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Solo easter egg on SoE????

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Koslans    39

As far as I know, it requires 4 players. I've heard they released mods for the old maps on pc, so you can do the easter eggs on solo. I'm expecting it to happen for BO3 someday as well. As for now, good luck on finding a team ;) 

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Smok3y    42

it is 4, i believe you can do up to killing the shadow man part solo (someone correct me here) but the giant worm wont spawn?

I think it may also be possible to do it with 3 on the basis that you had 4 at some point but 1 may have been disconnected, you cant however bring someone else in but if you can do the last part with 3 ive heard it would work.

But yeah, 4 is the number for this one :)

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