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  1. I may wonder, why purchase the season pass twice?
  2. I had a game where my monkey bombs dissapeared, wasnt able to get them back from the box either
  3. Why no snow effects on XBX1?

    Saw this pop up on the reddit as well. No one had a cut & clear answer which wansnt based upon imiagination as far as i could tell.
  4. "TheGiant" Cipher

    I asked for the source where theyarch comfirmed this... Because it seems a bit wierd a light turning a diffrent color for no reason at all
  5. Audio que

    Isn't that a sound not a a quote?
  6. "TheGiant" Cipher

    You're right about most things i just disagree that there is no main easter egg on the giant.. Doesnt make sense characters are talking about it all the time. As i said the theory was far fetched( and prolly posted by me somewhere around 4 am haha) You probably know about the lights changing color on the giant. (the ones by the kn44) I've heard from people where that treyarch comfirmed that is a graphical glitch(read it like 5 times in diffrent places) You know the original source where treyarch confirmed this? Btw the killcounter i refferenced too isn't a killcounter its default on the gun.
  7. Audio que

    Nope ive been the only one alive in multiplayer matches and heard this many times. Also heard it in solo It sounds like Bridge defence active. I have wondered many times why it says that. Also when i heard it i hadn't interacted with the map in a while so i had nothing to do with it
  8. What's going on?! Any one have ideas?

    You're instagram account is protected which makes me thing you're doing this for followers somehow. However you can just upload the pic here. Just download the image and drag it into the editor
  9. What's Up with Stamin?

    Indeed it is way to effective to camp
  10. What's Up with Stamin?

    Getting slowly dragged into a group of zombies because you stop running when you get hit is indeed the worst. But hey developer mindset.
  11. Shredded paper puzzle

    I litterly typed ""the giant" black ops 3 comic" also with shredded in it
  12. Shredded paper puzzle

    I tried and co couldn't find anything on it. nice to see the complete image tough. Either way ill report the thread and get it removed. We wouldn't want dupicate info don't we
  13. Shredded paper puzzle

    Apparantly complete image has been found already, but what does it mean¿ Found this myself pls give me credit. Also worth a mention is Teddy hole(not my find)
  14. "TheGiant" Cipher

    I didn't know how long the cipher encryption key length is supposed to be then i found this so i tought it might be related And yes i know that my second far fetched theorie has nothing to do with the cypher. hence " I tried to make sense of whats on the gun alone" Also i noticed my double post late i tought i was editing but as there is no way to remove posts on this site(correct?) I felt it was useless to still edit when i already doublepostings sorry bout it m8. EDIT: the weapon thing means nothing altough I just found something else y'all might find interesting posting later
  15. "TheGiant" Cipher