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  1. How far have you gotten?

    R23, I was training at mule kick, but the fucking astronaut took my jugg, i got tped to the beggining of the game ( m14 and olympia's place), got to the mpl tunnels but u know wot? Excavator was there, i spammed all my mustang but i ran out of ammo and my wave gun couldn't do it. Fucking astronaut ur almost worst then george romero!
  2. Highest Round on Buried!

    27, it's an pretty easy map, have an petrifier, pack a punched lsat, and a mustang n sally with phd perma perk and use spawn control in front of the b23r
  3. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Got 79 on that shit wednesday, Ray Gun m2, Vitriolic Withering, Golden Spork Hells Redeemer Solo, Train on cafeteria, acid trap and shield, jugg, speed cola, eletric cherry, deadshot daiquiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, and zombie shield! well, it was a long day 4 me!
  4. Origins Highest Round

    R19 Solo, Magma Collider, Fire Staff, SPATZ477+. Jug, Quick, Mule Kick, StaminUp Maxis Drone, Zombie Shield.
  5. Perk Colas

    When i play town (COOP) i use the all perks bug (buy tombstone and more 3 perks, die and buy the perks you did not have, then get ur tombstone!) Solo: Jug, Quick Revive, Stamin up min up, speed cola Coop: Jug, Stamin UP, Speed Cola,Double tap Root beer, 2nd- Jug, Speed Cola, PHD, Quick Revive< SOLO
  6. Welcome to the forums BreZnnn :)