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  1. Giga IV

    "Ready Up"

    the "ready up" system is a key part of why zombies matchmaking has been so fun for all these years. it allowed for players to conversate, wait for others with headsets, and eliminate those who didnt. it kept the public matchmaking alive for years after release, but now it has been removed and replaced with a 60 second counter that doesnt reset upon joining or leaving and there is no way to extend it. this is game ruining for a pulic match player like myself and leaves us with a few choices. -play solo, wich i like but gets boring after mastering the map. -friends sessions, wich is also fun but gets boring quickly. - play with no mics, ragers, squeakers, and morons. is there anyone else who feels this way? i love the game but this will keep me out of public lobbys forever. (thanks "impatient ready up kid") <---thanks treyarch for listening to this kid -_-
  2. 1- bank is a double edge sword, on one end it makes for a great casual game set-up, on the other it takes away from strategy. i say keep it but max 5000 points 2- whos whotombstone- never again..........need i say more? 3- make perma-perks more difficult to obtain- remove money shot 4- vote to kick lobby system 5- less EEs that take 90 minutes to do although i appreciate the objectives, i miss simple maps like kino 6- never make a pap door or traps dependent on a turbine that will break in 5 minutes again
  3. Giga IV

    Most Annoying Death in Zombies?

    by far the most annoying death not involing lag/glitches is- tranzit- power station lava jump, when another player attempts to jump across with you killing both of you. with glitch/lag has got to be the 'sui-slide' on die rise, i have been killed by that thing in the 80s traveling to the box to get my sliq back so many times.
  4. Giga IV

    Top Ten best zombie maps

    i didnt play much world at war, but ill give you this. like- -motd- votrolic withering! dont have to rely on my crappy team to revive me. -die rise- tough to learn, but fun to play -origins- tough to learn, best time killer ever! -tranzit- massive, once technique is aquired it can be played casually -cotd- seems different every time -kino der toten- open space, traps, can be played casually -moon-low gravity makes it unpredictable dislike- -5ive- close quarters with the winters howl -shangri la- not fun to set up on, no places to run -buried- far too easy, seems like it was designed for children -13
  5. Welcome to the forums Giga IV :)

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