 3 white candles which are laying flat. If not there, it will be on the exact opposite side of Galley, just past the small table. Or, from the smg wallbuy (the other side's entrance from Bowie Knife) just stay hard left and you will find it. This is like a pipe and cap together. So, hard right from Bowie, or hard left from smg (mx9?), from Dining Hall entrances by perk machine. The Galley is quite small, you'll find it. 3. Cargo hold. 2 spots. 1 location is straight out from Titan wallbuy (which is next to the Portal). From wallbuy, stay left by the Valve that drained the water, and the part is on the boxes right behind the bicycle there. The other location is among the stacks of stuff in the center of the Cargo Hold, between Titan and the steps out of the lowest area. This is a compressor. 4. Kill a Catalyst zombie of 1 of the 4 types and grab the elemental piece, this dictates the upgrade that you will get. Not every Catalyst will drop a piece, watch for them or run over an area where you just killed a horde and watch for a prompt. Stokers also seem to drop elemental pieces. 5. Build at a special build table by Engine Room. From Provisions, enter the Engine Room and make immediate right by the HELP graffiti. The table is straight ahead. Or, from the Odin Perk machine, face away from the perk, walk left side of room, up left steps towards exit, table at top of steps. 6. If you do the Elemental Upgrade before PaPing the Kraken, the upgrade cost is 3000 points (PaP is 5000). If you PaP and then do the elemental upgrade, the upgrade cost is 6000 points. It seems to be the same upgrade regardless of amount of points spent or order of upgrade. ###### Happy gaming!
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    Chapter 12 of Book 1, "Faithful Servant" is now on the site! I have also gone back and made slight changes to previous chapters. I recently realized the Wunderwaffe DG-2 did not have its first prototype created until 1942, so previous references to the DG-2 are changed to be about the first version of the project.
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    Ever since CoD's "split" between Infinity Ward and Treyarch, most of the fanbase community seemed to have sided behind Treyarch. For some reason, liking one automatically means disliking or even hating the other one: Infinity Ward seems to be in an everlasting drowning state, drowning in the hate. I remember the trailer of Infinite Warfare being one of the most disliked Youtube videos. Ever. Before launch, that game already had no change of succeeding. Sledgehammer joined the CoD developers in 2014, being introduced to the fans with their first game: Advanced Warfare. Though it introduced exosuits, an item that would inspire the other developer studios in later games, the game, among with its creator was found to be neutral. Slightly negative maybe. As the newbie, Sledgehammer was never really accepted in the CoD family. Admitted, Treyarch's older creations are fantastic: I absolutely love the Campaign and Multiplayer of World at War and Black Ops. On top of that, they introduced our beloved Zombies Mode. But ever since they threw theirselves in the futuristic theme, I can't find myself to enjoy their games anymore. Possibly due to their early creations, the fans mostly adore Treyarch, sadly meaning that the other studios are looked down upon. While Infinite Warfare's MP might have been a bit Tom & Jerry-ish, I actually really enjoyed it. Not to speak of the Campaign and Zombies mode. Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that it really was its own thing. Unique. I truly hope the Treyarch/CoD fanbase, as this mostly is the same, will give IW's next installment a genuine chance. Sledgehammers latest game, WWII, is a game I absolutely love. Considering the Campaign, okay, I first wasn't so positive about it. But recently continuing it, I found quite some missions really unique in it's way (for example, S.O.E. and Liberation), not being the usual 'shoot everything and advance' thing. WWII's MP is the only MP ever I really want to play as long as I can. In the early days, I even found myself hooked on it, which never happened before. My opinion of the Nazi Zombies mode is that it is the most underrated zombie mode ever. The gameplay is almost like Outlast and CoD had a baby. The story is just everything I wish Treyarch would do: Based on real events, not too much fantasy/unreal things and including enough empty space for the theorists to theorize about: Not about how the story continues, but rather about what already happened. Now concerning Treyarch... **cracks knuckles** Why is it that it seems that Treyarch is all the CoD fanbase cares about? Okay, people don't only like them: When Youtube and Reddit folks say something bad about Treyarch, humankind, a herd as we are, all follow them saying we have the same opinions. But it is still all about Treyarch's games, like they are the popular kid in the class. Why? I really wish people could set theirselves off of Youtubers and other community folks concerning their opinion. Playing Devil's Advocate. Go against the flow and give Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer a chance, without their opinions being manipulated by the internet. You'll see, you might enjoy their games as well
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    Ah, thank you for correcting me. I rolled in here not so long ago and I guess I know less about the old days than I thought I would. Haha, yep, so true. I can recognize myself in that latter thing.
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    Nope, CoD3 which was Treyarch's first main CoD game didn't get any praise from the community most of it just stayed in CoD2. Furthermore CoD4 pretty much outlasted WaW as well, cause now let's be honest WAW was mechanically a reskin of CoD4 and the gaming industry just got a taste of a new era in the shooter genre and didn't want to go back to WW2 so soon. Only with Black Ops people did tend to stick with Treyarch. Also nope, Sledgehammer joined the CoD team back in 2011 with MW3. Joining forces with IW. (Edit: They joined before that of course, but MW3 was their first adventure in this show of shit. ^^) The black ops games up until now also got a good amount of love, but there were also a good chunk of folks who hated those games. Just look at our friend, @83457. 😛 Gotta keep in mind that the CoD community is huge and not every fan is an 11 year old sheep. They are just the loudest.
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    Remember Forever (Samantha's Lullaby) My friends I want to make and update to this beautiful song. When it was released we had to guess the lyrics. Treyarch released an amazing trailer. You may remember that I provided the images of all the subliminal pictures. This was not the full song. The full song has an intro 2 verses and 3 chorus parts. Treyarch has released the official lyrics to this song. [Intro] A light through the window streams in and Breaks onto your brow (Breaks on through to you) And she floats on by [Verse 1] Beautiful, sad, lost child Cruelty reconciled I stand with you, forever Can you feel me here? [Chorus 1] Remember (Her love will find you, her love will reach you) (Held in her arms, remember) Forever (Her love will find you, her love will heal you) (Shield you from harm, forever) [Verse 2] Shipwrecked childhood dreams Smashed to smithereens I left you here playing games Standing in the flames [Chorus 2] Forever (Her love will find you, her love will reach you) I see you (Held in her arms, remember) reference to the Teddy Bear Sam holds Remember (Her love will find you, her love will heal you) I'm here for you (Shield you from harm, forever) Forever (Her love will find you) I'll shield you Remember, heal you forever [Chorus 3] Forever (Her love will find you, her love will reach you) I'll reach you (Held in her arms, remember) Remember (Her love will find you, her love will heal you) I'll hold you (Shield you from harm, forever) Forever (Her love will find you, her love will reach you) I'll heal you darling (Held in her arms, remember) Remember (Her love will find you, her love will heal you) Find you forever (Shield you from harm, forever)
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    Thanks! I'd love pictures too. I'm almost 50, mostly blind, crippled, and poor, so I only have my phone to post on...so I'm not really adept nor informed at adding pics to posts in an efficient manner. 😕
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    I got a lot further than I expected. But I still don't know where the shield parts are and how to pap. Reading through the guide I noticed, it would help to have pictures. But still thanks for putting this together. I remember Superhands back in the day always did guides and also posted pictures for reference. Great job Still.
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    Apparently there is the CoD Zombie labs symbol as camouflage on some Pack-a-Punched weapons in the map Classified. Does this mean these trailers, aging from the Black Ops I era, are confirmed to be canon? Appearing in the Pentagon, does this mean the Labs are American? Is it a part of the Broken Arrow program? This would actually make sense concerning some things seen in the trailers: The Nova-6 Crawlers and the Wavegun. We know the Americans experimented with the Nova-6 Crawlers (we even found blueprints in Classified) and they might have found the Wavegun in Griffin Station. Or perhaps they invented it. This raises in second question in my head: Did the Americans ever succeed in creating a stable and functioning Matter Transference link between Groom Lake and Griffin Station in the same moment (so no time travel). If so, the Zombie Labs in Griffin Station could very well be the American Zombie Labs from the trailers.
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    @The Meh ahhh gotcha thanks for explaining. 🙂 Here is the new board.
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    Novum Ignotum Explain, @The Meh! Good morning. Love you
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    Moar of Zombie Chronicles. Making simple games simpler for short play times, and exploring weird game ideas. I've done every individual map except Gorod Krovi, so why not post my deranged ideas for ZC? ######################### All maps: Start Room only challenge: No need to type this for every map now. How long can you survive Start Room? I, candy: Only use Eye Candy GobbleGum. Box and Bottle revisited: If plausible, open to ?Box, shortest route possible, no other doors allowed afterwards. No power allowed. QR and Box until they leave your map. Anywhere But Here! GG: Ban this on small maps, or try to get put in an "ABH! Pit map" if it takes you out of the allowed map parameters. ######################### -------Nacht Der Untoten WaW III: No perks nor GG allowed. Back to basics. Whatthefuzz: You must take whatever the wunderfizz machine gives you. Random is fun or not. ?Boxed in: You must hit the box every round possible, and must exchange 1 gun. If you get Monkey Bomb, no exchange that round. May only hit box once per round. No wallbuys allowed. Wall Flower: No ?Box use allowed. ######################### -------Verrückt: (2 Start Rooms) Option, QR Side: Open Bootlegger Room only. Hall of the Dead: Open Juggs side to Kuda wallbuy, hold that hallway. Columns of Woe: QR side, open LCAR9 Room only. Short lived training session. Round Room: You must open 1 door per round, 1 door max per round. You must fight and stay only in that newly opened room that round. Once entire map is open, you win (go to bed, or may now play entire map). ########################## -------Shi No Numa: Bad Ops Shuns: Open Start Room steps, open Storage + Storage hut only. Camp by KRM or train. 5 perk options; QR, SU, W'sW, DD, and 1 random. Electric Trap option. Fishing Hurt: Open Start Room door, open Fishing Hut for perk. Camp under start Room steps or train. QR and random Perk. Flogger option, Electric Trap option. Doc Der Untoten: Open either Start exit, open DQ. Keep DQ Hut closed. Camp outside left of DQ Hut. No perks allowed. ######################### -------Kino Der Toten: Kino-sabe: No power switch allowed. Open map as desired otherwise. Half Fast: Pick a side, open only that side to power, no doors on the other side allowed. Round Room: You must open 1 door per round, 1 door max per round. You must fight and stay only in that newly opened room that round. Once entire map is open, you win (go to bed, or may now play entire map). ######################### -------Ascension: The Juggernogg's Bitch: Open Juggs room from Start, open above Juggs, open 1 door above to power and activate it. No other doors allowed. Wanderfizz (map build): Open Upper Start Room door. Open door by RK5/Kuda. Open (Fire Trap) door near KN44. Open either door to Power Switch and activate it. No other doors allowed. QR, W'sW, Wunderfizz perks, a few wallbuys. Trap option. (Option: open Jugger door for Juggernog). Wanderfizz 2: Open lower Start Room door, open door above Juggs. Open door above to power/Box. Open Kuda/RK5 door outside. Open door to Stamin Up. No other doors allowed. Juggs, QR, W'sW, SU, and Wunderfizz perks. Trap option. The Ascending Giant (map build): Open lower Start Room door. Open door above Juggs. Open door by Fire Trap. Open door to Speed Cola/Bowie Knife. Open door from above Jugger steps to Power. A high rise convoluted map of bad training, J, SC, and QR with Bowie Knife and temporary Box. Lander Pits (map builds): Open through Jugger and 1 door above to power. Buy Jugger (not QR). Ride Lander to random pad. No other door purchases allowed, no other Lander use allowed. 1. Jugger + Trip Mines. 2. Jugger, Speed Cola, Bowie Knife. 3. Jugger, W'sW, Wunderfizz perks. (Option: At Trip Mine pad, you may open door to Stamin Up and Trap). (Option: Allow unlimited Lander use. Still no PaP access. Add QR for long games. With this option, you could open to Power Switch through Fire Trap, and up past Mule Kick. This adds Fire Trap, Mule Kick, and PaP option). ######################### -------Shangri La: Shangri's Playground (map build): Open Start Room door near GGm. Open Start Room to Maze side door through to power, through KN44 Room, to the Waterspout Room (up to Mine Cart). No other doors allowed. Use cart, waterspouts, slide to get around map. You win the game when the Maze crashes the game, like any other bo3 SL game. PaP may be or become unavailable due to closed hallway. ######################### -------Moon: Pit 51: Get to Moon, get Power and Perks, come to Moon and fight in area 51. No QR allowed. No Power: See post above for details. Long game. Wrecked: You may not hack excavators. The Giant Moon: Get Juggernogg or Speed Cola at Start. Go to Moon. Open to Bowie Knife, and both tunnels allowed fully opened, no other doors allowed. QR option. (Option: Activate Power for DT2, and a shrinking map due to excavators. No Hacker allowed). Angri-la Moon: Get Start perk if able and desired. Get to Moon. Fully open both tunnels, nothing else. Activate Power Switch. Excavators eventually shrink map. QR option. Possible Box option. (Option: No Power, no excavators). ######################### -------Origins: Staved off: Activate generators, PaP, and train in Crazy Place (as above post). Long game. Shangorigins: Open both trenches from Start Room until they connect. No more doors allowed (nor ABH! GG). Speed Cola, QR options. Wanderfuzz: Open through Gen 3 (Speed Cola) to No-Man's-Land. Get SC, Jugger, and WF perks (until it leaves the map). No more doors allowed. QR option. ######################## Happy gaming wrongly!
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    Audio Reel 1 Audio Reel 2 Audio Reel 3 Audio Reel 4 Audio Reel 5 Movie Reel 1 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reel 3 Movie Reel 4 Movie Reel 5 Stuhlinger Phone
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    I don't know. Wouldn't Monty wipe Primis out of that reality anyway, whether if the Shadowman escaped or not? Would be odd to let them live there if not the Shadowman came along. This mind boggling thing has mafe me think prior as well, and I still can't think of any explanation. Maybe due to Richthofen's soul being restored innocent as a child, protected in the House, Primis Richthofen is immune to the Dark Aether's corruptance. That would work the same for the other Primis characters. Maybe, if their souls weren't in the House, they would immidiately turn into victims of the Apothicans and become enslaved warriors of the Dark forces. It's interesting as well how Monty says about Maxis ''It wasn't really his fault, since he didn't had a soul'', while he doesn't say such thing about the soulless Primis, right? Does Monty ever (in Revelations) mention anything about Primis's souls/soullessness?
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    A new Storybook chapter is up! "Expansion"
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    New chapter for a new year! And plans for the future are still looking good. I hope this school year does not kill me. In the mean time... Book 1 Chapter 11: "Expansion" From the perspective of Doctor Maxis, we learn of Group 935's great integration into the Third Reich and expansion to new facilities around the world, from the perspective of Doctor Maxis. This one has a lot of fun little nods for the well-versed zombies, and real-life historians! Behind the Scenes: Originally, the next chapter was going to be "Funding", which was a chapter in the original Storybook that was grandfathered into the plans for the new Storybook with the timeline's help. But, my process for writing these chapters involves me thinking about the upcoming chapter for days trying to imagine how the entire chapter will play out, scene by scene, to best utilize the setting for world building, develop the characters, create interesting dialogue and interactions, and generally be entertaining while adhering to the canon. Will how ambitious it has gotten, I could not think of a good reason to keep the "Funding" chapter. The original was very lackluster, in my opinion. It was just Maxis telling Sophia to write a letter, and then there was a response to it to build the world a little. But I think this chapter accomplishes that, and much much more. So that is why the chapter was cut and its story woven into this one.
  19. 1 point
    Didn't know that. ^^ Maybe I should play some Blackout just to piss my pants as soon as I hear someone close to me. haha
  20. 1 point
  21. 1 point
    I believe so, yes. I only play solo but I have heard weird noises through my headset only to find they are from another player’s mic.
  22. 1 point
    I'm glad you like what I've mentioned. There will be more and it will take some time but we are all working towards making some changes to improve the overall experience on the site 🙂 Thanks! Glad to be apart of this great community and look forward to interacting with more members!
  23. 1 point
    I thought the exact same thing when I saw the camos. Really interesting they connected all the way back to those trailers. Also of note on the blueprints is on the monkey bombs it says “Does not work on Hellhounds” which is strange and makes me think the US must also know about Sam’s Hellhounds. Makes you wonder just how much they really do know about Samantha at this point. Also, on one of the Ray Gun blueprints there is a picture of presumably Dr. Porter.
  24. 1 point
    One thing I noticed on a subsequent watch. Is that smoke outside the window at the start? I know it's depicted as winter with the leaves and the snow globe, but I couldn't help but think of that bomb that Maxis described. Also worth mentioning that keeping the window shut seems to be very important.
  25. 0 points
    Where to start. Critics all across the board. I have Xbox (Prestige 4) & PC (prestige 2) versions. I have mainly just been grinding Classified for Weapon & XP levels. (Whilst 2XP was enabled) Positives - #1 - Diverse maps & atmospheres Only played the other maps a handful of times, but I must say they are all really good & all are unique. They are great launch maps for all types of play styles. Being in the Arena on IX, while the crowd is chanting & you have full affinity is such a great experience of Zombies atmosphere. Crossing the Blood of the Dead Bridge for the first time is probably the most captivating experience I have had in Zombies. The atmospheric sounds are astounding. Not knowing where that bridge leads to and then coming to the end, seeing Brutus & his quote triggers “Alcatraz, welcome our guests” I honestly couldn’t believe they could put that kind of emotion into COD Zombies. (I paused the game for a few minutes thinking “how f*cking good was that!” #2 - Gameplay balance - The Zombies team really have been focused on “balance” for this game. I think that has been a main priority across all aspects of gameplay. The game seems a fair bit easier with having basically Jugg from the start (Yeah they changed the health from 3 hits to 4 within the first few days & I freaking hate how they change zombies mechanics multiple times after launch with a passion). Additions of a special weapon & also Elixers (nerfed a few days after launch too) give you a few extra lives. Using “Anywhere but Here” & the “Special Weapon” have got me out of spots where I would be downed or it would be “Game Over”. I have walked to round 40+ & ended the game as that was my hour-2 hour playtime. I think I would struggle going back to BO1 Zombies where 2 hits (without Jugg) or 4 hits would be game over time. Most people probably would. Con’s - #1 on my list would be that - Completing the tedious steps of a Main Quest = GAME OVER! I dont understand why Treyarch would do this? Yeah the quest follows the narrative of the story, but ending the game with nothing more than??? XP?, no reward? A calling card if you complete it a certain way? (No downs, no perks, within a timeframe). People have been trying to complete these Side Quests in the lowest round possible. they have managed to complete these within Round 1. And Treyarch choose to finish this with a “Game Over”. That is a real concern & probably why people say there is no content or Replayability. Do Treyarch not want people to play the game after completing the “Main Quest”? #2 Con/dislike - REWARDS Rewards for grinding/playing the game are all purely cosmetic. Calling Cards, Camo, Facepaint. All complete garbage rewards as (apart from Camo’s) YOU CANNOT SEE WITHIN THE GAME!!! This type of cosmetic seems to excite the younger generation & has been popular in games for pretty much 10 years but never so more than with games of the last 4-5 years. Complete useless rewards are these cosmetic rewards. All Perks for completing a Main Quest may have had its day, but at least that is some reward IN-GAME & not just a “Game Over” #3 Con/dislike = STABILITY (I don’t have too much to complain about here, but...) BO4 has been the most flawed game from launch that I have experience/witnessed. This game was not finished for shipping. A hard copy disc consisted of a 50-60Gig install. That then required a 50Gig day one update. That Cleary shows this was not ready for shipping. They presumably launched a month earlier to combat Red Dead 2, but they should have launch 1 month later, as people may have been ready to play something else after RDR2. My experience has been OK. I have had a few game breaking bugs such as teleporters not working on Classified, visual glitches (not game breaking) I have had maybe 10 crashes on Xbox, all at rounds below 15. Theatre even crashes the game. I have had 3 crashes on PC. All of those were within launch week. Not to sound as a complete console war fanboy, but I find it funny as f*cking h*ll that the majority of stability issues have been on PlayStation. The console that has exclusive rights & which this game should be optimised for. Majority of the big Youtubers probably play on PlayStation & this would contribute to their lack of interest in BO4 Zombies. (I was so hoping that the CWL games would bluescreen to highlight this issue) Biggest disappointment of BO4 Zombies - That there has not been 1 single public post regarding BO4zombies since the “The Race” live stream which occurred at launch where Mr Blundell was on stream. Apart from the announcement of “Operation Zero” the other day, which actually was posted on the Activision/CoD Blog, all we have gotten are patch note updates on Reddit. That is truely unbelievable. And my biggest disappointment is that this game coincides with the 10 year Annivesary of CoD: Zombies. The special edition of the game he game comes with a “10 year puzzle” & yet, even on that 10 year weekend since World at War launched, what did we get? An ex play tester that leaked nearly everything that hadn’t been found yet in BO4 Zombies. That truely was a circus of events that weekend. Treyarch didnt even celebrate this milestone or acknowledge Zombies that whole weekend. (As a player since OG CoD on Xbox & a discoverer of Zombies in WaW, that’s truely heartbreaking) It seems, if they acknowledge nothing, people will forget about it and there will be calm after the Storm. Celebrate your game Treyarch!!!

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