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    After the ending to Blood of the Dead, I've seen a lot of people across Twitter and Reddit with confusion about the timeline. It doesn't help that we've seen a total of three Richtofens at in one map; however, it's not as bad as it seems. There are a few loose ends (which we'll get into shortly) that give us different ideas to what's going on. First, let's look over the path of the major Richtofens in play. Red path signifies Primis Richtofen and blue path signifies Post-Revelations Richtofen. Note that these pathways include different dimensions and universes in one flow for the sake of understanding where we stand at the end of BOTD. In the BO3 finale, we came to the conclusion that the Great War - battle between the humans and the Apothicans - was initially fought by the ancestors of Primis, but after Revelations, were replaced by the Primis group themselves due to Dr. Monty having sent them there. The reason was simple; by ingesting the blood of the mobsters from MOTD (which also took place in Dimension 63 and was supposedly closed off), the risk of another paradox came into mind and thus Monty placed Primis in the Great War as their ancestors right after winning the war. Ideally, to have them live our their days in the past so they couldn't much anything else up that may cause said paradox to happen. Unfortunately, Monty may not have seen that doing so would not stop that predicament from happening. And thus, a cycle was born. The red path shows this. The blue path, however, shows us that post-Revelations Richtofen somehow survived long enough to be in a cryogenic chamber in Blood of the Dead. He knew about said cycle, and that collecting the blood samples as his insurance policy to keep Primis alive wouldn't solve the problem nor stop the cycle. Now...what was that insurance policy again? Oddly enough, a similar radio from Maxis talks of a backup plan that is seemingly different than the insurance policy. Using the mobster's blood only serves as protection for crossing dimensions and space itself. But this backup plan Maxis mentions claims it can eliminate "a threat of Alcatraz for good". In the ending of BOTD, we see Revelations Richtofen using what's presumably the fire gem of the Staff of Fire. But you can decide what it really is. vs. Back to the main point. Revelations Richtofen knew securing the blood vials was not longer a wise plan and instead made focus on keeping their souls. People were quick to jump at Nikolai being the savior of the group, but bear in mind one small fact: at this point, he is the only one with his soul in tact by the end of BOTD. Dempsey and Takeo had their souls still within the Summoning Key, with Richtofen's presumably still in the House as that event may not have changed. Why is this important to what Revelations Richtofen said? If you haven't put two and two together by now, this is a suicide mission for Richtofen. Why? As previously stated, we have 3 souls on hand, 2 of which are still within the Summoning Key and 1 in BOTD Nikolai. Richtofen's soul has already been purified and resides with Monty at the House. Seeing as we're to defeat the now-bad-guy Monty, there's very little chance of reclaiming Richtofen's innocent soul. How the souls play a crucial part in the storyline are still to be determined...hopefully being revealed at the true end of the Aether story. This sets us on a new course where Gorod Krovi never happens, and neither does Revelations. Whatever lies ahead, is to prepare for war against Monty. But there's still someone else within the Summoning Key we have yet to see again - the Shadowman. Oddly enough, the Warden claims that opening the gateway by using Primis' blood would allow him and the Apothicans to return...but we have his soul already in the Key? Interesting. As an additional and semi-related note, I will say this: we also know that the bodies of Victis are still inside their cryogenic chambers. Primis Richtofen actually spoke to Samuel Stuhlinger in BOTD, assuring their safety with his blood sacrifice. At some point, we will see Victis again. Considering that the lighthouse in BOTD is what enabled both characters to speak to one another, we know at minimum that Samuel is connected through the Aether. Total dimensional collapse of BOTD may or may not have happened given this predicament, but at least we know Samuel can also be reached out to regardless where his body is. ----------------------------- In a nutshell, the cycle entails the events within the Zombies storyline, but after Revelations, Richtofen understands this has become a cycle now and the only way to break it is by surviving long enough to stop his Primis self from collecting and ingesting the blood vials, thus changing their fates per the Kronorium and breaking the cycle to defeat Dr. Monty.
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    Hey all, today I will be attempting to be the first to solve the IX Easter Egg. Let me tell you guys what I have so far and then I will be adding to this guide periodically. If you want to track my findings, you can watch me try on twitch.tv/GrenadaMD and help me out 🙂 all tips that end up working will of course receive proper credit. As seen in the solo cutscene, this scepter-like item is the key to this quest: You can see this on the bottom left as the quest tracker which has 5 main steps and then a center piece revealing what is presumed to be the final boss fight. Step 1: Blood Must Flow This step is super simple in that this refers to activating pack a punch. The Blood Must Flow comes from the blood from the 4 heads of the 4 champions that you must summon to unlock it. When complete, you'll see the very top of the scepter fill in which you can see on the next step. If you need further help with this step, you can refer to this awesome guide made by our very own @Blurryface Step 2: Purge the Blight In order to purge the blight, one must create fertilizer and place it on the bottom level, in between the two main trees in Danu's Temple. Here are the steps for "Purging the Blight": 1. There is a skull in the PaP area with a blue symbol on its forehead. Using this awesome picture a user on reddit made plus two new spawns for the skull that I ended up finding in my games, find your skull and what you'll want to do is basically barrel stuff it with your gun (get right up on it) and activate your specialist weapon. It should drop to the floor where you can pick it up. At this point, you're going to need the Wonder Weapon - Death of Orion. If you do not know how to obtain this, you can find a video guide of it in my YouTube channel linked above. With your skull, walk over to the grinder in the Flooded Crypt. There are three possible spawn locations in the flooded crypts for the grinder and they are shown below. When you find the grinder, hold your interaction button to place the skull inside and with your Death of Orion/Serket's Kiss shoot about 2-3 fully charged shots at the grinder to keep it going. You'll know it's done when the skull disappeared and then all you have to do is hold your interaction on the collection tray to the left of it to collect the grinded up skull bits. 2. The next ingredient to our magic fertilizer are the coals (purified wood). This step is super simple, in the arena there are two flaming pyres with bodies attached to them. You'll require the axe throwing gladiator to throw an axe at one of these pyres and you'll see this stake-like piece of wood fall. The easiest way to do this is have the gladiator be the last zombie on the map and once he is about to throw an axe, quickly stand on the other side of the pyre so that is between you and the axe guy. If you stand in front of the pyre with just the axe guy throwing it, the axe will most likely just hit you and not the pyre itself. Take the wood and place it into the chain coupling thing in the cauldron located at the bottom floor of Odin's Tower. After a round or two, you'll see the wood look a lot more charred which indicates it is ready to be picked up. 3. The final ingredient for Danu's Magic Fertilizer is probably the meme of the Easter Egg: Poop! This step is super simple, all you need to do is make sure your affinity is all the way thumbs down with the red smoke coming out of the hand. Things that lower your affinity are as follows: - Throwing Grenades at the crowd - Shooting the crowd - Having zombies break your shield - Tigers hitting you - Running into the fire - Generally not killing zombies but this is only a slight effect, the ones above are much more substantial as well as easier to perform Once you are at the negative most affinity, the crowd will throw the poop at you, all you have to do is hold your interaction on it and you will collect it at a penalty of 250 points (jerks). 4. With all of your ingredients, head to Zeus' Bath House and along the edges of his blood bath you'll see a few bowls. All you have to do is place your mixture into the bowl and leave it for a couple of rounds. You'll know it's ready when green gas starts to emit from it. 5. Take your ready Fertilizer to the bottom floor of the Danu Tree and place in between the two trees. You'll have to leave it there for a couple rounds until it is ready. It will look like this. 6. The Fertilizer should now be ready and you will require a Pack-a-Punched weapon with the Firebomb Modification on it. All you have to do is activate the Firebomb modification by walking a couple of zombies over the Fertilizer and shooting them. Your screen will flash white indicating that it was done correctly and you will also see blue cracks on the ground all around where your Fertilizer is. 7. Before you proceed, make sure your shield is fully repaired, your specialist is full, and that you have all the perks and weapons you'll need to slay out. Whether you are playing solo or with friends, I would advise to get the Homonculous out of the box, it will make this step a breeze. For the solo players, it's actually a lot easier because they will only spawn a couple of zombies at a time which give plenty of opportunity to shoot the corruption in between. I also recommend an LMG due to the large magazine size and depending on which one you are using, you may not have to reload at all during this step because max ammo's fill your magazine too. The scepter of Ra is also amazing on this step because you can just plant it and unload on the red blobs. So in the image above, you are now ready to enter the dark Danu Temple (it's the same temple, just a darker version of it). All you have to do to trigger this step is to stand on top of your blue crack Fertilizer for roughly 6-8 seconds. You can easily do this by waiting for a round to end/start or by standing your ground with the scepter of Ra + your weapon. After about 6-8 seconds you'll teleport to the dark room and it is very simple. On each of the three floors, there is a red blob on the main tree that you need to unload your bullets on. You get a max ammo after your first two floors so don't hold back in terms of ammo and Homonculous. When finish, you'll get the quote saying "Danu has been appeased" and you would have purged the blight. Step 3: Answer the Dawn 1. This Easter Egg will now begin to move quickly. There are two parts to this step. First, you must find and shoot with your shields the hidden bulls around the map. Four Bulls spawn within 9 possible locations. I borrowed some of the images from Reddit as every game the spawns change. Below are all the possible locations for the Bulls. Flooded Crypt Temple Danu Tunnel Bridge in Between Odin Tower and Zeus Tower Odin/Zeus Tunnel Entrance The Pit Ra Tower - Burial Chamber (look inside the zombie spawn) The Arena Danu Altar Room 2. Each bull you shoot spawns a Gladiator that you must kill. Each time you kill one, you can see its soul leave the body and head toward the Ra temple as a sacrifice. Please note that people have gotten their games glitched by killing all four at the same exact time. It's safer to just kill them one at a time. 3. Once all four gladiators are dead, go to the top floor of the Ra temple and you will see the obelisk lit up and a blue symbol on it. Before you proceed double check that you have your shield, it is the single most important part because you're going to be fighting in tight quarters here. On top of that, get your perks, make sure your specialist is charged up and that you have a good gun that can slay out because Serket's kiss is only good for the very last target because if you use it too early, you can risk killing the wrong zombie. Killing the wrong zombie at the wrong time will result in you having to try again a round later. As a solo player I recommend if you get swarmed and there is no other way to escape or you're legit about to die because dying wish is on cool down, kill any of the zombies out of order and just try again as it will basically activate a nuke and respawn all the zombies for that round. 4. When ready, all players must go to the Obelisk and hold the interaction button around the blue symbol here. When this happens, you will see the pillar begin to flash 4 symbols. Each symbol will tell you in what order to kill what zombie. The symbol order goes from bottom to top. Below is a full chart of every type of zombie you can get. 5. Remember that the order in which the four symbols appeared is the order in which you must kill these zombie types. The scepter of Ra is incredible on this step because the Ray of Life can isolate a target with its stopping power so that it can be killed easily; it is also good for killing gladiators/brawlers. The Brazen Bull is also good for gladiators and brawlers as it is a one shot to them but you want to save your Brazen Bull ammo in the event that you get a Blight Father spawn because he is a pain in the hindquarters. If you happen to kill a zombie out of order, you must wait one round until you can try again. For your knowledge, I believe the Blight Father only spawns on the second iteration of this step (yes you have to do this twice). If you really want to avoid the Blight Father, fail on purpose and get a brand new order of symbols next round and you have a good chance of him not spawning. Once complete your screen will glow bright. Check the obelisk to confirm that you succeeded, you should see the four symbols that you just got stay lit on the Obelisk. 6. Now you must do this one more time. Again, check your shields, specialists, perks, etc. Reactivate the Obelisk and do this once more. Once complete, your obelisk will look like this and you will hear "Ra has been appeased" and you have Awakened the Dawn. Step 4: Summon the Storm 1. There are four lightening rods that have now spawned in the underground. All you have to do is shoot them with your gun. As your shooting it, you'll see it spin upward. You'll know it is done if you keep shooting and it doesn't spin anymore. Below are the locations of the four rods. Odin Tunnel The Collapsed Tunnel Danu Tunnel The Cursed Room 2. Go to the podium with your team and interact on the center piece which will teleport you underground. Simply walk back up to the arena and you'll find these four rods have just went up. Before you can proceed, you will need the Kill-o-Watt modification on your Pack-a-Punched weapon. You'll see these four circles of lightening on the ground beneath each rod in the Arena. What you'll have to do is with your Kill-o-Watt weapon, activate it on a group of zombies and you must kill the zombies that are electrified. Even though technically once they are zapped they will drop dead, you'll have to kill the zombie twice for it to count towards filling the rods. This step is easy with friends but for the solo players I have a special trick for you guys. This technique is demonstrated better in my video guide but what I do is I bring the horde into the radius of the rod (you can see this radius on the floor) I activate Kill-o-Watt and while they are electrified I immediately pull out my specialist weapon. The action of pulling out the specialist weapon should wipe out the whole horde so that you don't have to worry about getting swarmed and if the electrified zombies are still alive, you can quickly melee them with your specialist. You'll have to be pretty close to the horde of zombies for this to work so having a shield, the "Anywhere But Here" gobblegum, and dying wish are HIGHLY recommended in case you make a wrong move and get stuck. 3. Once completed, you'll see these four Orbs appear on the challenge pyres the podium. Before you proceed, make sure you have your shield, perks and ammo. Homonculous is HIGHLY recommended for this part. The scepter of Ra is the best specialist weapon for this step so if you don't have it, then make sure you have the Homonculous. Hold your interaction button on the blue orb and you will begin the Arena challenge and you will have to face a ton of Gladiators, Brawlers, and Tigers. It starts off pretty easy only spawning a couple at a time. But either way, the best Strategy in my opinion is to set up two spawn camps (one if your solo for obvious reasons). Only use your Homonculous in emergencies or when they start spawning a crazy amount of the mini boss zombies (Glads, Brawlers, Tigers) and when you use it, make sure you throw it within the radius of the Ra scepter so it gets the effect of the scepter + the Homonculous damage. If you are playing with friends, have one or two people camp each door. Place your scepter right outside the door like in the image below to start the spawn camp and it will immediately give the stopping power effect on the mini bosses as they spawn in. With your scepter planted, you are free to use your gun or Serket's Kiss which is amazing for this step. Once complete, the screen will return to normal and you will hear "Zeus has been Appeased" and you have summoned the storm. This technique is very close quarters but it is worth it because during this step the fire grates are constantly open so it makes it hard to run around the arena anyway. Step 5: Channel the Flood 1. This part of the Easter Egg is pretty short but it is very easy to mess it up. There are three blue symbols underground that you have to shoot with Death of Orion (you're probably going to want to have it Pack-a-Punched by now) at very specific angles. Note the position that I am standing and where in the symbol I am aiming for, I took these at the exact time I fired the weapon. For the Danu Tunnel symbol, that shot is hit mid air by the way so be mindful of that. The Pit Danu Temple (This one is the hardest, if you need more help check out my video guide) The Crypts 2. The final step is to head towards the workbench of the Brazen Bull. Before you proceed, if you don't have the Homonculous please for the sake of your valuable time get it from the box. You have come too far to die here. In my opinion, this is the hardest step of the Easter Egg IF you are unprepared. Have all your perks, shields, ammos, maxed out weapons, Homonculous, etc. When ready, head toward the Brazen Bull workbench in The Pit. On the Floor you'll see a large metal grate and then a platform right behind it. Stand on that platform until you the gear locking noise occurs. When finished, keep standing on it and press your interaction button until your screen flashes white and you hear "ENDURE". 3. You are now confined to The Pit. There is a spawn to your left, straight ahead, and to your right. You'll have to fight off multiple waves of zombies in this small space so you must be smart with your load out. You get one max ammo at the halfway point and that's it. The plus side is that you have unlimited shield because if it breaks you can get a new one. Note that this also means you have access to unlimited Brazen Bull ammo as well which pretty much one shots anything you shoot it at. The strategy here is simple. You'll want to try and stay right where you activated the step so you can see all three spawns. I recommend a maxed out LMG for this and just shoot at everything as it comes in. You can get through most of the step just killing them before they even come in. There will be points where you'll feel the pressure with all the gladiators, brawlers, tigers and zombies all at once but don't panic. The most important thing to remember is to use your specialist ONLY AS A LAST RESORT or once the Blight Father spawns (multiple if you aren't playing solo) because killing him means the end of this step. You'll get a total of four homonculous if you include the max ammo here so use them to your advantage when the horde builds up. When you get swarmed, try and train them around a bit while throwing your Homonculous and using Serket's Kiss on everybody while also using Brazen Bull ammo to one shot the problematic mini bosses . When the Blight Father spawns, wait until he gets a little closer and then plant your Scepter down on the ground and give everything you got to finish him out. Serket's Kiss + Brazen Bull will make quick work of this entire step especially when the Blight Father spawns. Once everything is dead, walk up to the grate and hold the interaction button to pick up the key. Your screen will flash white, "Odin has been appeased" and you have channeled the flood. This step is also covered in my solo video guide. Step 6: Fury and Wrath 1. At the Arena, the door to the final boss will now be available. You'll get a crap ton of max ammos in there so don't worry about that if you are low from the Odin step. Just make sure you have all of your weapons, perks, shield, and specialist. You will not be able to return to the map once you enter start the fight. Once you are ready, hold your interaction button on the door in the image above. There are three waves: Mini Bosses, Fury, and Wrath. Wave One: Mini-bosses Your Specialist and Serket's Kiss will make quick work of these guys. Mind the tigers as well. Wave Two: Fury 1. To kill Fury, you first must shoot off the sides that have the glowing red gem. After that has fallen off, aim for its heart which is near where you shot the saddle. 2. You'll get a ton of Max ammo's so don't hold back on your Homonculous, use them to steer the zombies so you can focus on shooting Fury 3. ALWAYS STAY MOVING. When Fury has no saddle in solo, she CAN one shot you with her charged fire ability. You'll see it approach from the ground instead of her usual aerial attack. Holding shield in front is the only way to avoid getting downed when this attacks comes. Wave Three: Wrath 1. Killing Wrath is the same process as killing Fury. First shoot the saddle off marked by the blue gems on the side. 2. Wrath is a little stronger than Fury in that her charged ability is MORE LIKELY to one shot you. Again, having a shield in front is how I have avoided death and be left with low HP. 3. Wrath also has a larger radius when she stomps. Anyways, shoot the saddle and then the heart which is also revealed on her side and that's it. Easter Egg Done!
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    Put this together in my spare time. Song is The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. Trailer is based on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer. Hope everyone enjoys.
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    I've not seen this mentioned online, and it is mostly for solo, or hanging by yourself apart from friends. I know most players on this site do 100 rounds on WaW NDU with just their knife, so this may not impress many here, but I hit Round 25 standing still in this spot, using only regular GG and wall buys, so maybe some players would like to try it. Open Jugg side through power to Speed Cola. Leave door by Trip Mines closed. Go around to Quick Revive side, open L-Car-9 room and the stairs to Vesper/ICR room. Buy Vesper and ICR (I recommend pimping them out with Fast Mags). Stand by Vesper Wall Buy, look at entrance to balcony. Line up the pole of the fence (that surrounds the steps) with the middle bar of the window that is just to the right of the balcony entrance. Standing there, almost all zombie heads align, except for the ones that come through the wall from your left. None come around the fencing behind you, though I chuck Trip Mines back there in case I get backed up or grab ICR ammo mid-round. After 20+ rounds, you need some lucky drops, but it is intense. My early strategy is to hold DT2 area until forced into Wunder Fizz area, then just walk back and forth shooting window and hallway zombies until pointed up enough (STG Wall Buy there, usually paired with MP40). DT2 and Speed cola are primary perks, then do Juggs and W'sW. I used GGs: Stock Option, Armamental Accomplishment, ABH!, IPS, Sword Flay (for early points). Happy camping!
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    Below are the 7 Punchcard Audio Logs from Groom Lake Station Chief Cornelius Pernell. After all 7 Audio Logs are played, you can go to Groom Lake, throw a grenade (or explosive device) at Hanger 4 and a message from 'Tank' Dempsey will play. (1 per round - you must teleport away & then come back. 5 messages in total) Transcripts were taken from COD Wiki & edited by me Punchcard Audio Log # 1 Punchcard Audio Log # 2 Punchcard Audio Log # 3 Punchcard Audio Log # 4 Punchcard Audio Log # 5 Punchcard Audio Log # 6 Punchcard Audio Log # 7 Dempsey Messages After all 7 Audio Logs are played, you can go to Groom Lake, throw a grenade (or explosive device) at Hanger 4 and a message from 'Tank' Dempsey will play. (1 per round - you must teleport away & then come back. 5 messages in total)
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    Radio inside Infirmary Above the metal box next to the washing machine in the Showers Radio at bottom of stairwell Radio at the docks next to toppled watch tower
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    In a previous treatise, “The Nature of the Aether,” I explored the concept of the Aether and how, with the construction and proper configuration of a Matter Transference Device or MTD, it could be harnessed and used for the purpose of both space and time displacement of objects in a universe’s continuity. However, it must be noted that an MTD is powered with consumable Element 115, and therefore, has limited capabilities, and even more limited terrestrial fuel supply. Often confused with the MTD, however, is the MPD, an ancient Vril machine discovered in January of 1940 by Dr. Edward Richtofen in his first attempt to teleport a human subject, namely, himself. Hidden in a cavern on the Moon, the MPD had not been encountered by any other known human generation, but seemed to be armed in such a way as to find a pilot for itself and unleash its Aethereal capabilities. While documenting his discovery, Dr. Richtofen attempted to carefully touch it, receiving a static shock upon doing so. He observed that it sounded hollow, and soon began hearing what he perceived to be voices. It was shortly after this that Dr. Ludvig Maxis, the operations administrator and head of staff at the Group 935 Der Riese Waffenfabrik facility in Lower Silesia, Poland, adopted Dr. Richtofen’s MTD concept, and had a mainframe and three terminal MTDs constructed, but was not successful in his attempts to teleport living subjects. He observed: “The test subjects have survived teleportation but are currently unresponsive to commands and cannot be controlled.” In later logs, he can be heard shouting commands at a zombie, yet receiving little cooperation. Perhaps it ought to be noted that Dr. Richtofen, who had been mentally unstable and hearing voices in his head since his discovery, acted as Maxis’ personal assistant for these experiments, and was responsible, it would seem, for configuring the MTD per Dr. Maxis’ orders. Yet, willing to sacrifice his reputation as a competent scientist, he repeatedly sabotaged Maxis’ attempts by incorrectly configuring the MTDs, resulting in the destruction or zombification of the test subject. There are two potential motives we may consider based on what we know, the first being that he wanted to delay the success of the Der Riese MTD project to avoid Maxis taking credit for the discovery, or perhaps to reduce the possibility of him discovering the MPD as well as Richtofen’s secret research facility on the moon, which was under construction at the time. On the other hand, he seems to have gleaned a good deal of information from the voices in his head in regards to the purpose and capabilities of the MPD, and deliberately configured the teleporter to produce the first zombie, preparing the world for his ultimate takeover, a plan he intended to enact when Dr. Groph, his top scientist at Griffin station, discovered how to power and open the MPD. Sometime after mid-September, 1945, Dr. Schuster, a longtime colleague of Dr. Richtofen, now serving as Dr. Groph’s assistant scientist on the MPD project, killed a lab rat in the vicinity of the MPD, causing a glass chamber to rise from the floor at the front-right corner of the device, and indicate that it had absorbed the energy from the rat, and would need more to be fully powered. The scientists informed Richtofen, who sent test subjects and prisoners to Griffin Station to complete the process, an act that appalled Dr. Groph, yet he dared not refuse. In late 1945, however, when the MPD had been fully powered and the shields lowered, ready for an occupant, Dr. Richtofen declared that he would return to Der Riese from his secret communication outpost known as Eagle’s Nest and enact “Protocol 935,” sabotaging one more experiment by the flustered Dr. Maxis, this time involving his daughter’s pregnant dog. When the dog disappeared, yet did not appear at the mainframe, Dr. Maxis was enraged, until, amidst a ball of electricity, it reappeared, aggressive and deformed. When Samantha ran into the teleporter to release Fluffy, Maxis followed, attempting to stop her, however, both were locked in and teleported away by Richtofen. Arriving on the Moon, Samantha panicked and ran into the open MPD, which accepted her and closed, giving her control of Richtofen’s dream machine. Now, based on Samantha’s ability to use the powers of the MPD to heckle Richtofen and destroy Griffin Station and the Group 935 facilities, that learning how to use it is similar to DNI learning, where the occupant essentially “downloads” the knowledge as long as they are intimately linked to it (ie, Richtofen being the first to touch it, ergo, establish a connection, and Samantha being the actual occupant). Based on a variety of quotes from Sam and Richtofen throughout Moon and the other BO1 maps, we can gather that the MPD is capable, first of all, of mind control if the target is weak enough. Being technically dead, the fundamental neurological system of a zombie cannot be controlled by the undead individual itself when targeted by the MPD’s Aether-based signal. The effect is further amplified in both living and undead targets depending on the concentration of 115 in their system. These factors support the belief Richtofen sets forth in log entry 1472 on September 10, 1945: “I still have not had any luck reprogramming the live specimens. Dr. Maxis believes that the key to unlocking the human mind will be more easily discovered on someone who isn’t dead yet. I am not convinced.” We find this further reinforced in the cases of not only Richtofen and the voices he hears, but when the MPD has Samantha, a human occupant, the signal is seemingly amplified further, so that Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo are also able to hear her, as well as others who have been exposed to large amounts of 115, Dr. Yuri and Dr. Gersche of the Ascension Project for instance. Dr. Yuri, like Dr. Richtofen, is one of the few cases in which a living human experienced mind control-like symptoms, having been weakened by bitterness and vengefulness. However, once his betrayal of Gershe is complete, he comes to his senses again, reinforcing the idea that the living, cognitive human mind is less susceptible to manipulation that an undead. Yet another example is Samuel Stulingher from Black Ops 2. Having been a part of “The Flesh” he has ingested 115 and therefore has a higher concentration of it in him system and is therefore able to hear Dr. Richtofen, and more inclined to follow his commands. In the case of the undead, however, being completely incapable of logic or empathy, there is nothing to resist the commands of the MPD’s occupant, which, as has been discussed throughout the community in the past, would explain the zombies not eating their prey once down, unless the signal is stopped or interrupted. Edit: @Abel! has suggested in a recent post that the zombies are not and cannot be controlled by the occupant of the MPD, however, in addition to the zombie eye color changes contingent on who occupies the MPD, the following quotes leave no question: When he swaps souls with Samantha, Richtofen celebrates, "I WILL CONTROL THEM ALL! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL! But not before we finish the game." Both Sam and Edward refer repeatedly to the zombies as 'minions' and 'puppets.' When overwhelmed by a hoard, Samantha says, "show some respect! Don't you remember who I am?" She is also known to say, "it was more fun when I was in charge." And reinforcing this connection between the MPD and the undead is Samantha's warning, "don't kill the Zombies! He [Richtofen] just gains power when you do." Unless inhibited by a contestant entity (ie, the Maxis-Richtofen feud of BO2), the occupant of the MPD has large amounts of control over Aethereal entity, allowing the controller to displace objects and, as we saw with the N4 in BO2, persons, in the spacetime continuum at will, in addition to providing the green power ups we all love so much. Being the provider of these objects, the controller may also reward or put a price on them, making them unattainable unless those demands are met. However, contrary to some theories, the controller of the MPD cannot manipulate time itself, or physically manipulate objects in time. They can either be dropped or removed, as seen with the power ups and mystery box. We see examples of this in Samantha’s inability to stop Richtofen during his quest to gather the various artifacts needed for his grand scheme, as well as being helpless to keep from being replaced by him in the MPD. Richtofen encountered the same encumbrance in BO2, needing the assistance of the N4 to help him exterminate Maxis from the Griffin Station computer network. Perhaps the final known power possessed by the controller of the MPD is the ability to transfer their consciousness into a target. This target can be either undead, as in the case of Richtofen’s fate when Maxis defeats him with the N4’s assistance, or living, as was seen with Richtofen’s possession of Stulingher, which, as we saw, may not work out exceptionally comfortably for the target or the controller. If you took the time to read this 1500 word treatise, thank you, and congratulations! If you have anything to contribute that I have forgotten, let me know, and I will definitely consider adding it in, provided it has strong factual support.
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    Hey slayers, old 83457 here on a dead forum for a 3 year old buggy game. I wanted to post some info for WaW zombie slayers who may have bought Zombie Chronicles as I did, and I found there to be very little talk on the reprints in general, and most video game videos would be better in text format, rather than ads, squeakers, bad info, and overly long videos as us YouTube's wont. At least you can skip my preamble without hearing crappy music. :) Recently I found myself throwing in the original WaW zombies because they are the most fun still: jump in and play, no busywork, but yet playable map designs (unlike bus depot, farm, town). So, in need of a new toy, I bought BO3 Zombie Chronicles to see the old maps rehashed in a good way (BO1 really sucked, of course, and the reprints are quite forgettable). I have BO3 on 360, so I knew that I would like the new GG and stuff in the reprints. I'm too verbose, so let me switch to actual game talk before my wall of text becomes a fortress.... ------- First, some filler for the new-to-BO3 folk: The game has GobbleGum machines that dispense 5 GG. You create this pack before the game and buy them from the machines which give a random 1 of 5, after all 5, it re-randomizes the 5. If connected online (even if playing offline), the first GG per round is free (if not plugged into internet, it is 500 points offline), and the price of the second or more GG per round goes way up. There are consumable rare GG that you unlock with Divinium in Dr. Monty's Factory. I can't get into all of these, you will have to earn and learn them, they can be crazy powerful or stupid effects, depending on what you use. But there are also basic GG that can be used over and over without them leaving your inventory. I'm gonna discuss a couple to get you started. You will start with some and unlock others as you level up (you level up in BO3). Learn to cycle these almost every end-of-round as it gives you time to do so, so that you always have the one that is most needed. Gold balls trigger, green are timed, blue last X rounds, purple are player-activated (Push d-pad up, console) and may have multiple uses. GGs of note: (Green) Sword Flay 5x melee damage for 2.5 minutes, great for early points, often becomes a 'dead draw' later. (Green) Stock Option lets you fire from stock bullets, no reload, for 3 minutes. (Purple) Anywhere But Here! Random teleport someplace else (2 activations). Can't leave unopened start room or enter unopened areas, but it will switch starting side in unopened start room of VerrĂĽckt. (Purple) In plain Sight, zombies ignore you for 10 seconds (2 uses). Besides saving your skin, this can be used to grant reload time, the zombs run away, then head back in an easy to headshot crowd. You'll likely be power-cycling through GG, so don't be afraid to use these often early, then hold them later in the game for emergency. (Purple) Alchemical Antithesis, each 10 points becomes a bullet in current in-hand gun for like 30 seconds(?). This works wonders on Squid gun from SoE, or Wunderwaffe, but also will keep regular guns from running out in a camp situation (2 uses). (Blue) Armamental Accomplishment gives 3+ rounds of faster reload, melee recovery, weapon swap, and item use. (Blue) Danger Closest gives 3 rounds of zero explosive damage. Good for Ray Gun, and Packed starting pistol. If you bought ZC, it came with 2 Whimsical GG, one makes zombies change color (Eye Candy) which can be a tremendous help (Green works best, I feel). As zombs die, they lose the color. Easy to see, easy to confirm kills, and it lasts forever (until activated 5 times or replaced). Surprisingly decent for what at first seems like a shit GG. By contrast, the silly noise whimsical gum is just shit. ------- New Perks: Widow's Wine (W'sW) is the only true new perk: You can't buy grenades, your grenades act as charges for the perk. If you get hit or throw a grenade (does not throw far) there will be an explosion that entangles nearby zombies, slowing or stopping them. Stabbing zombs also does more damage than normal and slows them as well (green streak on stabs). If you kill these slowed zombies, they may drop Spider drops, which replenish your grenades, the more ensnared, the higher the chance of drops. After getting many drops, the Spider drop turns reddish. I think these give more charges than the regular Spider drops (is anyone clear on this?). Good for camping, a disaster for training. I'll often camp with this, then replace it after I'm downed, for trains. Double Tap (shoot 30% faster) is now BO2's Double Tap 2 (shoot 20% faster and each bullet becomes 2, essentially doubling a bullet gun's damage output). Excellent perk, a must buy for the reprints. BO1's Stamin Up is back, letting you run further before "run 3 steps, walk 3 steps" occurs. Okay on small map trains, useless on Origins where it turns back to run 3, walk 3. Good for training if you dislike QR or used them up. BO1's forgettable Deadshot Daiquiri is back, only it is trash on console, actually pushing your reticle away from zombie heads unless they run straight at you. Don't ever buy this if possible. Juggs, SC, and Quick Revive work the same, but since BO1, QR can be bought solo 3 times for 500 points for self-revives, and you now take 3 hits (instead of 2) to be killed, so Juggs makes you take 5 hits (but don't worry, the zombies are way more brutal, with rapid-fire arm swings). And besides perk machines, BO2's Wunderfizz machine returns to give a random perk for 1500. On NDU (Upstairs) it gives any perk in BO3 (minus Electric Cherry). On VerrĂĽckt (room between power and DT2), and SNN (Storage), it offers SU, DD, and W'sW. Look carefully at the labels and memorize them, it wants to give you DD, don't let that happen (guy with a + reticle on his face). Note that the colors and even bottle may not render correctly, the game has severe sound and rendering issues. Der Riese (known as The Giant) is sold separately for $6. It has no WF machine, but hides either SU or DD in a secret spot. I recommend buying this if you bought ZC for the WaW reprints. Seriously, they should have included The Giant and made the shitty Moon reprint a separate buy for the tiny portion of zombie players that can even tolerate Moon, but I digress... ------- Random tips: Guns get levelled up and this makes a big difference. Early wall guns include RK5 3-burst pistol (500) which makes rounds 3-4 into "fire a burst, stab", and like 6-7 "fire 2 bursts, stab" making early rounds easier. The other start gun (500) is the Shieva, a rifle, that when maxed out is a headshot machine, not as valuable as the pistol, but paired with Stock Option is powerful indeed. In general, the new guns, maxed out, outperform old favorites, though some of these oldies are in the ?box or Wall Buys and some are given attachments right out of the ?box. Bouncing Betties are replaced by Trip Mines which are far inferior. You may only have 2 on the map at once. However, they can be an early warning system, they can kill early hordes when rounded up, but mostly they are good for stabbing and moving; they have a high movement rate, so pull these out when stabbing or if you have 2 heavy guns and wish to walk/run quickly. You can run, hit B (xb1)/crouch button to slide. By hitting slide then jump, you can quickly move around a map better than run3walk3 or SU perk. The last zombies will always run at you and respawn in front of you if you get 50 feet away. Making crawlers is almost entirely pointless. While this has been a detrimental change to the game, we must deal with it as there us no option to return the more fun and scary functionality. Be prepared for this unfortunate game ruining mechanic. Why they keep doing this funsucking respawn and run is unknown. You think they would have learned from BO1, but yeah... ------- Map talk (finally). Note that hanging in the start room until 10k points is not too hard on these. NDU: The camp spots are the same, but easier. The WF machine giving Juggs, SC, DT2, and W'sW (or multiple QRs) make for longer games. Certain GGs can give you Packed and repacked weapons to really make it real long. I find the upstairs grenade room to still be the best option for starters, with the GG machine (GGm) and WF right nearby, but the start room with Steps open is also decent. Not much to say except "woot, perks and GG in NDU"! ------- VerrĂĽckt (formerly Zombie VerrĂĽckt): Compared to the original, some solo and team spots still work similar, like running around in the Thompson room or camping DT with friends. However, just like BO1, the zombie-free windows of WaW are gone; no camping SC or kitchen with a safe window behind you. But the power of the new guns and GGs gives you new options. The tiny room behind QR (Deplorable Bar room-not a typo) is fairly strong for a solo camp, with a 5000 point decent SMG (2500 ammo) in the BAR spot. IPS GG or Stock Option with Trip Mines near the back can make a fun camp. Probably the best solo camp if starting on the QR side. I'll often camp here until I get ABH! GG to get me to the Jugg side at start, which is generally easier/better, just like WaW. Juggs side: Because of the "nearby loads" loading scheme of BO3, camping the DT hallway is a little tougher in BO3 than WaW, I often move to the next room (stg wallbuy, Kuda smg wallbuy, WF machine) and walk back and forth, shooting window and hallway zombies until pointed up (10k+). Side note: this may be a decent multiplayer end-camp, 2 watching each way, DT2 balcony trap will still eat a majority of zombies. Once I've pointed up, I open to SC (turn on power on way) and buy it, then I head back to start, open room past QR (L-CAR 9 room, was Thimpson room), open Steps upstairs, and camp by Vesper/ICR1 wallbuys (door to SC closed on this side, Trip Mines by SC door). Zombies don't come behind you unless you back up to the ICR1. Stand facing the balcony trap/door and headshot. Trap is very effective here. If I can't afford those doors to upstairs, I'll camp the BAR room temporarily behind QR. As mentioned, you can open the Juggs side all the way around, but leave QR closed camp the LCAR9/(Thompson) room and circle them as needed. For multiplayer games, WF room, DT2 Blacony, 3 in SC/1 by Vesper, or all 4 in LCAR9 room are likely best, but I've no "mic'd team" experience with this yet. Holding the room behind Speed Cola means most zombies come right in that room and the kitchen window. This can make fast, intense rounds. Note that due to the zombie loads of BO3, you can literally walk around the entire asylum with zombies popping next to you but none in your way. So I could start a round by Vesper, walk around to SC, buy it, and then walk back to Vesper unhindered usually. Yes, the respawning zombies is a terrible and stupid mechanic. ------- Shi No Numa: This fun map has returned, but much harder than WaW (WaW SNN makes BO2 Buried look hard, ha), and much more fun than the BO reprint. The basic solo strategy starts the same; open Warning door at start and camp Comm(unications) room alcove early with the Comm door still closed. The go-to Thompson is replaced by LCAR9, which is a fair gun, especially maxed out, and the ?box still starts there. The main difference is that you can stay at start longer, making enough points to easily open a door and view or buy a perk right away. QR starts in the start room, so the 4 huts contain a randomized perk: Juggs, SC, DT2, and Mule Kick, with the WF Machine lurking just outside the Storage door. There is no way to know which perk is which area (until the last). DD, SU, and W'sW are in the WF. If camping, you really want SC and DT2. Grabbing W'sW is a good idea for camping, paired with QR, so that later you can change to SU/Juggs for training once camping gets too hard. If camping the Comm alcove, I usually open Fishing Hut first, keeping most zombies coming from the courtyard, then Doc's Quarters, finally Storage, at which point it can be easier shifting to a fire-right stance, rather than fire-towards-courtyard stance. Alternate solo start: Open steps or door at start. Downstairs, set up by GGm/KRM (shotgun) wallbuy. From here, it is best to open Fishing Hut or Comm first for easiest headshot trains. Once all 3 (not Doc's Q) other doors are opened, this requires more aim-changing than camping the Comm alcove does, but can be easier to escape from and zigzag around that room or cut out to the Fishing Hut area for training. For this strategy, I recommend eventually opening both upstairs doors (warning and steps debris). Given these 2 best solo camp spots, you hope to leave the nearly useless Mule Kick permanently locked behind a door (D'sQ or Comm). If you get MK instead of a useful perk at a hut, you still must get SC and DT2 to camp or it will be a short camp. You can live without Juggs for camping, especially the Comm alcove. Try to use QR and W'sW for now. Once forced out of camping fun, W'sW sucks for training, and SC is much less necessary. One could use Juggs, DT2, SU, and QR (or Mule Kick if you dislike QRs, and prefer more ammo on hand for higher rounds). You lose the MK gun and gun slot if you go down (Mule Kick is still a poor replacement for WaW's infinite guns. I mean, for 4k, you should at least keep the gun and gun slot like WaW, so you could go down and get more slots) but with no QR, your solo game is over anyway. After camping or skipping camping, the training areas are not like WaW or BO; the Comm room is dead: big loop sucks, C shapes by far hut are dead, circling by main hut is dead due to water/mud. Just avoid the Comm room. This, and the easy alcove camping usually mean Comm is opened last or never in BO3, unlike WaW or BO, whete it was key. This is an oddly nice change. Fishing Hut loop or circles by Flogger are still viable, especially the Flogger area. Storage plays better than it did due to BO3 zomb loads, only you must run clockwise instead: go down center path (road), head down meteor-facing steps, immediately get to right side (less deep water) run on ground, slide jump water, walk through Kuda-wallbuy hut, circle and repeat. Oddly, the deep water path is not too slow, but getting to shorelines in BO3 slows you up (don't jump as in WaW as that basically stops you completely in BO3. Slide jump over water when able). Doctor's Quarters is easier to get in and out of due to strange zombie pathing near main hut, but still not a training spot. Downstairs of the main building itself is not bad, especially if the storage or D'sQ door is closed. If you can gather all zombies, you can go anywhere, but be wary of the stupid respawn mechanic that I warned of earlier. I generally run Flogger, just inside Fishing Hut area, then walk into main building (pre-D'sQ area), cut into pre-storage area, headshot the train, then head to pre-D'sQ and back to Flogger/repeat. Use flogger as needed. ------- The Giant (formerly Der Riese, which means the giant in Deutsche): While opening the "thompson" side is still usually the best strategy, as in WaW, opening either way is now viable. Double PaP: You pap a gun (5000), then throw it in again (2500) as many times as you like, to cycle between 5 Specialty Ammo types; "Turned": creates a zombie friend that kills for you, great for camping or training (slight monkey bomb effect on 360 version is even better). "Fireworks": small fireworks display with your current in-hand gun instakilling all zombies in its sight line in the middle. "Dead Wire" creates frequent small Wunderwaffe effects but you often kill them before it spreads. "Thunder Wall" this creates a mini Thunder Gun wind effect that blows away a couple zombies, good on an emergency shotgun to clear a path, but not awesome. "Blast Furnace" on xb1, it blinds you and kills a couple zombies. If BF triggers while circling a crowd, it kills 10 (on XB360 BF will kill the whole crowd if circling the initial fire, and it is not blinding. It is shit on xb1, and great on xb360). Perks are random, perk machine added to "thompson room" of WaW (Mule Kuck was there in BO) If you activate all 3 teleporters, get Monkey Bomb, then teleport and throw a Monkey in the TP, you get a weird scream. Do all 3 (in 1 round? Buggy?) and a laser in the start room (from robot head) will uncover a hidden perk (SU or useless DD) in the corridor that surrounds the start area. If you do the WaW Hide and Seek, you will be given the Annihilator pistol which is great for killing dogs, and recharges by killing zombies (rechargeable weapon is BO3 mp and Zombies new shtick). Shoot hidden things: under TPA in dark (hard to see xb1, visible on 360), in vats by TPB (left one as you enter the room, jump up and look in to see it), above Bridge in map center (on walkway, easy to see on 360, tiny dark spot on xb1). After shooting all 3 (with occasionally working voice prompts), go to furnace of "thompson" (VMP) room to grab Annihilator Pistol. Solo Camping (and camp and move) spots: Start room by RK5, leave door by TPA closed from start. As long you don't go up the steps near "Thompson room" or out of the start area, no zombies come over the fence. Camp and circle and camp. Catwalk is easier than ever. Open "Thompson" (VMP) room from the top, bottom door by trap closed, camp by barrels near trap, aim at VMP wallbuy and headshot (not viable in WaW). Training by TPC works well but the lightimg is shit (Eye Candy GG ftw). Training by power switch works well. ------- Well, that's a lot of text. I'll be glad if even 1 person actually reads this and benefits from it. I'll likely add more as I think of it. And most likely I'll be reading this in 5 years myself to remember how to play (I've recently had to read old posts here to remember how to Origins....too much busywork there for sure). Happy re-WaWing! (I'm sure that I've missed typos, sorry).
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    I want to start this so we can work on this as a comunity so has anyone found or think they know what the first step is cus theres alot of stuff around the map to do
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    I understand why people want the basic barebones style to return, but honestly Zombies wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has if it didn’t innovate as much as it continues to do (for better or worse). With respect, I don’t think you know a huge amount of Zombies players.
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    10 minutes to finally find all the shield pieces on Voyage. yay
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    I've been stuck playing a lot of solo so I've actually been working towards completionist achievements. Now trying for the dark ops challenges. Some have already been discovered! I wanted to compile a list so we all know what we should be working towards. Let me know if there are any I have missed. Pack-a-Wallop - Double pack a punch every weapon Rush on the Bank - Spend 50,000,000 points Dodgy Devil - Get to round 20 in Classic without being hit Perkless in Prison - Complete the main quest on Blood of the Dead using zero perks Sands of Time - Complete the main question on IX in under 100 minutes Perk Maestro - Activate every perk modifier Sea Legs - Complete the main quest on IX with no downs Put to the Quest - Complete all 3 main Easter Eggs (on disk maps) ? ? ? ? ?
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    Alright, just a quick idea that occurred to me. Richtofen is going to try to get back into the MPD. So, we learn in a radio in Classified that the post-moon Ultimis cast arrives back in the pentagon in 1963, with a comatose Richtofen. He’s most likely just a soulless body, since his body was formerly occupied by Sam. Eventually, Zombie Richtofen emerges from a portal, touches post-moon Richtofen, then turns to ash, at which point Richtofen wakes up and laughs. My interpretation of this is that somehow Zombie Richtofen transferred his mind / soul into the post-moon Richtofen’s body. If this is the case, we might have a real problem on our hands. Zombie Richtofen is the same Ultimis Richtofen that originally entered the MPD in samantha’s body, was booted out by Maxis, trapped in a Zombie’s body, and then ran errands in the comics. So, we know that entering the MPD basically turned Richtofen into a full-blown puppet of the apothicons / the shadowman, who spoke to him as a voice in his head. and now, that same Richtofen is occupying a body in Groom Lake hangar 4, on Classified. We know that the playable Richtofen on Classified just came from Shang, so he clearly has the golden rod and the focusing stone in his possession. They even go out of their way to mention this in Richtofen’s opening quotes on the map. It just seems like too perfect of an opportunity for ex-zombie Richtofen to go nextdoor, kill his other self, collect the artifacts, and pick up his grand scheme exactly where he left off. He literally played the longest con imaginable. I wouldn’t be surprised if this all culminates in a huge war with the apothicons, with an evil Ultimis Richtofen in the MPD fighting on their side, among others.
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    Not so much. BO3 pathing is different, and the fast mags on the modern guns are key; Speed Cola alone and the original Double Tap would not hold up either. On the flip side, WaW camp strategies don't work as well in BO3 either. To camp WaW Zombie VerrĂĽckt solo, open Juggernogg side through to Speed Cola room. As long as you don't open the Thompson room steps or the other Speed Cola door, no zombies will come to the Speed Cola room window. Camp in front of grenade wall buy, and headshot the kitchen zombies, window zombies will round the corner into the line of fire. You can fall back towards the unopened door or into the SC room and shoot through the door. Train in a C shape if needed, and bring betties. Escape through door if needed. If you spawn on the Quick Revive side, open through to Power room. No zombies come through Power room window. Stand by kitchen table along window wall and look towards Speed Cola. In both cases, bring Betties and have Speed Cola and Double Tap by round 10.
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    He did it! Fuckin finally. My heart was racing as fast as these cars in the final laps.
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    Post your highest round on Classified. I'll make sure to make a little leaderboard after we get a couple of replies. 🙂 ❤️
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    Unbelieveabwoah. @Matuzz we should celebrate. I am so happy right now. :')
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    Posted this for clarification. I'm gonna look how this fits in the things we know from BotD now. So many Richthofen's... EDIT 1: That first thing: the testsubjects must never be awakened. It's in the original universe. I think this might be a first blink to Classified's Easter egg. Remember how the testsubjects are present in Groom Lake? Remember the words "Ultimis will prevail" and "Argartha will burn". "The havoc that could be wrenched by such simple minded individuals could be catastrophic"...
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    We also have to consider this is a different cycle than we are used to, and this Richtofen is in some ways different from the one we've known, due to the lack of a scar on his cheek. It's possible he did not earn their trust quite as much. Also consider the fact that he has brought the rest of Primis into this Hellish Prison, and for once, he doesn't have a definitive way out. We saw in the intro how flustered this Richtofen was that the Kronorium had changed and the plan was off-course. It would be totally understandable that Primis would be tipped off about this Richtofen since he brought them there, accidentally trapping them, and still won't explain what is going on or why they had to be there in the first place. By that point I would have had enough of his shit. And I think they have seen many Richtofens before. My evidence for that is The Giant radios, in which Nikolai openly discusses killing many versions of Richtofen, though we don't know exactly where these radios take place. Also consider that they have seen Richtofen kill a version of himself before. And the biggest evidence for me is that they don't seem all that surprised when they see the second Richtofen at Alcatraz when they arrive. Just business as usual, those Richtofens. For me the biggest reason they would instantly trust this Richtofen more is due to him handing Nikolai the Kronorium. This is so much more information and trust than any Richtofen has given any of them before. I think they realized that if any Richtofen is to be trusted, it is this one. Also, Nikolai got a glance at the Kronorium, with the altered timeline, so I think he saw what had to happen, and while Templar Richtofen took the blood from his other self, Nikolai showed Dempsey and Takeo off screen what must happen if they are to set things right. And I actually didn't know that Richtofen knew. Curious what he thought would happen or what his plan was.
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    Watched the easter egg near the end but missing some details. The Richtofen in Templar outfit appears when the playable Richtofen gets in the blood machine willingly. He was frozen in another cryogenic freezer behind a wall and becomes playable in the bossfight. Essentially Richtofen got in the machine to summon the Warden so Primis could kill him and they could escape. But he had no idea about the Templar Richtofen. They abandon him, as they are freshly from Zetsubou and the Richtofen they left had no plan and refused to share any of his knowledge with the group. The first thing Templar Richtofen does is offer Nikolai a look at the Kronorium, something the other would never do. Also consider how many Richtofens they have met in their travels. What’s another one on the pile? Templar Richtofen did save their lives after all. i’m actually not sure on that gem. I’m sure it will be explored in the future. Maybe even in the supposed Classified easter egg yet to be completed? I love this cutscene so so much. Again I reiterate how tragic Richtofen’s character is. He truly was trying to save Primis, including himself, but he was unknowingly perpetuating the cycle. He had to be killed to prevent him from keeping it going. Many people theorize that Templar Richtofen is a Richtofen who just endured the Great War after being sent from Revelations who decided to try to break the cycle. There, he formulated a plan to trap Primis at Alcatraz, stop the cycle from continuing by killing his other self, and with the help of the others track down Monty.
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    im i alone i thinking that the talismans are rare enough as it is to have there own rarity scale on top of that. im sitting avergaing about 6-12 currency per game so i have to play anywhere 6 to 13 games to get a guaranteed talisman which has a high % chance to be shit
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    IX Wonder Weapon Guide STEP 1 Open up Pack A Punch by completing the 4 gong challenges. You can use my guide here. STEP 2 After activating Pack A Punch the wall will crumble at the Danu-Ra enterance. Walk up to the wall and look down the tunel and you will see a bowl of fire. You will need to shoot this until it falls off. STEP 3 Head to the bridge in that same temple and look down onto the floor off the bridge. You will see a fire trail that will be an arrow pointing to a certain temple. You are going to head to the correct temple idicated by the arrow and collect a stone head. Here are all of the locations for the stone head in all of the different possible spawn temples. Ra - On the bottom floor behind a flaming bowl Danu - On the bottom floor, in the water Zeus - Bottom floor, in the bath, in the corner underneath some curtains Odin - next to big cauldron STEP 4 Next you will need to build the acid trap at any of the entrances to the temples from the arena. Once built, place the stone head on the grid in the middle of the floor and acitvate the trap. Once the trap has finished you will notice that the stone head has melted and has left a scorpion key within it on the floor. Pick this us as we need it for the next step. STEP 5 Now you must gain a full Crowd Affinity for 2 rounds. Go to the Arena and get killing zombies and not being hit by the fire as this will make it go negative. After the 2nd round ends the crowd will throw you a golden jar you must hold interact to pickup. You will know this has dropped as the commentator will say you have recieved a gift from the gods and it can be found on the floor. STEP 6 Finally go downstairs in the Danu temple where it has the green looking area and look out for the 2 trees. One of these will have a hole on it which you need to knife to put in the scorpion key and then you will need to look down directly below it and hold the action button to place the jar. Now you have to complete a round and the jar will fill. Once the jar has been filled, pick it up and head to the mystey box. Head over to the side of the box where you will be prompted to poison the box, do this then buy the box and the next weapon 100% you will recieve will be the Wonder Weapon Death of Orion. Congrats! Enjoy your new Wonder Weapon to help you survive the rounds.
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    I would have never found this out without a guide. x)
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    Blood of the Dead Shield Upgrade Guide Hey Guys! This is a straight forward guide on how to upgrade the shield on Blood of the Dead. STEP 1 Find all parts and build the normal shield. You can find my guide here. STEP 2 Spin the Mystery Box until you make it change location. You will notice there will be a padlock that shows in the box indicating that the box is going to move. Simply zap the padlock with your key while holding out your normal shield and when the padlock turns blue, throw your Hells Retriever at it, thus unlocking the upgraded shield. Congrats. How easy was that? Keep hunting them zombies!
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    Maybe because they consider IX to be the “main” map of the game. It’ll probably be the one to have the most consequences for DLC after all, at least in terms of the Chaos Story. This makes me wonder if Voyage’s ending cutscene will lead directly into IX or leave some room for other stories, like Classified.

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