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  1. Great read! My thoughts. It is hard to look at the story and make sense out of the time-loops, paradox's, its internal-bleeding, parallel universes and dimensions. All of this true of course, but Monty tells us the structure of events are not as they believed to be, the events unfolding only because they travel there in the first place. That thought invites a more '4th dimensional' view of time, because its as how Monty perceives our world. In truth those events could of already happened (singularly and not affecting neighboring dimensions,) it just takes a bit of intuition to align them [up] correctly. All this because 'time' is a complicated but vital to this story. It just makes me think we are over-complicating its structure. A simpler solution would be that by overloading the MTD we entered the Aether, and each time Ultimis traveled through each map we were opening holes, digging deeper into the fabric of it. Inevitably this created a paradox for some reason. Then after the events of Moon it picks up with the Tranzit characters. Then Maxis in turn opens up a vital organ into the aether. This is when Dimension-63 opens up... and so on, and so on. Apologies for the weird metaphor. Not only is this inconsistent, Abel! What about story before we entered the Aether through the MTD? Wouldn't that make that make the true origin (for example: Richthofen's back and forward plans with Eagles Nest, merely another part within the Aether as well? So in part, everything they've come to witness and discover in zombies is merely a projection of the Aether, a projection from Samantha and a projection from Monty. My question is... Was any of it real and why was it a lie?
  2. I meant to say that they could be 3rd dimensional beings in a 4th dimensional reality. I understand where you're coming from with your idea, I was thinking about yesterday as well, and it's that all three Edward grew up similarly in an orphanage and the words "Teddy is a Liar" were engraved in thier minds as children. We might even see certain things that transpired in previous games to mirror one another, play out similarly in the new universe. About aether. What if 'aether' only exists in his universe... ? Just a thought
  3. I actually just commented on a post talking about this exact thing... Weird... Anyway, check out my recent comment on this post. The theory somewhere in there.
  4. A better way to put it: are we human? If the diagram is suggesting that he is sending down things into this hyper-cube, like drops, Wallguns, everything basically. Wouldn't that mean that we are as physical as what's been thrown down to us? We are the fourth dimensional beings, and since the DG-2 overloaded the MTD in the original Der Reise, the fabric of space/time was shattered. The original reality, the meta-version of the one we already know in history, fell into darkness and lost forever in time. For some reason this event that caused reality shatter, would cause a restart in the system that is the universe. There was a particularity interesting Doctor Who episode that covered this concept, of reality hitting a 'restart', with Matt Smith. There was an event in the Doctors life where he had to finally die, and River Song had to be the one who did it, as this was 'written history'. River, could not let herself succumb to this event, so in turn she did not kill him. Space and time, not accustomed to this event not taking place, causes the their reality to flash before them and create an off-spring of the reality it was accustomed to dealing with. Not only did space/time have to account for everything in 'written history' is has to account for unpredictable, 'unwritten' history. Which if you are looking at a structure from beginning to end in this story, this off-spring reality would be the true Beginning of the Storyline, and after that would be the downward spiral. This would be the case because the off-spring reality created from the paradox that is the current 'Zombies Mode' [in its entirety] is a reset. Meaning, everything that you came to know and love from characters, gameplay and map design that came before the incident in Der Reise - for all intensive purposes - was merely a fabrication of what is truly going on in Monty's world. Although this is a reset, it is a lot more of a cut & paste of the reality. The new reality still carries the same traits as the first, as in physical remnants of the first world still torment them. For instance the Zombie apocalypse has not yet diminished, physical remnants like Giant Mechanical Men are scattered across the world and more. Humans that existed in the world before would not carry the same identify as they once did, going by different names and even different accents. The element of 'magic' in the first world could be lost too, the Staves for instance, relics of a time before. Everything that happened in Zombies would be unrecorded history. Monty, growing up to become a Scientist in this world and fascinated by this history, would then create a machine capable of looking through time from a fourth dimensional perspective. Wondering if he can penetrate this plane or even aspect of abyss, the KN-44 either accidentally fell in or thrown in intentionally, would be his first experiment. Just like the reaction Richthofen gave with his success of the walnut, the next step would be human trials. And that is my theory/speculation of how Monty became Godlike. At least to as much as we can perceive at this juncture. I find this helps me understand Monty's quotes more, even the silly ones. A quote comes to mind when he refers to the structure of time. That this is the end of beginning, but even more so the Beginning of the End. This is not talking about the cycle of maps leading up to the battle of Revelations and Primis. The off-spring reality he grew up in is fading. The system given to us from the space/time acts as a second chance, so we have some time to fix the problem. Obviously the Universe isn't a character, it is just acting as a type of Boot-mode to diagnose and uncover problems. Time from the original world, the Ultimis' travels, Victis' counter travels, and the travels which spawned from Primus are bleeding into the off-spring reality. As I said before, relics of the past that shouldn't be there are overloading the system of the universe. The system cannot sustain another soft-reset, and in this compulsion the universe would collapse in on itself, and create a hard-boot that wipes out the universe. Monty obviously doesn't want this to happen. With the quantum power he constructed to pierce through the fourth dimension, he creates his own universe. He certainly isn't concerned with the 'old world' and ever bringing it back into fruition. Neither is he with the world he grew up in, as it is probably in disarray - humanity reaching its extinction and the unpredictability of the universe that may wipe his world from existence. Now he has the power to become a god of his own universe and in his own universe. To quote him from one of his wisps in Gorod Krovi: "...The world within the world got turned upside down and inside out, if you can imagine such a thing. So anyway, uh, it was around then that I was forced to... step in." Mad world they live in, ay?
  5. Dimension 63, the apothicons, the keepers, primis, everything in Black Ops 3... Ah whatever mate I'm done with the idea. I admit defeat, and am not as knowledgeable of the story as you are, and I pale in comparison to you in terms of thinking, literacy and structure. I just hope you don't take any grudge on my comment I made of you earlier. "Lick me" This did not bode well for me later on, and even before that I wasn't being cooperative, so I apologize for being an arse.
  6. I don't know anything about that but their souls are captured first to do it.
  7. Still trying to make sense out of this Monty quote. At the orphanage, Edward told everyone his dad was a famous scientist. They scrolled "Teddy is a liar" on the schoolyard wall. We have three versions of Richthofen. Ultimis Richtofen, Primis Richtofen & 2210 Edward. Ultimately, Ultimis & Primis Richthofen are one of the same, even though they are parallel versions of themselves. So this leaves out 2210 Edward. If Monty is talking about him. he was an orphan in dimension-2210, but now Ultimis Richtofen came into the mix from the start, saying "Teddy is a liar"... The obvious answer would be that even if these characters are from different dimensions, they all share similar backstories. We knew what became of Ultimis & Primis Richtofen, but what will become of Edward from Dimension-2210? Isn't this what Treyarch like to do best, laying out the foundations first and start building on those foundations later on, even into the next game? They went hand in hand then, in Moon, but Samantha also made an effort to distinguish Edward from Teddy. E: “You cannot hide in there forever Edward” “Tell Edward to die” “I Hate Edward, he has lied to daddy since I was just a little girl” T: “You just gave Teddy more power” “First I’ll find Teddy, then Sophia” “Ohhh Ted, I'm coming for you” Again, like you said, they went hand in hand at the time. But Treyarch could use this. I understand that she is saying this because she genuinely thinks Teddy is Eddy, but she is a little girl with her delusions in the MPD. Why does she strongly believe that Teddy represents Eddy? Why does she play chess with it in one of her aether projections? You see, there is a massive gap here. Samantha was not with Richtofen during his childhood, however Samantha in Origins grew up with Edward from Dimension 2210... But still, how would the original Samantha know about Teddy? Because, I believe that as Edward from Dimension-2210 grew older, he could turn corrupt and evil. His next move could be to enter the Dark Aether, find his way to the original Samantha and enact chaos through her. But now I'm thinking, how would Samantha identify Edward from Dimension 2210 with Ultimis Richtofen? He's young, he old, so why is she still saying Teddy is a Liar? Edward could of told her, but where would be the fun in that? Instead, why not take the form of her favorite toy and connect with her through her love of Teddy? Then the toy speaks to her... says "I'm Eddy!"... Infuriated, it would be too late for her. He has taken the wheel of f**king chaos! (something like this at least) A precious gift given to her loved, then finding out that it was deceiving her all this time... “Something far more terrible than you lies here” I'd buy it
  8. I disagree with everything you've just said. But it's good we understand eachother at least! Teddy is not confirmed to be Edward Richthofen... Don't understand why Monty wouldn't just write "Eddy is a Liar". Look, I get you, at the time the play-on words felt good to latch onto and it played a big part in zombies. But the story has changed vastly since then. Haven't you wondered why he says that? The password for the computers in Moon (Teddy-is-a-liar), the reason he gave for leaving the Illuminati (Teddy is a liar), a phrase he apparently concocted even before Monty stepped in when they teleported to Kino. After he touched the MPD. There is more to unfold here than Eddy being a liar. He was used to bring chaos onto the world, because the voices told him too. If the Dark Aether can make Maxis kill himself, it can most certainly have the same effect on Edward, and even make him say certain things. 'Teddy' is a dissimulation?
  9. That's some Dimension-36 hoobla. Wouldn't be surprised if Monty made most of Primus up! It's on the old.
  10. I admire your enthusiasm about this, how something as small as this can be so big. I agree with @anonymous on this. The element itself can only do so much, its radiation can be powerful [if big enough] but it's strength is still limited. Used properly it is capable of opening rips in the in space/time, whilst also being space/time, but the Aether is something completely different. I can't tell you how many there is, but there are different planes of Aether. Gersch entered the aether when he was tricked by his partner and shoved into the Cassimir vacuum. Powerless and trapped in - we will call it Plane 1 - the only way out was through the way he got, by recreating the incident with scraps. 115 is the key. But you know this. Then there we have the Dark Aether... Although 115 is a big part to zombies, like you said they thrive off its radiation, it's the Dark aether that reanimates the dead cells. And I think there is a clear divide between 'aether' and the 'dark', because Richthofen & Samantha could never control the zombies, their power too is limited. I am thinking the Dark Aether has an intelligence of its own. Remember in Origins, where the Knight Templar were resurrected? It seems strategic & patient... What if the Dark Aether is Teddy?
  11. Shadowman is defeated, after all, he was only the "harbinger of doom" itself... A person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another. Wouldn't the entity inside Samantha be Teddy? Here are a few Moon quotes from Samantha: “You just gave Teddy more power!” “First I’ll find Teddy, then Sophia!”
  12. Ah, the roots of all evil: The first thing I thought, those inverted pictures - is it an eye? Secondly; are those arms or tentacles? Maybe even an arachnid? So on I thought, it must be some kind of creature. A creature attuned to nature? The new trailer made that apparent to us [but] it still is an overlooked aspect to the story. The first instance of trees in Zombies would be at Griffin Station. I have looked at transcripts and there is nowhere characters [in the radios at least] mention the bio-dome, so I'm just curious why they needed to build something like that there. One theory could suggest that the group, upon discovering the Pyramid Device and upon entry, the room had oxygen inside. It was clear that the oxygen came from the device itself. So in that knowledge, the group decided to test the oxygen and began their plantation in the bio-dome. I find it interesting that the bio-dome would not have been constructed if Richthofen hadn't ordered it, especially after touching the device. Murdering his own people, dominating the universe, becoming a God... in this madness, he also had dreams of gardening... What if the darkness that transferred from the MPD into Richthofen, told him to construct the bio-dome? Obviously the reasons for the creature wanting this would be a complete mystery to us, but there is also one other thing that still needs explained. In Revelations [the theater] the trees are in a dissimulate state, as if it's hiding its true form? There might be other examples that speak for themselves, like Zetsabou No Shima... Going back to what I mentioned earlier, maybe they aren't trees. Maybe they are legs, arms reaching out from within the universe, it creeps over the land and spreads its seed (ew...) This idea of the world around them concealing its true nature could expand, and I feel like Zetsebou drilled deep into this concept. For instance, you talk about entering the Kino Der Toten rooms, seeing Samantha's room, the doctor's chair. 'Aether projections' are what they are called. We are thrown into these memories, [or even] visions from Samantha's mind, and going back in Kino Der Toten. It makes you wonder if the theater was real in the first place! I love how Zombies [BOIII] explore these concepts of purgatory and redemption, although we may not understand it now, we understand a few more things. From the origins of zombies, the apocalypse and annihilation of Zombies, we could potentially understand the dissimulation of Zombies. And that is how I interpret this...
  13. He said "Teddy was a liar"... Sounds pretty mad from a guy who didn't know anything about any Teddy's. Maybe they didn't take him seriously at first? Anyway it doesn't really matter, they got his help. Maybe he convinced them that he was destined to be a god? He knows the Illuminati inside-out, the deity they believe in, Knights Templar, etc. He was a pretty delusional guy. Made a theory about this particular thing like 30 mintues ago on another site... a weird coincidence... Also there is no doubt in my mind that Illuminati knew about the Keepers.
  14. Ahh, so their fates draw to Alcatraz now [due to a fracture], implemented by the Illuminati - issued by old Richthofen. Will they ever be released? That is the talk.

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