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  2. I’ll put my vote in for @anonymous as well. The Leyline theory is essentially the centerpiece for the Aether story. It encompasses everything from Wonder Weapons to the construction of the human soul.
  3. Haven't been here in while. just checking in and seeing how everyones doing. I'm back going LIVE. i will be streaming Call of Duty & also other games. I'll keep you guys posted on any future events or details. Come show support if possible. much appreciated either way. take care Watch live video from dFinest1 on www.twitch.tv
  4. I know it is a lot of text, but I think it is an interesting read. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, the author of The Coming Race, was definitely familiar with occult philosophies. When discussing his inspirations for the Vril, Lytton Stated " I did not mean Vril for mesmerism, but for electricity, developed into uses as yet only dimly guessed, and including whatever there may be genuine in mesmerism, which I hold to be a mere branch current of the one great fluid pervading all nature. I am by no means, however, wedded to Vril, if you can suggest anything else to carry out this meaning namely, that the coming race, though akin to us, has nevertheless acquired by hereditary transmission, etc., certain distinctions which make it a different species, and contains powers which we could not attain to through a slow growth of time; so that this race would not amalgamate with, but destroy us. [...] Now, as some bodies are charged with electricity like the torpedo or electric eel, and never can communicate that power to other bodies, so I suppose the existence of a race charged with that electricity and having acquired the art to concentre and direct it in a word, to be conductors of its lightnings. If you can suggest any other idea of carrying out that idea of a destroying race, I should be glad. Probably even the notion of Vril might be more cleared from mysticism or mesmerism by being simply defined to be electricity and conducted by those staves or rods, omitting all about mesmeric passes, etc. Perhaps, too, it would be safe to omit all reference to the communication with the dead" (Can you do Block Quotes with the forum posting tool? Idk, I can never get these down) While it does seem like Lytton took his own liberties with the concept, there is no doubt a connection. https://archive.org/details/lifeofedwardbulw00lyttuoft/page/466 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vril @RadZakpak Mind, Body, Soul, Energy- It has to be structured similar to what you put forth. The concept of the soul being separate from one's life force and personality does have a foundation in myth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_concept_of_the_soul https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eidolon_(apparition) - I think the ghosts in the Odyssey and Aeneid are the actual "souls" and the eidolon (in one interpretation), is an echo of that "soul".
  5. The Persona video game franchise has set a new sales record. Developer Atlus announced in a blog post (translated by VentureBeat) that the entire series has now surpassed 10 million copies sold. This figure counts copies sold in the mainline series, which has so far spanned five entries, as well as the spin-offs. Atlus did not provide a breakdown of sales by title, but it was already announced that Persona 5 alone had shifted 2.7 million copies. The new 10 million figure comes after Persona publisher Sega announced in its 2018 financial report that the series had reached 9.3 million copies shipped as of October 2018. The release of certain Persona games in Japan and Persona Q2 worldwide since then surely helped the figure grow to 10 million. Also in the blog post, Atlus said fans can look forward to an upcoming news event for Persona 5 Royal in the near future. Royal is an updated version of the Persona 5 that is slated for release in October on PS4. The game is expected to be a hit, in turn boosting the series sales even higher. Royal launches in Japan in October, with a release scheduled for the west in Spring 2020. For more on P5R, be sure to read (or watch) our analysis of the first full reveal trailer, breakdown of all the new information that followed, or details on the new playable character Kasumi Yoshizawa. View the full article
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  7. World of Warcraft Classic is officially launching very soon on August 27, and ahead of that, developer Blizzard has announced some important changes and updates. Starting off, Blizzard will eliminate the previous character limit of three per account. At launch, players can make up to 10 characters per realm; that works out to 50 across all Classic realms. On top of that, Blizzard announced it will open four more Classic servers to help what are expected to be potentially lengthy queues at launch. The four new servers can be seen below. All the names are pretty good, but "Bigglesworth" probably takes the cake. New WoW Classic Servers Name Type Timezone Incendius PvP Eastern Bigglesworth PvP Pacific Old Blanchy Normal Pacific Westfall Normal Eastern For those lucky enough to be playing WoW Classic early, Blizzard said if players see servers marked with "Full" or "High" population, they should try to play on any of the new realms. "We urge players on realms marked Full or High to plan to play on one of these new realms to avoid the longest queues, and to help spread the player population as evenly as possible and provide the best play experience for everyone," Blizzard said. WoW Classic bills itself as "Azeroth as it was." Blizzard says players can expect a "faithful recreation of the original World of Warcraft," featuring character models, combat mechanics, and skill trees that are as they were more than 10 years ago. Access to WoW Classic is included with the standard WoW subscription fee. View the full article
  8. Normally, New Releases highlights five of the biggest games launching on a given week, but there's just too much on the horizon to limit ourselves this time. We've got new games from respected developers like Patrice Désilets' Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey and Remedy's Control. We've got horror games like Blair Witch and The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. Nintendo is bringing the Switch-exclusive Astral Chain and a new mobile adventure with Pokemon Masters. On top of all that, the MMO crowd can relive the glory days with World of Warcraft Classic. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey -- August 27 Available on: PC Ancestors comes from Patrice Désilets, known for his work on the Assassin's Creed series, and you'll definitely be doing plenty of climbing and leaping since this game puts you in control of an ape clan in Africa. Your goal is eat, drink, sleep, and just survive in a dangerous world full of predators until you evolve. To do this, you'll have to level up, procreate, and pass traits onto new generations of your clan. More Coverage: The First 20 Minutes of Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Is An Uncompromising, Relentless Survival Experience Control -- August 27 Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC The latest game from Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy gets its name from the Federal Bureau of Control, a fictional government agency that handles cases where the laws of physics and conventional science just don't add up. Enter protagonist Jesse Faden, who can fling bad guys and float around using her psychic powers. She's infiltrated the FBC to find her missing brother, and she'll have to shoot her way through a few men in black to find him. More Coverage: PC Specs For Remedy's Control Are Actually Lower Than Epic Originally Advertised How Remedy's Control Will Trust Players To Figure Out Its Unreal Story World of Warcraft Classic -- August 27 Available on: PC If you've been yearning to return to an older version of WoW, Classic is exactly what you've been waiting for. Classic looks and plays the way WoW did during version 1.12 (the Drums of War update), a time before The Burning Crusade even launched. WoW subscribers get access to Classic at no additional cost. More Coverage: World Of Warcraft Classic Release Date Announced, Beta Begins WoW Classic Will Have Australia And New Zealand Servers Pokemon Masters -- August 29 Available on: iOS, Android It may be a Pokemon game, but Masters won't ask you to catch 'em all like Sword & Shield. Masters is set on the island region of Pasio, where trainers battle alongside a single Pokemon, and these duos are known as Sync Pairs. You can recruit Sync Pairs to your side and engage in 3v3 battles as you seek to become champion. More Coverage: Pokemon Masters Is Light On Microtransactions, Heavy On Battling Pokemon Masters - Anime Trailer And Gameplay Introduction Astral Chain -- August 30 Available on: Switch If you know Platinum Games' portfolio of titles like Bayonetta and Vanquish, then you know what to expect from Astral Chain. Your police offer protagonist is chained to a living weapon known as a Legion, and the two of you can swing around the battlefield to battle monsters in stylish combat. As you might be able to guess from the name, you can even travel to the Astral Plane to discover where the monsters originate. More Coverage: Astral Chain Hands-On: Two Characters Make Combat A Fast-Paced Blast Switch-Exclusive Astral Chain's Silent Hero Feels Really Strange Blair Witch -- August 30 Available on: Xbox One, PC Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team is revisiting the cult classic movie franchise with this canonical video game entry, featuring the studio's signature psychological horror flavor. You play as a cop looking for a missing boy in the famously haunted Black Hills Forest. At least you have your canine companion Bullet to help sniff out any witches. More Coverage: E3 2019: Blair Witch Game Announced During Xbox Press Conference The Blair Witch Game Is Canon (And You Can Pet The Dog) | E3 2019 The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan -- August 30 Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC Blair Witch isn't the only horror game dropping this week. Man of Medan is the first entry in The Dark Pictures, a new anthology series from Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games. Like with Until Dawn, your choices in Man of Medan can completely change the outcome of the story, a tale which involves teens on a ghost ship in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. You can experience the spooky story in singe-player, pass the controller around for local co-op, or try online multiplayer, where the story actually splits into different characters' perspectives. More Coverage: Man Of Medan Developers Discuss How Until Dawn Led To The New Multiplayer Approach The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan Has Co-Op, Here's A Look At How It Works August is at its end, so the next episode of New Releases will take a look at what the new month is bringing to the table. September has big-name shooters like Gears 5 and Borderlands 3, plus reimagined classics like The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch. View the full article
  9. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Open PS4 Alpha has officially come to an end. Players on PS4 were able to try out the 2v2 Gunfight mode for the very first time. Looking ahead, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Open Beta is coming up. We’ve got a post here highlighting all of the big pieces of information regarding the beta, and we’ll keep you updated as more information is shared. Infinity Ward posted on Reddit a recap of this weekend’s Gunfight and a preview of what’s to come with the Open Beta. From Infinity Ward: On behalf of everyone at the studio, thank you for participating in the 2v2 Gunfight Open Alpha. From sharing your gameplay highlights with us to finding humor in our “proper English welcome”, it was truly inspiring for us to see so many 2v2 matches out in the wild. Your feedback and suggestions have been incredibly valuable to us and have already contributed to creating a better game experience for everyone as we sprint toward the Beta next month and the full game launch on October 25th. So again, thank you! If you’d like to see some of the feedback we’ve addressed along with other updates, check out our Day Two and Day Three recap posts here on Reddit. Now. Let’s Talk Beta. Coming up in September, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important testing periods for our game. As we’ve mentioned, the 2v2 Gunfight Alpha was only a sliver of what’s to come and the Beta will be another chance for us to show you more of what Modern Warfare multiplayer has to offer. Which means you probably have a lot of questions. Before Weekend 1 of the Beta kicks off on September 12th, we’ll be sharing information about what you can expect to see when you hop online, including maps, modes, customization options, weapons, Operators, and much, much more. But it won’t stop there. Just like the Alpha, we’ll be online with you providing daily updates during both Beta weekends, so make sure you follow @InfinityWard on Twitter and check back here so you don’t miss any important intel. Want to know how you can your hands on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta? Click HERE to get all the details! And again, everyone at Infinity Ward, THANK YOU! SOURCE: Reddit The post Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Open PS4 Alpha Ends, Infinity Ward shares recap appeared first on Charlie INTEL. View the full article
  10. 1. The One 2. Pareidolia 3. Abreacadavre 4. The Gift
  11. For staff it used to be that way yes, but I don't want to limit the competition like that, at least not right now. If you have a serious problem with that, write a message in the staff room on Discord. Thank you Rad for your nom, warms my heart.
  12. Reigning Dota 2 champions OG have just won the ninth International (TI9), taking the trophy - sorry, Aegis of Champions - home to Europe from Shanghai, China alongside a cool £15m in prize money. They also set a new record, becoming the first team - and first individual players - to win the championship twice. Earlier in the day, after technical issues made for a delayed start, PSG-LGD, part-owned by oil-rich football club Paris Saint-Germain, saw themselves knocked out in the semi-finals by runners up Team Liquid. Had they gone through, PSG-LGD would have faced OG in a rematch of last year's final. The Chinese team's status as the last remaining "home" side in Shanghai meant their earlier best-of-three match played out in front of a raucous, packed-out Mercedes Benz Arena, and despite their team being knocked out in the morning that atmosphere continued throughout. Both finalists were previous winners of the tournament, guaranteeing us a record-breaking two-time winner. Team Liquid won the tournament two years ago at TI7 in 2017, earning $10.9m, while OG came out on top last year for TI8, earning $11.2m along the way - that was despite OG's status as huge outsiders, when they lost half of their team to a rival side, EG, a few weeks before the tournament. OG's two wins in a row means the players have amassed nearly $27m (approximately £22m) between them in the last 13 months. Read more View the full article
  13. Extension confirmed! Infinity Ward has announced that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Open PlayStation 4 Alpha will be extended. The Modern Warfare 2v2 Alpha on PS4 was originally set to end on August 25 at 10AM PT, but the studio has now stated that it end in “few hours” from now. The Alpha featured 5 Gunfight maps, including 2 new maps, alongside a variety of weapons and a OSP mode variation. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Open Alpha is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and began on Thursday, August 22. The studio announced this exclusive PS4 testing Alpha at gamescom last week. For players on Xbox One and PC, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be playable with the Open Beta coming in September. Gunfight mode will be included as part of the Beta. The post Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Open PS4 Alpha Extended appeared first on Charlie INTEL. View the full article
  14. I believe you Can only get UOTM ever 6 months. Just saying
  15. In a bid to preserve a generation's worth of Flash games, a new open-source project hopes to create, and share, a Flash emulator. The project - which comes just a few weeks after Adobe announced plans to "end-of-life Flash" - hopes to secure a way to play Flash games in your browser via emulation. Mike Welsh, who has previously worked on the Flash-to-HD video converter Swivel for Newgrounds, is currently leading the project. "Over the past few months Mike has been working on a way to play Flash in the browser via emulation," said an announcement on Newgrounds (thanks, PC Gamer). "We were gonna surprise everyone this fall by suddenly supporting classic content here on NG but it leaked early and the cat is out of the bag. You can see the progress at Ruffle.rs!" Read more View the full article
  16. One piece of feedback some users have been sharing with Infinity Ward in regards to the Gunfight mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is that some of the lethal equipment are not strong enough compared to the weapons overall, and result in hit markers many times in matches. Infinity Ward has confirmed on Reddit that there’s a specific reason for this feeling, and it’s exclusive to the Gunfight 2v2 mode. All players in Gunfight mode have Blast Shield enabled to prevent lethal equipment from being the main source of kills, as they wanted the mode the be about guns hence the name “Gun” fight. This is by design for 2v2s, everyone has blast shield on by default. We made this change because there was a point during development where there were more kills with lethal equipment than with guns and “lethal fight” just doesn’t have the same ring to it Don’t worry lethal equipment is strong in the core MP modes. The Lethal equipment will be strong as usual, just like previous Call of Duty games, in the core Multiplayer modes available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. SOURCE: Reddit The post All players in Modern Warfare Gunfight mode have blast shield on by default appeared first on Charlie INTEL. View the full article
  17. I'd like to nominate @anonymous for the brilliant Leylines thread which has sparked some great discussion: I'd also like to nominate @Mattzs for his own brilliant contributions to the aforementioned thread, as well as activity in the Discord. And lastly I'll nominate @Lenne for these lovely UotM threads as well as consistent activity and responses to new threads.
  18. You are able to nominate, Cal, all good. : )
  19. (If I'm able), I'd like to nominate @anonymous for his brilliant posts this month.
  20. Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has finally hit 100 million subscribers. Though he lost the battle to be the first channel to hit the milestone to Indian music channel T-Series, last night he finally crossed the threshold himself, becoming the first solo creator to do so. To put that into perspective, there's no-one else even close to this achievement; as Forbes points out, 5-Minutes Crafts is the closest with 60 million subs. Read more View the full article
  21. PlayStation has shown off a handful of new screenshots from the latest PS Original game getting the remaster treatment, MediEvil. Promising "much of the original game remains intact", the PS Blog takes us through a hands-on tour before sharing a number of caps that directly compare the PS1 graphics with that of the remake. MediEvil is the tale of Sir Dan Fortesque, a centuries-dead knight who finds himself resurrected to once again save his kingdom, Gallowmere. Trouble is, the history books had it wrong, and whilst he's remembered as a legendary knight who'd defeated Lord Zarok a century ago, the truth is, he's... well, he's a bit crap, actually. Read more View the full article
  22. Guten Tag everyone. Another month is nearing it's end, which means we get to have some fun again, via deciding who was the best member of our little corner of the internet. Thanks again to @Boom115 for his great contributions last month and to @caljitsu for representing the cyan colours and of course his great posts as well I mean they were just seperated by one vote. Thanks to both of you. Here are the rules: 1.) You can nominate up to three people with your post. 2.) Every nomination needs at least a brief explanation and a couple of links to posts and topics made by the user you want to nominate. 3.) In order for you to nominate someone, you need at least 50 posts or a membership for at least 30 days. 4.) Do not nominate yourself. 5.) The voting poll will not be edited in any way, regardless of request, so think your vote through before doing it. You will have 5 days for nominating until the 30th August At 7 PM CET. Even in the event of me not formally closing the nominations at that time, any nominations after 7 PM CET will be ignored. Voting will last another 3 days (Monday the 2nd of September) Until 7 PM CET as well. Have fun! If you have any questions be sure to message me or write a post. Past winners: July 2019: Boom 115 June 2019: Anonymous May 2017: Blurryface March 2017: RadZakPak & Anonymous July 2016: AetherialVoices June 2016: Spider May 2016: DragonGJ March 2016: anonymous & shirtlesservice February 2016: NaBrZHunter January 2016: Ragdo11706 December 2015: Tac November 2015: Kill_All_Monkeys October 2015: NaBrZHunter September 2015: Shooter August 2015: Lenne May 2015: Amantha77 June 2015: RequixEclipse April 2015: Chopper March 2015: ZombieOfTheDead February 2015: Nightmare Voyager January 2015: Black Hand Smith December 2014: Stop Mocking Me0 November 2014: Undad October 2014: The boring guy September 2014: the_clay_bird August 2014: GRILL July 2014: InfestLithium & ETEl2NAL407 June 2014: Jolteon May 2014: Naitrax February 2014-March 2014: DeathBringerZen January 2014: Hells Warrrior November 2013: 83457 October 2013: Boom115 September 2013: Samara & Slade August 2013: TheBSZombie June 2013-July 2013: RequixEclipse May 2013: FatedTitan April 2013: Flammenwerfer March 2013: GRILL February 2013: InfestLithium January 2013: MurderMachineX December 2012: PINNAZ & Lenne November 2012: Electric Jesus October 2012: punkrockzombie September 2012: Jake-Duck August 2012: MyLittleHellhound July 2012: Rissole25 June 2012: PerfectKhaos May 2012: MixMasterNut April 2012: BlindBusDrivr March 2012: way2g00d February 2012: Superhands January 2012: Ehjookayted December 2011: Tom852 November 2011: OstonedshooterO October 2011: LiamFTWinter September 2011: Phillips455 August 2011: Faust July 2011: TacticalInsertion June 2011: MrRoflWaffles May 2011: xAvengedLullabyX April 2011: cjdog23 March 2011: xXDaRkLeGeNdSXx February 2011: DigitalShadowZZZ December 2010: Graffiti Skys November 2010: Mikeh12 October 2010: Undeadwolfy September 2010: RedDeadRiot August 2010: AlphaSnake
  23. 1. I Am The One 2. Lullaby for a Deadman 3. 115 4. Dead Ended
  24. Another day of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Open PS4 Alpha is coming to an end, and Infinity Ward has shared a new update on Reddit on what they added during Day 3 and what they are continuing to track in terms of feedback points for the game. The studio has confirmed that they are looking into head glitches in the game, and more feedback points as they continue to track the community’s response. Today also saw the addition of Stack, another Gunfight map to the rotation, alongside the Gunfight OSP mode. From Infinity Ward: It’s day three of the 2v2 Gunfight Open Alpha on PS4 and we’re back with another recap! Before we jump into the updates, we want to remind you that this Alpha is FREE to anyone who owns a PlayStation and you don’t need PlayStation Plus or a preorder to download and play. Okay, let’s get to business! Fixes and Content That Are Currently Live: Stack: A new 2v2 map is now in rotation! Tomorrow is the last day of the Alpha, so be sure to hop online and check out all 5 maps! Gunfight OSP: Instead of spawning in with a loadout, Gunfight: OSP is a variant where you’ll need to pick up weapons, lethals, and tacticals in the map Issues We’re Looking Into: We know this isn’t all of the feedback you’ve shared over the past three days, but here are some updates on a few issues we’ve frequently been seeing: Head glitches Explosives that cause damage through multiple surfaces Inconsistencies with penetrable surfaces (metal containers, wood surfaces, etc.) Freezing that results in a black screen when loading into a match Picking up equipment in Gunfight: OSP won’t auto-pickup if you press square within a certain distance While playing, if you experience an error and see an error code on screen, please take a quick picture and send it to us on here or via Twitter. It’s super helpful in determining what’s causing the problem. To see what other issues we’re looking into, check out our Day Two recap HERE. Lastly, thank you again for taking part in our Alpha. The suggestions, feedback, and bugs you’ve shared with us just goes to show how genuine and passionate you are about this game…and this is just a small dose of what you’ll see compared to the upcoming Beta in September and launch in October, so thank you! Be sure to check back for more information and follow us on Twitter, @InfinityWard, where we’ll be sharing your best clips, answering questions, and more. SOURCE: Reddit The post Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 Open PS4 Alpha – Day 3 Recap and Updates appeared first on Charlie INTEL. View the full article
  25. Last week
  26. 1. I Am The Well - Old School vs New School, and you know what, I Am The Well continues to be a great listen. 2. Pareidolia - Beautiful, simply beautiful. 3. 115 - Still fantastic to this day, the quintessential zombies song. 4. Dead Ended - Raw and emotional.
  27. Welcome back, ladies and germs!. Here are the results of round 3... ... and the current bracket: Round 4 is here! RULE TIME! Below I will list the competitors in this round using numbers. You will make your own list of numbers, with your choice next to the corresponding number and optionally an explanation why. So for example if the match-up is: 1. Sam vs Eddie You would reply: 1. Eddie - Blue eyes are badass. After 1 week I will tally up the votes and write up a post for the next round. Let's get into round 4! 1. The One vs I Am The Well 2. Lullaby for a Deadman vs Pareidolia 3. 115 vs Abracadavre 4. Dead Ended vs The Gift Rock the vote!
  28. That's curtains for round 3! 1. The One (4) vs Coming Home (1) 2. Where are we going? (Blood) (2) vs I Am The Well (3) 3. Lullaby for a Deadman (4) vs Rusty Cage (1) 4. We All Fall Down (1) vs Pareidolia (4) 5. Beauty of Annihilation (1) vs 115 (4) 6. Abracadavre (3) vs Dead Again (2) 7. Dead Ended (4) vs Won't Back Down (1) 8. The Gift (4) vs Shockwave (1)
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