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  1. JJMFP

    RMS Titanic

    What Are The Best Possible Playable Areas? I am extremely excited about being able to step up onto the RMS Titanic for the first time. In this post, I will attempt to highlight the best possible places for Call Of Duty to give us access to explore. I hope you enjoy this detailed analysis of the ship and my views on playable areas and story. Theories are highlighted in Red. Boat Deck - This is the top of the ship and has the most visible space, besides the bow and the stern. It is on this level that you will find the first class entrance staircase and elevators. There is plenty of room to run the first and second class promenade with the restricted access "Officers Promenade" and Wheel House near the front. The boat deck is an obvious choice. Notable sleeping areas include Captain Edward John Smith's quarters and William McMaster Murdoch's sleeping area, which is the ships first officer. We will more than likely have to get to the Wheel House at some point. I think getting up to this restricted area may be a major plot point. A Deck (Promenade) - Deck A has by far the best room for running within an indoor environment. A Deck hosts the First Class Lounge, Reading and Writing Room, the First Class Smoke Room, and large Promenade that has plenty of room to get around those newly turned passengers. In the bow of the ship's A Deck is more sleeping quarters with a square hallway servicing them. Notable passengers of this deck included Washington Augustus Roebling II, who was an engineer and the overseer of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge and served in the American Civil War. He was present during the Battle of Gettysburg. This deck has plenty of space for Treyarch to work with. I can see zombie spawn points inside windows and lifeboats as well as in other rooms on the inside. As a popular place to go and get fresh air, this will be great for hordes of zombies and could be the starting point for our characters. B Deck - There is nothing notable about B Deck, other than it hosts the second class smoke room. I cannot see having access to but maybe one small area of rooms and maybe the restaurant. With plenty of dining spaces on the floor above, I believe B Deck will be significantly blocked off. What it does have is the 3rd Class Promenade (Poop Deck) and the Forecastle (where the crow's nest is) and these two areas may have room for concern. "ICEBERG"!!!!!! As far as internal ship decks, this is the most open and manageable. We will more than likely be able to explore most of this deck as it will be the majority of the time we spend fighting zombies. This deck has great potential to place must get items in order to build Shields, Wonder Weapons, and the sort. I see Pack-a-Punch being on the Poop Deck and needing to unlock in a particular kind of way. I am anxious to see how much of these theories hit the mark. C Deck - More rooms and cramped spaces. Coming down this far would mean locating something specific. I will leave it up to you to decide if this deck is even used. D Deck - Now this is where it gets a little interesting. Remember the First Class entrance staircase from the Boat Deck. When it reaches D Deck, the infamous Grand Staircase opens up to the Reception Room which then leads to the Dining Saloon. This one deck is probably the most famous deck due to its lavish design and first class appeal. Here you will also find the Galley (Kitchen) and the Second Class Dining Saloon. All of which would make great areas for the game, but one stands out to me the most. Left of center, butted up to the Second Class Saloon, on the right side of the ship you will find the Hospital and Infectious Disease Room. OH JOY! Besides B Deck, Deck D is the other deck we will be frequenting most often. I can see a sort of back and forth in the near future as well as some "Timed Team Effort" Puzzles. Get your Mic's ready because communication is definitely going to be a must here. E F G Decks - Decks E F & G host more rooms, Baggage, a swimming pool, Racquet Court, and Third Class Dinning. It has nothing else notable than these amenities. Deck EDeck F Deck G Orlop Deck - This last deck hosts a Refrigerated Cargo, First & Second Class Cargo, Boiler Rooms, Champagne and Wine Storage (Oh Nicolai Belinski), and Mailroom. Below the Orlop Deck, you will find the Reciprocating Engine Room, Coal Storage, Boilers, Turbine Engine Room, and all 16 water tight bulkheads labeled A-P. The Mail Room is of importance. Since the Telegrapher had a HUGE part in the ships sinking, coming back to the mailroom is likely. Mail left by others may tell how next to proceed. I am not suggesting a full replica by no means, but the Titanic has massive potential in the Black Ops Zombies Epic. Lots of narrow corridors and training rooms for crawler keepers gives me hope that this map will live up to the legend of the RMS Titanic. With The Call of Duty brand getting an overhaul, and the concentration on large multiplayer, I am sure that all the extra attention that BLOPS Zombies is getting is sure to impress. Comment on your theories as to possible story and playable areas. Let's give this the full on treatment
  2. If Call of Duty has taught me anything, It is that O4 come with the territory. They got rid of O4 in BLOPS2 just to release an unexpected Origins Map. I wouldn't fully count them out just yet.
  3. Blundergat I have been away for far too long. Once again, Black Ops is the talk of the town and I am extremely happy about the new changes to come. It has been suggested that a weapon crossover is possible for the new Call of Duty game mode "Blackout", and I am almost certain that the reimagined zombie map "Blood of the Dead" will have it's weapon available. Maybe not it's upgraded version, but this four barrel shot gun has what it takes to pack-a-punch (pun intended) in the newest game mode. What other Zombie Wonder Weapons would you like to see make the cut? My personal favorites are: Ray Gun Monkey Bomb Blundergat Golden Spork
  4. Here is an easy to follow guide so that, yes, even you can obtain this prestigious award! This achievement is great when completing the Easter Egg. It will ensure that your team has the latest and greatest "Ray Guns" that money can't buy. Follow the guide below, if you need just one step then by all means scroll down, and you will have a full sticker pack! N31L Helper Robot and Seti Comm The first and easiest sticker pack takes a little patience, time and cooperation. It is wise to garner enough money to open the spawn door without actually killing any zombies. From there, take the left-hand side bridge walk and look down at the rubbish bin in the middle. This is one of three spawn points that reside in the "Portal" area. This spot is dedicated for the "Boom Box". If found in this position, pick it up. If you do not find it in this spot, then the boom box will be in one of two other areas around the map. Don't fret though, there is still more to the portal area yet. The next thing that can possibly spawn here is the calculator. After coming out of the tunnel-bridge, you will be on the right hand side of the portal. On the last bench, just before the portal and opposite the zombies spawn window, you may find the calculator. If you do, pick it up! Once again, if it is not there, it will be somewhere else. Now if you had not found the boom box or calculator, that means that the umbrella that you need will be in this area. Walking past the portal, on the right hand side, in the slide area, are two benches. It will be on the first bench. Pick it up! Now that you have your umbrella from the bench, I am sure that you saw the head of a robot on the candy cart. This is N31L's head and you need to put it back on him. His body is in the center of the map, just before the portal if you are coming from the spawn area. Put his head on and start following the instructions. While finishing the five tasks, you can be looking for the other parts to the Seti-Com. These are needed for the Easter Egg as well, but right now all we are doing is achieving a full sticker pack. Here are the other locations for each part. Boom Box Next to the power switch in the Kepler System on the counter. In the underground tunnel, inside the break room where "stamin-up" is. (Still stuck in Treyarch mode) Umbrella In a dark corner next to the switch for the rocket ship trap. On the counter in polar peak, left side. Calculator Yellow table in the Kepler System, near the Chronosphere trap. Blue rubbish bin on the second floor of the Astrocade. It will be the one middle front, in between games. Back to N31L Now that you have most of the map open and presumably all of the first set of objectives complete you need to launch N31L up to get the "HOFF" and let him run his course. After, and only after he leaves, will the next piece spawn in. Do the objectives one more time by finding the auxiliary battery, placing it in the robot and completing the objectives. Battery spawn points are as follows ( to the best of my knowledge): In the Kepler System on an rubbish bin in the corner on the second floor, heading towards the magic wheel. On a bench in the Kepler System, on the right side of the gators mouth nearest to the DJ booth. In Polar peak, on the counter where you might find the Umbrella. In Polar peak, upstairs near the shooting ride in a cubby. These are the only places I have ever seen it. After you install and complete the objectives, you will now need to find the Floppy Disc. It will be located underground in the tunnel system and will always be laying on a corner of a tool bench. No need to place it in the robot once you pick it up unless you want to be able to call the "HOFF" in for 5000 dollars a pop at will. Wonder Weapons In order to obtain all of the wonder weapons, a few steps must be completed in order to gain the parts necessary to place in the corresponding alien cardboard cut-out. We will go in order starting with the "Head Cutter". First lets explain the easiest part first. Around the map, there are souvenir machines that take different colored coins. I am not going to get into the different types of traps you can gain from these machines. Instead, here is a guide to obtaining the four souvenirs needed for your sticker pack. In the Kepler System, along side the stairs that takes you up to the power switch, requires three RED coins. In Polar Peak, in the gift shop, you need to place three GREEN coins. In Journey Into Space, the first machine you come to requires three BLUE coins. In the alley behind the Astrocade, just before "Blue Bolts", needs one of each. Now without further ado, The Head Cutter I absolutely love this gun and the first step to getting it all built is to save up enough tickets to buy the Cryo-Grenades from the arcade counter. Be careful to not pick any other grenades up because the respawn rate is ridiculous and you will need your tickets for later. Once you have the grenades, go to the entrance to Polar Peak and train zombies around so that you have plenty to work with. Throwing a Cryo-Grenade at the beasts head will cause him to blow ice cold air, freezing the zombies in place. Shoot their heads off until you hear a Yeti's growl. This step is finished and your battery is ready for pick up, in the Polar Peak gift shop, in the hand of the Yeti cut-out. That's two out of three! The next step is the same for all four Wonder Weapon stickers. It is coaxing Spaceland's mascot Groot into the jaws of the alligator in the Kepler System. The teeth will break and you can replace them with gold teeth found in the Astrocade prize counter. Simply buy with tickets and place them in. On top of that, you will have needed to ride the teleporters from each location to open the central teleporter up to Pack-a-Punch. Inside the room, you will need to press the action button on the two ufos sitting on the counter to the left of the projector. They will fly out and in each area, near a trap, they will fly around awaiting the next step. For the Head Cutter, you will need to train between 15 and 20 zombies in the small area before the gift shop in Polar Peak. Activate the trap, a large laser beam and have it kill the train of zombies. You can slide under this and it will help things along. Contrary to most beliefs, I do believe that it is number based by a single use, instead of the multiple uses people originally believed. Once done, the afterburners on the ufo will change colors and it will take on a new path. now all you have to do is kill zombies to fill it with souls and it will drop an energy orb that is the same color as the afterburners. This one will be orange. Pick it up and while you are at it also buy the Arcane Core out of the box in the corner. Make sure it is on a gun you plan to keep. Grab the orb and head to the gators mouth. In the mouth of the gator, you will shoot one of the four covers off the machine located inside. it will then grant you with a shard. Congratulations, your gun is ready to build. Go pick it up. The shard steps are the same for the rest of the guns. The only change is the location and the traps used. The Astrocade, Journey to Space, and Kepler System all have ufos that need the same attention. Use the traps and fill the ufos with souls. The Face Melter This requires a little dexterity. Turn on the "Future of Travel" portal, throw grenade in and wait for it to return red. Now pick it up, throw it, pick it up, and throw the grenade all the way to the PaP teleporter. Throw it inside in exchange for the battery part. The Dischord This battery is not hard to get but takes some searching. After picking up some cool 80's style glasses, you are going to need to put them on to find a shoot red targets throughout the map. You need five in total, but there are at least ten locations. Best place to start is in the Astrocade, because it has the most by far. In spawn, the hedges between the two paths. Under the bridge, heading to Polar Peak, seen from the slides area. In the Astrocade, behind the alien cardboard cutout. Astrocade, in a video game on the left side of the dance floor. Astrocade, top floor in red rubbish bin. Astrocade, on the ceiling where you turn on the power. Astrocade, behind the prize counter. In the alleyway, behing the Astrocade, in the shopping window. In the bumper cars, on the backside of a car. On top of Polar Peak, visable from the Astrocade entrance closet to spawn. I am sure there are more, but these tend to be the most popular placements. Shoot them and grab your battery from the dance floor. The Shredder The battery for the Shredder is located on the back of the log flume. It is visible with the glasses but not needed to achieve. Throw a grenade or shoot the back a few times to dislodge it from its perch. Then go to the Flashing Fountains and find the purple lighted water spout. Pick up your battery! Exquisite Now that everyone has had a chance to grab an Arcane Core, and secure all their parts for their wonder weapon, the next step is simple. Everyone travel to the Pack-a-Punch room (Projection Room) and place there orbs that they obtained earlier into the machine on the left. Bingo Bango Bongo, you are done. Just head over to the gators mouth one last time and pay a 2000 dollar fee for your upgraded arcane core weapon (Highly recommended for the Easter Egg).
  5. JJMFP

    Ritual Pedestals on Revelations

    I did a guide of sorts.
  6. JJMFP

    Ritual Pedestals on Revelations

    I am going to be on tonight I guess. I have been a bit busy and all. If not tonight, tomorrow for sure. Gorod is difficult, but worth the game play.
  7. JJMFP

    Revelations Easter Egg

    I have updated the thread, just in case you wanted to know
  8. JJMFP

    Revelations Easter Egg

    Thanks Buddy, I have updated the thread with what I know and have removed the MotD reference because you make a great point. the second reel is also up on the thread
  9. JJMFP

    Revelations Easter Egg

    TROPHIES The trophies that coincide with the Easter Egg are both classified as secret. They are: FOR THE GOOD OF ALL - They Key must be opened A BETTER TOMORROW - Complete the cycle STEP ONE (1) GRAVESTONES Within the spawn area, which will be known from here on out as the Church, there are four (4) gravestones to the left of the truck that originally house the Pack-A-Punch machine. If viewed closely, you will notice our characters names on each of them. Shooting them with a pistol in the order in which our original four disposed of their alter egos will create an audio and visual que, as well as create a spark in the trucks passenger side headlamp. Thinking of the first set of gravestones as the left side and the second set of gravestone that you have to access by clearing the debris as the right side, here is the order in which you shoot them: Shoot the Right gravestone on the Left side (close to where you spawn, this pair does not require the purchase of the debris door) Shoot the Left gravestone on the Right side (after you have purchased the debris) Shoot the Left gravestone on the Left side Shoot the Right gravestone on the Right side STEP TWO (2) CORRUPTION ENGINES There are four (4) "ENGINES" that need to be turned on throughout the map. These not only turn the power on for the map area in which they reside, but they also are responsible for opened the doorways through to the Nacht Der Untoten area in which you will find Juggernog and the Pack A Punch machine. By paying 500 points, you turn these engines on and for thirty (30) seconds must fight of an incoming horde of Keepers and Crawlers. After they are complete, you can now use the alters in the middle for 2000 points and shoot an energy beam from the alter killing zombies and bouncing beams of items in the map, as well as blue space rocks in the sky. The use of these alters may be a step to the Easter Egg but has yet to be found. The locations of these engines are as follows: The Church - This is the Spawn area and is directly in front of you when you spawn into the game. Der Eisendrache - The area of the map that is directly themed from the map Der Eisendrache. It is directly in front of the pyramid. Mob of the Dead - The area of the map that is directly themed from the map Mob of the Dead. It is located just after the Origins area on the map which is the second area after you purchase the debris door to shoot the gravestones. Verrukt - he area of the map that is directly themed from the map Verruckt. If you consider the four locations to be a compass and the Church is south, then this area is the north sector of the map. As always, when more details surface as to how to use these Alters/Engines, I will update this thread with that information. SUMMONING ALTER There are three (3) pieces throughout the map that go together in order to build the Keeper Summoner. They are the Skull, the Purple Gemstone, and the Flag (think SoE). The following are each ones locations on the map: SKULL IN VERRUCKT On the bookshelf - If you are standing directly in front of Speed-Cola the skull will be on your right hand side Wheelchair - Upstairs in a wheelchair leading out to the Corruption Engine Wheelchair - Upstairs in the wheelchair just as you are coming to the jump pad that is next to the Wonderfizz-Orb machine PURPLE GEMSTONE IN KINO/DER EISENDRACHE/SHANGRI-LA Shangri-La - Along the wall in the PRIMIS statute temple in a basket covered by burlap Der Eisendrache - On the side of the pyramid facing the Corruption Engine Kino - On a small table outside of the Kino Der Toten theater just before the jump pad FLAG IN ORIGINS/MOB OF THE DEAD Mob of the Dead - In the cafeteria room on the wall Origins - Near the Generator, across the land bridge on the mound. Origins - On the top of the excavation site, opposite of the Wonderfizz Orb machine These pieces can be built at any summoning alter location. Once built, you can pay 5000 points to summon a Keeper, much like the robot in SoE. At the moment, it seems that the only purpose for this is to spawn the Keeper as a protection agent. If and when more information arises, it will be added to the thread. OBTAIN AND UPGRADE THE APOTHICON SERVANT Once you have finished with the Corruption Engines and have built the summoning alter for the Keeper Protector you are going to want to equip yourself. Someone on the team must have the Apothicon Servant and as many people as possible should equip Little Arnies and a Thunder Gun for Margwas. Make your way into Nact Der Untoten and use the control panel upstairs to track the giant Apothicon creature. Here is how you get to the Pack-a-Punch machine. Now you are ready to uprgrade the Apothicon Servant. There are several orbs that you must place your crosshairs on with the weapon in your hand, then aim in and shoot to collect. They are blue cubes that can be difficult to see, but here are their locations Verruckt - upstairs, go to the very end near to the jump pad. Face away from pad and look up Nacht der Untoten - from the upper floor, outside to the left of the wall weapon Mob of the Dead - very hard to spot, above the Corruption Engine, look straight up towards the massive orb Shangri-La - above the temple Verruckt - orb is reachable from the Corruption Engine, face the temple and look to the right Once you have collected these cubes/orbs, make your way back into the belly of the beast and you will now be able to upgrade the Apothicon Servant. AUDIO REELS There are 3 reels around the map that need to be collected. Remember when you shot the gravestones? this is where that comes into play. The first reel is obtained by paying 5000 to the Keeper Protector and then taking him to the jump pad where a little rock has spawned. It can be difficult to spot so stay vigilant. The Keeper will perform a ritual in the area and you need to cover him and let him finish. This is not round sensitive, but time sensitive. Approximately 3 mins in length and the Keeper will vanish, dropping a reel. Pick it up and head to Nacht Der Untoten and play the reel on the audio player located on the second floor. Reel two is where you are going to use Lil Arnies. In the belly of the beast, there are a total of 9 different holes in which zombies will spawn from. In sets of three, take turns throwing Lil Arnie into these holes, one Arnie per hole. After the first three, Margwas will spawn. Defeat them and repeat, making sure that you use different holes each time. At the end of this, a reel will spawn on the middle bridge, just above the green pool of gas. Play this reel ion Kino Der Toten. SOPHIA'S SKELETON (Photo Courtesy of Accelerated Ideas) Pictured above are the three locations in which to find the skeleton of Sophia's body. Shoot these areas and then shoot them with the Apothicon Servant to collect. #1 - Shangri-La, stand in front of the Stamin-Up machine. Look up slightly and shoot the cracked stone to free the skull which then floats in the air. #2 - Origins, look outside the map to the right of the Keeper Protector panel. Look inside the fire where the giants footprint is. #3 - Verruckt, look outside the map, to the left of the Corruption Engine where the fountain/waterfall is. #4 - Spawn, to the left of the Corruption Engine facing the church. Look towards the broken pieces of church wall, slightly middle right in the pack of floating rocks. #5 - Nacht, upper floor. Face wall gun, turn left and look towards the red beam in the sky. Shoot the underside of the stone ceiling in distance. #6 - Der Eisendrache, on one of the walls that you wall-run on to get the free perk bottle. Specifically, the bone is located in the bottom right hand corner of the third wall that you jump onto. You might need to repeat this twice, once for shooting the bone with the PaP weapon and then again to suck the bones with the Apothicon Servant. Once you have collected the body parts, head over to Nacht and you will find them on the second floor, laying in the middle area. Use the AS once again and they will dissapear, revealing the body of Sophia. One more shot with the AS will retrieve the final Audio Reel. RITUAL TABLE TURRETS Remember the Corruption Engines? Now you have to pay 2000 to utilize them to shoot the blue space rocks. Bounce the beam off the rock and if you have done it correctly, the turret will kick you off and the beam will remain on. Do this for all 4 tables. SOPHIA AND THE TELEPORTER Go back to Nacht Der Untoten and Watch as Sophia, now a giant mechanical eye that resembles the one in Gorod Krovi, floats towards Kino Der Toten. Going back to step one, you are going to want to grab the Spark in the Church/Spawn area and then carefully head to the teleporter in Kino. Once everyone is inside, you will be able to teleport to Sophia's bedroom. Here you have to look on the bed and pick up the Kronium Book and place the spark on the music box above the mystery box. (The spark placement is not a requirement, but if done, every gun pulled from the box will be automatically pack-a-punched.) Once you return to Kino, Place the Book on the pulpit and get ready for the next step. APOTHICON EGG Looking in your menu screen, you will notice that an egg must be collected. You will need to hatch this egg in order to get a gateworm. Here are the possible locations. Der Eisendrache, Primis statues room Der Eisendrache, near Wunderfizz on the way to Kino Origins, underneath the dig site, opposite the KN-44 wall gun Origins, to the left of the Wunderfizz Shangri-la, bottom of the stairs near fire Shangri-la, near Stamin-Up on a broken pillar Verruckt, upstairs above speed cola, in corner Verruckt, near jump pad to Mob of the Dead Verruckt, between the test tubes from Zetsubou no Shima Kino, opposite the stage near the bowie knife Kino, down the right side of the seating area leading away from Der Eisendrache Spawn, near jump pad leading to Shangri-La Spawn, near jump pad leading to Origins Mob of the Dead, facing away from Corruption Engine, near the cell blocks These eggs are small, but noticeable. Just search around and gather 4 eggs and place them in the belly of the beast on their pedal-stools. Now kill zombies to charge and hatch the eggs. RUNES OF CREATION There are four (4) empty slots on the right side of every players inventory. In order to find the Runes, players need to go to four (4) different area of the map and sort of hunt for the runes as if they were metal and you had a metal detector. When close enough to a rune, your controller should vibrate rather intensely. Press the Interact button and a worm should appear. Once it appears, it will spin around and transform into a rune. Simply pick it up. Here are the locations: SHADOW/PURPLE RUNE - In Origins ELECTRIC/BLUE RUNE - In Der Eisendrache FIRE/YELLOW RUNE - Spawn (Church) LIGHT/WHITE RUNE - Shangri-La SIMON SAYS Now that all the runes are found, head to the projection room in Kino Der Toten (Widows Wine) and have each player stand on a symbol. You are now being teleported to the boss room. Go to the opposite side of the room and interact with the book on the stand. Remember the symbols and their order. Go back across the room and wait for the symbols to appear. One by One, and in the correct sequence, interact with the correct symbol in the pattern. Repeat until all four have been interacted with. Now get ready for the 4 phases. Phase 1 (Fire) - during the fire phase the floor sets alight and lava appears. Stay away from the fire. Phase 2 (Purple/Shadow) - during this phase lightning rains down from above. Stay on the move, preferably on the upper levels of the boss room.. Phase 3 (Blue/Crazy Place) - walls will appear like in the crazy place, try and avoid getting trapped. Phase 4 (Antigravity) - stay inside the spotlights to avoid getting hurt. Complete all 4 phases and you will be rewarded with the summoning key. Now you simply throw the key at these following locations: Mob of the Dead - stand on the foot bridge facing away from the Corruption Engine. Note the body handing from the ceiling. Throw the key at the poster in the cell slightly to the left in the distance. A music box should spin around with Samantha inside. Origins - throw key at the grave stone which is located at the top of the dig site, far corner behind the tunnel leading down to Mob of the Dead. You need to jump to see this one clearly, it's on top of a wooden platform. Shangri-la - throw at the focusing stone (pole with blue ball on the end) which is at the top of the stairs to the left. Verruckt - throw at the water fountain to the left of the Corruption Engine. Der Eisendrache - throw at clock, above and opposite Corruption engine. Nacht - throw at the red barrel which is outside the window between Spawn and Der Eisendrache entrances. Kino - throw at the huge chandelier Now it is time!!!!! Head back to Kino and enter the teleporter. Place the Summoning Key at one of the green lights and collect souls nearby while killing zombies. Once it is charged, pick it up and throw it to Sophia in the middle of the room so that she can shoot a beam at the Shadow Man. Assist her by shooting him and repeat this step until he is inside the Apothicons mouth. Interact with the book one last time and the battle is over. Congratulations, You have just completed the biggest let down in BO3 history. The cut scene can be found in another thread and I hope that this tutorial helps. If any changes needs to be made, please let me know. Cheers!!!
  10. JJMFP

    Nothing Surprises Me

    I have read on the forum that it is unlikely that this Easter Egg hinges on the Spark from the truck light. It really would not surprise me a bit if you could lose the spark and forfeit your chances of not completing the Easter Egg. If this in fact the last hurrah, and the Easter Egg has not been found yet, then I would say that there is a good possibility that the reason we have not found it yet is because someone lost the spark. Why would they give us the spark in the beginning and make it so damn difficult to keep while maneuvering around the map. Let's see, 4 players, 4 generators, and Blue Lightning? Sounds like it is at least worth checking into. I have not tried it yet, but @noobslayer935 might be on to something. I will be trying to do this later in the week. That spark is the key, I'm sure ,of it. Unlock it's mystery and the Easter Egg will be revealed!!!
  11. I am not seeing a lot of focus on these laser beams. I have successfully bounced them off the large blue space rocks but cannot seem to coordinate all beams to be lit at the same time. I am almost certain that it is an Easter Egg Step but can't seem to figure it out. Lets get some more focus on this $2000 buy. Seems a bit high to pay for just to kill a meager amount of zombies.
  12. JJMFP

    How many, and how big is the ???

    It looked to me as if it has taken a little from all the maps that are relevant and intertwined them into one. I saw what looked like a MotD section with barbed wire and parts of the trailer remind me of origins. The margwas and apothicon servant from shadows of evil, DG4 from Der Eisendrache, and a host of other little things that has led me to believe that, if it was ever relevant to this time frame, then you will likely see it again. Once there was no Upgraded AS in Gorod Krovi, I automatically knew we would see it revelations. Blundell had already confirmed that we would see it again. I think this will be bigger than SOE , something similar to Origins. I am not ruling anything out. I can't wait to play it though.
  13. Seeings how I buy every Call of Duty title, regardless of zombies or not, I have high hopes for this installment. Here are a few of my wants: Let it be a bit on the whimsical side. If anyone has ever tried to use the new whimsical gummball in BO3, they know that it lacked its merits almost immediatley upon using it. Let's get back to a fun and refreshing take on the franchise. Change the game mechanics, just a bit. Suggestion, even though the game is probably 98% finished, would be to change the monetary system into something else. No more points and no more weapon buys. Create a sort of objective/unlock for weapons and/or doors. In short, let the points go, as they tend to shape the gameplay in a big way. Kill the main Easter Egg and put into place some form of objective/goal that needs to be reached in order to progress the rounds, much like in point 2 above, lets see some puzzles and objectives like we see in games such as Resident Evil. For Example, on the Giant, a certain number of kills would be necessay in the starting room to power the console that unlocks the doors on either side. Then from there, you must complete a variety of other easter eggs/objects to unlock other perks and doors in the map. Let's get back to killing Zombies rather than saving them!!! I don't think this is to much to ask. I am just hoping that it is worth the $70 that I know I am going to spend to get it. Fingers Crossed
  14. JJMFP

    BO3 Zombies Eye Spy

    Stamin-up Perk Machine? Technically in all maps, depending on which perk you get in the Giant.
  15. JJMFP

    Any advice on bomb defuse part?

    UNDEAD MAN WALKING!!! By far the easiest for all of the SOFIA challenges. Cycle through your gummballs when you are close to getting ready to accomplish the task. The more people equipped with the gumball, the better. I have found that you can knock two challenges out with the use of one gummball. COMMUNICATION!!! I think this part speaks for its self.

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