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Ahnenerbe and Frederick the Great: A theory about Nazi Zombies

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9 March, 1152 was a special day. It was the day Frederick (the Great) I, also known as Frederick Barbarossa, was crowned to King of Holy Germany and later of the whole Holy Roman Empire. He is considered to be the Holy Roman Empire's greatest medieval emperors ever. He combined qualities that made him look almost superhuman to his fellow Germans: his longevity, his ambition, his extraordinary skills at organization, his battlefield acumen and his political perspicuity. Unfortunately for him, 38 years later, in 1190, he died like a normal human being. He had brought Germany a huge amount of wealth, respect and land, more than most moments before and later in the German history. He was seen like a true hero for Germany, and therefore many German citizens did not wanted to believe that he actually died.

Image result for frederik barbarossaImage result for holy roman empire

This causes that Frederick is the subject of many legends, including that of a sleeping hero. Legend says he is not dead, but asleep with his knights in a cave in the Kyffhäuser mountain in Thuringia, Germany, and that when the ravens cease to fly around the mountain he will awake and restore Germany to its ancient greatness...


A small 800 years later. According to the legend, Frederick Barbarossa still lays in the cave of Kyffhäuser, waiting for the moment to resurrect. But the rusty years after World War I had made Germany broken. Out of the ashes of the old Imperial Germany, something new had risen: the NSDAP (a.k.a the Nazi's), with as leader: Adolf Hitler. We all know the story that followed...


What you might did not knew, was that in 1935 SS officer Himmler had created the group "Ahnenerbe". Remember this name, people, because I believe this will be one of the main subjects of WWII Zombies. Ahnenerbe was a project in Nazi Germany to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan Race. The Ahnenerbe group later conducted experiments and launched expeditions in an attempt to prove that the mythological Aryans, a tall, pale and blue-eyed race, once had ruled the world.


Investigation to Atlantis, expeditions to Tibet and Antartica in order to find gateways to the mythical Agartha, land of the Vril Ya (or Aryans), experiments on human subjects to make them "Aryan", it happened all in this group. "Hey" you may think: "Agartha and Vril, I know that". You're true, it are the same Agartha and Vril Ya I talk about here. In case you are not familar with it, here's a short summary about it by @Tac:


There were two inhabitable planets revolving around a star, Aldebaran, and the population of the Aldebaran system was divided into the master race, known as the Aryans, and subservient lower races.  However, as their sun expanded and the planets became uninhabitable, they left.  They visited many places in the Universe, with their first stop at planet named Marduk, in what is now the asteroid belt, followed by Mars, and shortly after that, they came to Earth and settled in Sumeria. They split into two factions, some migrating towards the Gobi Desert and the other heading north, landing in the mythical Hyperborea, which some say is modern day Siberia.  Eventually, they created the subterranean world known as Agartha, with the capital city of Shambhala, in the Earth’s Core, Hollow Earth.  As the center of intellectual progress and enlightenment, and is powered by the Black Sun, or Schwarze Sonne, a black star located within the Earth itself said to contain and radiate immense power, called Vril Energy.  It’s been said that there many entrances to Agartha, including Antarctica, the Pyramids of Gaza, and the city of Shangri-La in the Himalayas. Over time, evidence began to show that this Vril was the very lifeblood of the Aryans; the source of powerful psychic and technological advancements among their race.  When employing this energy source via Vril rods, they could achieve great telekinetic abilities and through great acts of medicine, could live up to the age of one thousand years.  However, if used the wrong way, those rods could be used for great destruction.

Here's a link to the wikipedia page of Ahnenerbe, take a look to it if you have time. Espessially the expeditions are pretty interesting.



But we continue: Like I said, Ahnenerbe did more than these harmless expeditions, namely, experiments on humans. You may know the horrific story about Mengele, the doctor of Auschwitz, trying to make Jew's brown eyes blue, blue like the eyes of "Aryan übermenschen" (German for superhuman). These experiments on human subjects, many concentration camp inmates, provide a horrifying constellation of facts that can lead to the theory about Nazi experiments to reanimate the dead. Because blue eyes and white skin aren't the only special things about Aryans: Legend says the inhabitants of Agartha are immortal. Wolfram Sievers, director of Ahnenerbe, oversaw a particularly horrific program of medical testing on concentration camp inmates, some of which ran parallel to the concept of raising the dead...


The Second World War begins by Germany's invasion of Poland. During this invasion and the following occupation, many Polish paintings and art are fallen into the hands of the Nazi's. Probably the most known one: Raphael's portrait. Up to this day, it is still unknown what happened with it...

Image result for raphael portrait nazi poland


followed by the capitulation of Nazi-Germany and the Axis Powers. On 28 April 1945, at a munitions factory depot called Bernterode, in the German region of Thuringia, 40,000 tons of ammunition were found. Inside the mine, investigating American officers noticed what looked like a brick wall, painted over to match the color of the mineshaft. The wall turned out to be 5 feet thick, the mortar between the bricks not yet fully hardened. Breaking through with pickaxes and hammers, the officers uncovered several vaults containing a wealth of Nazi regalia, including a long hall hung with Nazi banners and filled with uniforms, as well as hundreds of stolen artworks: tapestries, books, paintings and decorative arts. There is a very big chance that Raphael's portrait was somewhere in here too. In a separate chamber, the soldiers came upon a ghoulish spectacle: four monumental coffins, containing the skeletons of the 17th century Prussian king, Frederick the Great, Field Marshall von Hindenburg, and his wife. The Nazis had seized human relics of deceased Teutonic warlords. The fourth coffin was empty, but bore an engraved plate with the name of its intended occupant: Adolf Hitler. The return of these corpses to their proper resting places was a military operation called “Operation Bodysnatch”.


The mine the American soldiers had stumbled upon was a Nazi facilty, built upon the Kyffhäuser mountain, where the body of King Frederick lays. It was never clear what the Nazis planned to use these specific bodies for, but conspiracy theorists offered no shortage of suggestions. There is a possibility that it was an Ahnenerbe facility, where they try to resurrect dead bodies. Their final goal? Raising Germany's greatest leaders, including Frederick Barbarossa.


When the ravens cease to fly around the mountain he will awake and restore Germany to its ancient greatness...



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