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  1. JJMFP


    In my thread about Perks, I noticed that some of the gobblegum ideas have been carried over. Remember, we are not in the Monty timeline anymore. Maybe it is just what Blundell was eluding to. Back to the basics of zombies. Lets make it a challenge again. WWII was far to easy. I beat the EE's far quicker than any other game.
  2. JJMFP

    Treyarch Zombies Eye Spy

    @Lenne I have updated the thread to include the full Treyarch Zombies experience. This thread is no longer confined to just Black Ops III. Hope this livens up the thread a bit. Thank you to @wooodd for breaching the boundaries. Surprised it took this long. My guess is the dial on the "Time Bomb"?
  3. JJMFP

    Black Ops 4 Perks

    I know! Right!!!!
  4. JJMFP

    Treyarch Zombies Eye Spy

    To easy! I should of picked something green. Good Job!
  5. JJMFP

    Treyarch Zombies Eye Spy

    I can't wait to get this going in Black Ops 4. I spy something Yellow In Zetsubou No Shima
  6. JJMFP

    Black Ops 4 Perks

    Data Miners have got there hands on some info! Possible Spoilers will follow. You have been warned. Find out which perks supposedly made the cut and what the new perks are!!! The Originals that made the cut: Now, for the new stuff. Accelerated Ideas suggests some possible uses, but I am going to weigh in on what I think these newbies will do! Let me know what you guys, and gals, think. After all, I don't think that this is confirmed, but it is quite interesting none the less.
  7. JJMFP

    Hello again! I've missed you all

    Welcome back! I have been away for a while as well and the hype of this new Black Ops has brought me back. I would like to take this time to tell you that I know what that loss feels like. I want you to remember one thing though. It is important to celebrate a loved one's life rather than dwell on their death. That is what got me through my tough encounter and I hope that it helps to bring you solace. Okay!!!! Now that the brotherly bonding is out of the way, lets get back to theory making and breaking!
  8. JJMFP

    Treyarch Zombies Eye Spy

    The Dragon Strike Stone?
  9. JJMFP

    Treyarch Zombies Eye Spy

  10. JJMFP


    I think once the game hits, the traffic will start back up.
  11. JJMFP


    Click the link above. If you have xfinity, the beta is free to you!
  12. JJMFP


    I know I have been away for a while, but it seems like I am not the only one. Where is everybody? This site used to be a bustling hub of content and conversation. We potentially have the greatest Black Ops Zombies Epic about to drop in our lap and I am not feeling as much hype. I hope that everyone gets back in time for the theories and gameplay that drew me to the site. I miss the good ole' days!
  13. JJMFP


  14. JJMFP


    So, What is your general first impression so far? I am enjoying the movements and overall feel. The sliding seems to be sped up and the distance seems to be larger. I am going to enjoy that in the Zombies Epic that they have planned for us. I have only played about ten online matches so far. I have gravitated away from multiplayer because of zombies so it just isn't a priority for me anymore. My first impression is about a 4/5. I am happy with the smoothness of the movements and the addition of the two triggers being used for health, specialist weapons, and other equipped functions. When they said this was going to be a tactical game, they were not joking. It is going to take me some time to get used to the game play but I feel Treyarch has delivered thus far. Nice start to a super hyped game!

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